6 Commits (cb5ddd5168f4d1120615fde5aeb192483707db32)

Author SHA1 Message Date
jow edefd1ad42 BB: build: improve feed handling for opkg.conf 7 years ago
blogic 3809133bd0 build: enable PER_FEED_REPO by default 7 years ago
blogic d911822880 build: add new option to add disabled feeds commented out to opkg.conf 7 years ago
blogic 25d149c3f0 build: introduce per feed repository support 7 years ago
blogic 249b39bd20 base-files: add extra version configuration options for OEM manufacturer info 7 years ago
nbd e345c9a277 create branch for barrier breaker (from trunk r41863) 7 years ago