23 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Joe Perches f96637be08 [CIFS] cifs: Rename cERROR and cFYI to cifs_dbg 9 years ago
Jeff Layton f853c61688 cifs: ignore everything in SPNEGO blob after mechTypes 9 years ago
Steve French c8e56f1f4f Revert "[CIFS] Fix ntlmv2 auth with ntlmssp" 11 years ago
Steve French 9fbc590860 [CIFS] Fix ntlmv2 auth with ntlmssp 11 years ago
Jeff Layton 26efa0bac9 cifs: have decode_negTokenInit set flags in server struct 12 years ago
Joe Perches b6b38f704a [CIFS] Neaten cERROR and cFYI macros, reduce text space 12 years ago
Daniel Mack 1537a3638c tree-wide: fix 'lenght' typo in comments and code 12 years ago
Steve French f46c7234e4 [CIFS] cleanup asn handling for ntlmssp 13 years ago
Steve French c16fefa563 [CIFS] distinguish between Kerberos and MSKerberos in upcall 13 years ago
Jeff Layton 2f0e58ac3a [CIFS] remove level of indentation from decode_negTokenInit 13 years ago
Steve French 44051fed57 [CIFS] oid should also be checked against class in cifs asn 13 years ago
Chris Wright e2d2867ff8 When verifying the decoded header before decoding the object identifier 13 years ago
Jan Beulich 04e1e0ccca [CIFS] Fix compiler warning on 64-bit 13 years ago
Chris Wright ddb2c43594 asn1: additional sanity checking during BER decoding 14 years ago
Steve French 4b18f2a9c3 [CIFS] convert usage of implicit booleans to bool 14 years ago
Jeff Layton e545937a51 [CIFS] add OIDs for KRB5 and MSKRB5 to ASN1 parsing routines 14 years ago
Steve French 26f57364d7 [CIFS] formatting cleanup found by checkpatch 14 years ago
Steve French 50c2f75388 [CIFS] whitespace/formatting fixes 14 years ago
Jörn Engel 6ab3d5624e Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h> 16 years ago
Steve French 26a21b980b [CIFS] Cleanup extra whitespace in dmesg logging. Update cifs change log 16 years ago
Jesper Juhl f99d49adf5 [PATCH] kfree cleanup: fs 16 years ago
Steve French ab2f218f4f [CIFS] Fix compiler warnings 16 years ago
Linus Torvalds 1da177e4c3 Linux-2.6.12-rc2 17 years ago