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nbd 693458a4bd build: override hardcoded paths to bison and m4 to make the SDK more relocatable 8 years ago
jow dc422c5293 BB: uhttpd: do not configure TLS parameters if libustream-ssl is not present 8 years ago
jow 6c3fc907a4 BB: iwinfo: properly decode SSIDs when scanning through wpa_supplicant 8 years ago
cyrus 8583b7ca2c odhcp6c: enable softwires support by default 8 years ago
cyrus fef411a8e3 odhcpd: fix static lease behavior with dhcpv4 8 years ago
nbd a5098b2e34 uclient: update to latest version, fixes HTTP keepalive issues 8 years ago
jogo b5cd5061ce BB: dropbear: restore performance by disabling mips16 8 years ago
cyrus 21d363e5a0 base-files: increase igmp_max_memberships to improve multicast-proxy handling 8 years ago
cyrus c15b063267 dnsmasq: fix a race condition possibly leading to lockup 8 years ago
cyrus c7dc71aa9f odhcpd: bump for bugfixes 8 years ago
cyrus 6566ae535e dnsmasq: respect option dhcpv4 disabled in dhcp-config 8 years ago
cyrus 90dec7a948 bb: bump netifd 8 years ago
florian 394af9ce72 ar7: backport r42168 8 years ago
hauke a046135a4c BB: brcm47xx: image: update list of Netgear WNR* firmwares 8 years ago
hauke 033366e0b5 BB: brcm47xx: fix brcm47xx.legacy build 8 years ago
cyrus fd181e7792 BB: feeds: switch telephony feed to for-14.07 branch 8 years ago
cyrus 7a828618dc odhcpd: multiple DHCPv4 improvements (thx Christian Mehlis) 8 years ago
jow 8b999f8512 BB: package: fix segfault of iwinfo.scanlist("radio0"). 8 years ago
jow a62f6c751b BB: base-files: /lib/functions/ fix network_get_ipaddr6 8 years ago
jow e77adae70c BB: netfilter: consider reply direction on selective flushing 8 years ago
jow 1508439010 BB: netfilter: support /proc conntrack flushing of specific ip addresses 8 years ago
jow 8762cf478f BB: build: fix removal of old .ipk files with CONFIG_PER_FEED_REPO 8 years ago
jow 991fe920cc BB: build: consider sub-directories when deploying packages to image with CONFIG_PER_FEED_REPO (#17430) 8 years ago
hauke 4a480c93d1 broadcom-wl: add support for a8xx broadcom devices 8 years ago
hauke 5cd22bc53d brcm47xx: fix reboot problem on BCM4705/BCM4785 8 years ago
cyrus 9d93edf44c odhcpd: avoid logspam in certain corner cases 8 years ago
cyrus 8e48d605c9 odhcpd: write host-entries for all leased IPv6 addresses 8 years ago
cyrus ddd71e733d cyassl: update to 3.1.0 8 years ago
cyrus 30425c13e2 polarssl: bump to 1.3.8 8 years ago
blogic 3ddb03dada openssl: another day another bug fix update 8 years ago
nbd 452b27c0be base-files: enable option to skip the netfilter "filter" table for established connection packets by default 8 years ago
nbd fa661bcf54 kernel: add a patch to allow disabling processing of the netfilter "filter" table for established connection packets 8 years ago
nbd 74ba76e43c kernel: improve ipv4 netfilter optimization patch 8 years ago
cyrus f7bc58852f odhcpd: update hostfile more often 8 years ago
blogic 79465bfe76 ralink: revert r37163 8 years ago
cyrus 27a73d7e5e iptables: add kmod-ipt-nf* to dependency list of iptables-mod-nf*. 8 years ago
cyrus bd07219ece netifd: bump to latest version 8 years ago
cyrus aa875769db ar71xx: Add support for the WNDR3800CH 8 years ago
cyrus 0241b7792f iptables: NFLOG and NFQUEUE targets' full support 8 years ago
blogic f985bf8a39 octeon: add missing gpio_to_irq() 8 years ago
cyrus d91f530a55 odhcpd: correct incorrect commit-id in last commit 8 years ago
cyrus 950a6a298f odhcpd: skip MSRs in RAs for prefixes with same size as DP 8 years ago
hauke d2f8cfa892 BB: mac80211: b43: update b43 to version master-2014-07-29-1 8 years ago
hauke 250465d52b kernel: update bcma to version master-2014-07-29-1 8 years ago
blogic d911822880 build: add new option to add disabled feeds commented out to opkg.conf 8 years ago
blogic 05528edc75 include: fix detection of installed feeds 8 years ago
blogic 25d149c3f0 build: introduce per feed repository support 8 years ago
nbd bcf0163e03 iwinfo: allow scans in AP mode on nl80211 8 years ago
nbd 4968efa5e4 ar71xx: update Carambola2 platform data 8 years ago
nbd 70407d9ace toolchain/musl: update to version 1.1.4 8 years ago