10 Commits (a767cec4d035ce1623b0ee5ea075b54fd36f7bf3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Philipp Maier a767cec4d0 card: re-add capability to find USIM cards by ATR 1 year ago
Harald Welte de31d9f88b Sync 'card' library with upstream 1 year ago
Harald Welte 76c74c93d5 Fix many python3 compatibility problems 1 year ago
Philipp Maier 00241b4423 sysmoUSIM-SJA2: detect installed applications (ISIM/USIM) 2 years ago
Philipp Maier 8dd52e04ac sja2: Add support for new simcard model 2 years ago
Philipp Maier 83760e2c22 Support programming of the MNC length value (EF.AD) 3 years ago
Philipp Maier ed0c9ab4dc ICC: recognize card by its ATR 3 years ago
Harald Welte dc45c05b15 Migration to python 'card' from Benoit Michau 4 years ago
Philipp Maier 14aaab262e auth: prevent unintential card lock down 5 years ago
Philipp Maier 4f2e60436b sysmo-usim-tool: Add a tool for sysmosom specific tasks 5 years ago