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# Copyright (C) 2006-2012
# This is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.
# See /LICENSE for more information.
include $(TOPDIR)/
PKG_NAME := firmware-utils
include $(INCLUDE_DIR)/
include $(INCLUDE_DIR)/
define cc
$(HOSTCC) $(HOST_CFLAGS) -include endian.h $(HOST_STATIC_LINKING) -o $(HOST_BUILD_DIR)/bin/$(firstword $(1)) $(foreach src,$(1),src/$(src).c) $(2)
define Host/Compile
mkdir -p $(HOST_BUILD_DIR)/bin
$(call cc,addpattern)
$(call cc,trx)
$(call cc,motorola-bin)
$(call cc,dgfirmware)
$(call cc,mksenaofw md5)
$(call cc,trx2usr)
$(call cc,ptgen)
$(call cc,airlink)
$(call cc,srec2bin)
$(call cc,mkmylofw)
$(call cc,mkcsysimg)
$(call cc,mkzynfw)
$(call cc,lzma2eva,-lz)
$(call cc,mkcasfw)
$(call cc,mkfwimage,-lz)
$(call cc,mkfwimage2,-lz)
$(call cc,imagetag imagetag_cmdline)
$(call cc,add_header)
$(call cc,makeamitbin)
$(call cc,encode_crc)
$(call cc,nand_ecc)
$(call cc,mkplanexfw sha1)
$(call cc,mktplinkfw md5)
$(call cc,mktplinkfw2 md5)
$(call cc,pc1crypt)
$(call cc,osbridge-crc)
$(call cc,wrt400n cyg_crc32)
$(call cc,mkdniimg)
$(call cc,mktitanimg)
$(call cc,mkchkimg)
$(call cc,mkzcfw cyg_crc32)
$(call cc,spw303v)
$(call cc,zyxbcm)
$(call cc,trx2edips)
$(call cc,xorimage)
$(call cc,buffalo-enc buffalo-lib, -Wall)
$(call cc,buffalo-tag buffalo-lib, -Wall)
$(call cc,buffalo-tftp buffalo-lib, -Wall)
$(call cc,mkwrgimg md5, -Wall)
$(call cc,mkedimaximg)
$(call cc,mkbrncmdline)
$(call cc,mkbrnimg)
$(call cc,mkdapimg)
$(call cc, mkcameofw, -Wall)
$(call cc,seama md5)
$(call cc,fix-u-media-header cyg_crc32,-Wall)
$(call cc,hcsmakeimage bcmalgo)
$(call cc,mkporayfw, -Wall)
#$(call cc,mkhilinkfw, -lcrypto)
$(call cc,mkdcs932, -Wall)
$(call cc,mkheader_gemtek,-lz)
$(call cc,mkrtn56uimg, -lz)
$(call cc,dgn3500sum)
define Host/Install
$(eval $(call HostBuild))