36 Commits (693458a4bd16eb7e0434852405f6a77fc736d768)

Author SHA1 Message Date
florian 394af9ce72 ar7: backport r42168 7 years ago
hauke a046135a4c BB: brcm47xx: image: update list of Netgear WNR* firmwares 7 years ago
hauke 033366e0b5 BB: brcm47xx: fix brcm47xx.legacy build 7 years ago
jow e77adae70c BB: netfilter: consider reply direction on selective flushing 7 years ago
jow 1508439010 BB: netfilter: support /proc conntrack flushing of specific ip addresses 7 years ago
hauke 5cd22bc53d brcm47xx: fix reboot problem on BCM4705/BCM4785 7 years ago
nbd fa661bcf54 kernel: add a patch to allow disabling processing of the netfilter "filter" table for established connection packets 7 years ago
nbd 74ba76e43c kernel: improve ipv4 netfilter optimization patch 7 years ago
blogic 79465bfe76 ralink: revert r37163 7 years ago
cyrus aa875769db ar71xx: Add support for the WNDR3800CH 7 years ago
blogic f985bf8a39 octeon: add missing gpio_to_irq() 7 years ago
hauke 250465d52b kernel: update bcma to version master-2014-07-29-1 7 years ago
blogic 25d149c3f0 build: introduce per feed repository support 7 years ago
nbd 4968efa5e4 ar71xx: update Carambola2 platform data 7 years ago
nbd 6781ca8d62 kernel: when using --gc-sections, add --sort-section=name to get a more stable sorting order 7 years ago
nbd ca6cac962a kernel: add a small xfrm related performance optimization 7 years ago
nbd 8c11c916df netfilter: introduce xt_id match 7 years ago
blogic 77f0a1b2a8 ramips: add profile for easyacc wizard8800 7 years ago
blogic 9d04b76407 firmware-utils: made mkdir615h1 work for all Senao-produced devices as mksenaofw and cleaned up some of its formatting 7 years ago
blogic 840d9febc5 ramips:support Lenovo AC1200 Wireless router 7 years ago
blogic 608ee90002 cns3xxx: add myself as maintainer 7 years ago
blogic 19a1c6485d ramips: Fix LEDs on the Kingston MLW221 7 years ago
blogic da4d52d5d7 ar71xx: oolite: the buttons are not active_low 7 years ago
blogic 85ec9ac9d6 ar71xx: add RTC feature flag to ar71xx/nand 7 years ago
blogic b0b0d59815 brcm47xx: 3.10: update MIPS patches with versions sent upstream 7 years ago
blogic e3e3a287e3 au1000: fix copy pasta failure 7 years ago
nbd 4e3bec82d2 cns3xxx: fix building initramfs and non-initramfs together 7 years ago
nbd 51d3e659fe cns3xxx: update to linux 3.10 7 years ago
nbd ba20d1041d orion: fix 3.10 kernel minor version 7 years ago
nbd c01e4ddd29 cns3xxx: fix initramfs build 7 years ago
blogic 2f5049f2e7 au1000: add AA compatible sysupgrade images 7 years ago
blogic d996035228 ralink: mt7621 is still WIP and not part of the release 7 years ago
blogic 1002604637 kernel: remove more subtargets with the wrong kernel version or which are marked broken 7 years ago
nbd fe64250423 BB: remove all kernel versions except for 3.10 7 years ago
nbd 52bcebc3b2 BB: remove some targets that are broken or have the wrong kernel version 7 years ago
nbd e345c9a277 create branch for barrier breaker (from trunk r41863) 7 years ago