20 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Kirill A. Shutemov 7caef26767 truncate: drop 'oldsize' truncate_pagecache() parameter 8 years ago
Marco Stornelli 6229518384 adfs: drop vmtruncate 9 years ago
Eric W. Biederman c010d1ff4f userns: Convert adfs to use kuid and kgid where appropriate 10 years ago
Miklos Szeredi bfe8684869 filesystems: add set_nlink() 10 years ago
Stuart Swales da23ef0549 adfs: add hexadecimal filetype suffix option 11 years ago
Stuart Swales 7a9730af9c adfs: improve timestamp precision 11 years ago
Jens Axboe 7eaceaccab block: remove per-queue plugging 11 years ago
Arnd Bergmann 4688a066ec adfs: remove the big kernel lock 11 years ago
Christoph Hellwig 2c27c65ed0 check ATTR_SIZE contraints in inode_change_ok 12 years ago
Christoph Hellwig 282dc17884 get rid of cont_write_begin_newtrunc 12 years ago
npiggin@suse.de 15c6fd9786 kill spurious reference to vmtruncate 12 years ago
Christoph Hellwig a9185b41a4 pass writeback_control to ->write_inode 12 years ago
Roel Kluin 3886de938c adfs: remove redundant test on unsigned 12 years ago
Al Viro 608ba50bd0 Cleanup of adfs headers 13 years ago
Al Viro ffdc9064f8 repair adfs ->write_inode(), switch to simple_fsync() 13 years ago
Nick Piggin b4585729f0 fs: adfs convert to new aops 14 years ago
Theodore Ts'o ba52de123d [PATCH] inode-diet: Eliminate i_blksize from the inode structure 15 years ago
Christoph Hellwig f5e54d6e53 [PATCH] mark address_space_operations const 16 years ago
Linus Torvalds 1da177e4c3 Linux-2.6.12-rc2 17 years ago