Tool to (re)configure the sysmoUSIM and sysmoISIM cards
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  1. sysmo-usim-tool
  2. ===============
  3. This repository contains a python language utility to configure the
  4. vendor-specific parameters of sysmoUSIM-SJS1 programmable USIM cards.
  5. For more information about the sysmoUSIM-SJS1, please see the related
  6. [user manual](
  7. sysmoUSIM-SJS1
  8. --------------
  9. The sysmoUSIM-SJS1 is programmable and Java capable USIM card. Not all
  10. commands are known yet and this page should grow over time. Each card is
  11. using a separate ADM1 key and the default configuration is
  12. hacker/developer friendly (fields being writable, reduced security for
  13. installing applets to have more quick development cycles).
  15. The cards are available from the [sysmocom webshop](
  16. Dependencies
  17. ------------
  18. - To run, needs to be installed;
  19. - You may also need to install the pcscd service.
  20. On Debian:
  21. apt-get install python-pyscard pcscd
  22. systemctl start pcscd