Docs: Add a tips section to REPORTING-BUGS.

Lots of grumpy maintainers would love to have annoying newbies and
disorganized bug reporters read Eric S. Raymond's "How To Ask Questions
The Smart Way".  Simon Tatham's "How to Report Bugs Effectively" is also

It's likely no one will bother to read these, but it does give
maintainers something to point to.

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Sarah Sharp 10 years ago
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@ -64,6 +64,19 @@ information on the linux-kernel mailing list see
Tips for reporting bugs
If you haven't reported a bug before, please read:
It's REALLY important to report bugs that seem unrelated as separate email
threads or separate bugzilla entries. If you report several unrelated
bugs at once, it's difficult for maintainers to tease apart the relevant
[Some of this is taken from Frohwalt Egerer's original linux-kernel FAQ]
Gather information