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nbd 693458a4bd build: override hardcoded paths to bison and m4 to make the SDK more relocatable 7 years ago
base-files base-files: increase igmp_max_memberships to improve multicast-proxy handling 7 years ago
boot package:grub2: fix build error on linux missing libzfs 7 years ago
devel valgrind: add x86_64 support 7 years ago
firmware create branch for barrier breaker (from trunk r41863) 7 years ago
kernel broadcom-wl: add support for a8xx broadcom devices 7 years ago
libs uclient: update to latest version, fixes HTTP keepalive issues 7 years ago
network BB: uhttpd: do not configure TLS parameters if libustream-ssl is not present 7 years ago
system build: add new option to add disabled feeds commented out to opkg.conf 7 years ago
utils robocfg: add missing include 7 years ago
Makefile BB: build: consider sub-directories when deploying packages to image with CONFIG_PER_FEED_REPO (#17430) 7 years ago