60 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Al Viro 801a76050b seq_file: always clear m->count when we free m->buf 8 years ago
Tetsuo Handa 839cc2a94c seq_file: introduce seq_setwidth() and seq_pad() 8 years ago
Gu Zheng 05e16745c0 seq_file: always update file->f_pos in seq_lseek() 8 years ago
Jeff Layton 0bc77381c1 seq_file: add seq_list_*_percpu helpers 8 years ago
Al Viro 2043f495c7 new helper: single_open_size() 9 years ago
Andrew Morton 5e62adef9e fs/seq_file.c:seq_lseek(): fix switch statement indenting 9 years ago
Cyrill Gorcunov 80de7f7ae0 seq-file: use SEEK_ macros instead of hardcoded numbers 9 years ago
Al Viro 6131ffaa1f more file_inode() open-coded instances 9 years ago
Randy Dunlap 254adaa465 seq_file: fix new kernel-doc warnings 9 years ago
Andrew Morton 965c8e59cf lseek: the "whence" argument is called "whence" 9 years ago
Eric W. Biederman adb37c4c67 userns: Make seq_file's user namespace accessible 9 years ago
Steven Whitehouse a4808147dc seq_file: Add seq_vprintf function and export it 9 years ago
KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki e075f59152 seq_file: add seq_set_overflow(), seq_overflow() 10 years ago
KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki bda7bad62b procfs: speed up /proc/pid/stat, statm 10 years ago
KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki 1ac101a5d6 procfs: add num_to_str() to speed up /proc/stat 10 years ago
Earl Chew 7904ac8424 seq_file: fix mishandling of consecutive pread() invocations. 10 years ago
Paul Gortmaker 630d9c4727 fs: reduce the use of module.h wherever possible 10 years ago
Al Viro 8c9379e972 constify seq_file stuff 10 years ago
Al Viro 02125a8264 fix apparmor dereferencing potentially freed dentry, sanitize __d_path() API 10 years ago
Christoph Hellwig be148247cf fs: take dcache_lock inside __d_path 11 years ago
Joe Perches 8209e2f467 fs/seq_file.c: Remove unnecessary casts of private_data 11 years ago
Randy Dunlap 138860b953 seq_file: fix new kernel-doc warnings 12 years ago
stephen hemminger 1cc523271e seq_file: add RCU versions of new hlist/list iterators (v3) 12 years ago
Li Zefan 66655de6d1 seq_file: Add helpers for iteration over a hlist 12 years ago
Miklos Szeredi f84398068d vfs: seq_file: add helpers for data filling 12 years ago
Tetsuo Handa 7a62cc1021 seq_file: return a negative error code when seq_path_root() fails. 12 years ago
Peter Oberparleiter 0b923606e7 seq_file: add function to write binary data 12 years ago
Rusty Russell af76aba00f cpumask: fix seq_bitmap_*() functions. 13 years ago
Eric Biederman 8f19d47293 seq_file: properly cope with pread 13 years ago
Alexey Dobriyan f01d1d546a seq_file: fix big-enough lseek() + read() 13 years ago
Eric Biederman 33da8892a2 seq_file: move traverse so it can be used from seq_read 13 years ago
Arjan van de Ven 52afeefb9d expand some comments (d_path / seq_path) 13 years ago
Rusty Russell cb78a0ce69 bitmap: fix seq_bitmap and seq_cpumask to take const pointer 13 years ago
Ingo Molnar 604094f461 vfs, seqfile: export mangle_path() generally 13 years ago
Török Edwin 958086d178 vfs, seqfile: fix comment style on mangle_path 13 years ago
Török Edwin 74e2f334f4 vfs, seqfile: make mangle_path() global 13 years ago
Lai Jiangshan 3eda201180 seq_file: add seq_cpumask_list(), seq_nodemask_list() 13 years ago
Lai Jiangshan 85dd030edb seq_file: don't call bitmap_scnprintf_len() 13 years ago
Al Viro 4cdfe84b51 [PATCH] deal with the first call of ->show() generating no output 13 years ago
Alexey Dobriyan 50ac2d694f seq_file: add seq_cpumask(), seq_nodemask() 13 years ago
Miklos Szeredi 9d1bc60138 [patch 2/7] vfs: mountinfo: add seq_file_root() 14 years ago
Ram Pai 6092d04818 [patch 1/7] vfs: mountinfo: add dentry_path() 14 years ago
David Sterba 16abef0e9e fs: use loff_t type instead of long long 14 years ago
Al Viro 521b5d0c40 [PATCH] teach seq_file to discard entries 14 years ago
Jan Blunck cf28b4863f d_path: Make d_path() use a struct path 14 years ago
Jan Blunck c32c2f63a9 d_path: Make seq_path() use a struct path argument 14 years ago
Pavel Emelyanov 39699037a5 [FS] seq_file: Introduce the seq_open_private() 14 years ago
Alexey Dobriyan cb510b8172 seq_file: more atomicity in traverse() 14 years ago
Alexey Dobriyan 00c5746da9 mutex_unlock() later in seq_lseek() 14 years ago
Pavel Emelianov bcf67e1625 Make common helpers for seq_files that work with list_heads 14 years ago