3896 Commits (8e6d782cab50884ba94324632700e6233a252f6a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Wei Liu 8386040b76 MAINTAINERS: add myself as maintainer of xen-netback 8 years ago
Barry Song 5abf58bf4c MAINTAINERS: ARM: SIRF: use kernel.org mail box 8 years ago
Barry Song 05f30e8dfa MAINTAINERS: ARM: SIRF: add missed drivers into maintain list 8 years ago
Tobias Polzer 3ff4afe80e staging: usbip: Orphan usbip 8 years ago
Lidza Louina 599aa6975e MAINTAINERS: staging: dgnc and dgap drivers: add maintainer 8 years ago
Mikael Pettersson 743a7ecbe8 update contact information for Mikael Pettersson 8 years ago
Lennox Wu ed38665eb5 Score: Update the information of Score maintaners 8 years ago
Christian Daudt 497a045d13 MAINTAINERS: update mach-bcm related email address 8 years ago
Stephen Warren 0b6e8569b7 MAINTAINERS: add overall IOMMU section 8 years ago
Maxim Levitsky 0ab30494bc memstick: add support for legacy memorysticks 8 years ago
Joe Perches 144308139c MAINTAINERS: append "/" to directory patterns 8 years ago
Christian Daudt af4b8e371b MAINTAINERS: add mach-bcm and drivers 8 years ago
Joe Perches 11c26770eb MAINTAINERS: update GRE DEMUX patterns 8 years ago
Joe Perches 89f55bd74d MAINTAINERS: usb: phy: update patterns 8 years ago
Joe Perches 4f31102bbb MAINTAINERS: update USB EHCI platform pattern 8 years ago
Joe Perches c6a0fe4a08 MAINTAINERS: update file pattern for ARC uart 8 years ago
Joe Perches 31a12b3178 MAINTAINERS: update ssbi patterns 8 years ago
Joe Perches 9d9fb74499 MAINTAINERS: update it913x patterns 8 years ago
Joe Perches 559cdc828b MAINTAINERS: SI4713: fix file pattern 8 years ago
Joe Perches 81a6648859 MAINTAINERS: update SIANO drivers 8 years ago
Joe Perches 2caa67a652 MAINTAINERS: ghes_edac: update pattern 8 years ago
Joe Perches c54ec9d369 MAINTAINERS: ARM: S3C24XX: remove plat-s3c24xx 8 years ago
Joe Perches 5173413a15 MAINTAINERS: ARM: plat-nomadik: update patterns 8 years ago
Joe Perches 281e192f5e MAINTAINERS: ARM: spear: consolidate sections 8 years ago
Joe Perches 15dba38737 MAINTAINERS: ARM: S3C2410: update patterns 8 years ago
Joe Perches d21db568d7 MAINTAINERS: OMAP POWERDOMAIN, update patterns 8 years ago
Joe Perches 34b273ecb6 MAINTAINERS: ARM: OMAP2/3: remove unused clockdomain files 8 years ago
Joe Perches 9cedc3d51f MAINTAINERS: EXYNOS: remove board files 8 years ago
Jesse Brandeburg 1bff652941 i40e: include i40e in kernel proper 8 years ago
Dan Williams ab5f8c6ee8 MAINTAINERS: update email for Dan Williams 8 years ago
Jon Mason 2984411f1a MAINTAINERS: Add Website and Git Tree for NTB 9 years ago
govindarajulu.v 001e1c1d5e driver/net: enic: update enic maintainers and driver 9 years ago
Stefan Achatz 27f1d2f9ac HID: MAINTAINERS: add roccat drivers 9 years ago
Alok Kataria 4488e09b45 x86, doc: Add an entry in MAINTAINERS for arch/x86/kernel/cpu/vmware.c 9 years ago
Chris Metcalf b5c6c1a72a tilegx: Add tty serial support for TILE-Gx on-chip UART 9 years ago
Bradley Grove 26780d9e12 [SCSI] esas2r: ATTO Technology ExpressSAS 6G SAS/SATA RAID Adapter Driver 9 years ago
Ian Campbell de80963e61 MAINTAINERS: change my DT related maintainer address 9 years ago
Javier Martinez Canillas be9a6f4025 Input: MAINTAINERS - change maintainer for cyttsp driver 9 years ago
Lorenzo Pieralisi 14d2c34cfa cpuidle: big.LITTLE: vexpress-TC2 CPU idle driver 9 years ago
Andrey Moiseev 1ea4c16120 Input: add driver for slidebar on Lenovo IdeaPad laptops 9 years ago
Hans Verkuil c40ddfa34a [media] MAINTAINERS: add entries for adv7511 and adv7842 9 years ago
Eddie Wai 6a6b5ad087 [SCSI] MAINTAINERS: Add maintainer info for bnx2i 9 years ago
Vikas Chaudhary bacfb81bd1 [SCSI] MAINTAINERS: Update for qla4xxx 9 years ago
Laurent Pinchart 62a37dc7a2 [media] MAINTAINERS: Add entry for the Aptina PLL library 9 years ago
James Hogan d668d9ed06 MAINTAINERS: add linux-metag mailing list 9 years ago
Denis Kirjanov 2bc9ff01f1 sundance: Add myself as a maintainer 9 years ago
Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk c65a8370d7 MAINTAINERS: Remove Jeremy from the Xen subsystem. 9 years ago
Robin Holt e180383f56 MAINTAINERS: Change ownership for SGI specific modules. 9 years ago
Benoit Cousson cdb55ab078 MAINTAINERS: Update email address for Benoit Cousson 9 years ago
Joe Perches 6f73349d79 MAINTAINERS: Update sirf patterns 9 years ago