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Jan Luebbe 445244c528 barebox: use uImage instead of zImage 7 years ago
barebox barebox: use uImage instead of zImage 7 years ago
base-files sysmocom-bsc: Install a custom fstab file 7 years ago
early-date misc: poky/LICENSE has changed.. reference a hopefully more stable file 7 years ago
init-ifupdown sysmobts-v1: Remove the v1 support of our old hardware config 7 years ago
linux linux: Enable squashfs and aufs 7 years ago
linux-backports linux-backports: Rename it to linux-backports for clarity 7 years ago
meta meta-toolchain-sysmobts: Introduce a toolchain target for the BTS 9 years ago
netbase netbase/init-ifupdown: seperate both overrides and remove the appends of netbase for master and dizzy 7 years ago
ntp ntp: add back as default ntp server for ntpdate 7 years ago
odu-static-devicenames odu-static-devicenames: rename static-devicenames-odu to odu-static-devicenames 7 years ago
sob-odu ODU: add new odu-gpiotool script 7 years ago
watchdog sysmobts-2050: Remove left overs from the BTS code 7 years ago