original development tree for Linux kernel GTP module; now long in mainline.
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The following parameters should be tunable at compile time. Some of them
exist as sysctls too.
This is far from complete
Item Description
MAX_LINKS Maximum number of netlink minor devices. (1-32)
RIF_TABLE_SIZE Token ring RIF cache size (tunable)
AARP_HASH_SIZE Size of Appletalk hash table (tunable)
AX25_DEF_T1 AX.25 parameters. These are all tunable via
AX25_DEF_T3 T1-T3,N2 have the meanings in the specification
AX25_DEF_AXDEFMODE 8 = normal 128 is PE1CHL extended
AX25_DEF_IPDEFMODE 'D' - datagram 'V' - virtual connection
AX25_DEF_BACKOFF 'E'xponential 'L'inear
AX25_DEF_NETROM Allow netrom 1=Y
AX25_DF_TEXT Allow PID=Text 1=Y
AX25_DEF_WINDOW Window for normal mode
AX25_DEF_EWINDOW Window for PE1CHL mode
AX25_DEF_DIGI 1 for inband 2 for cross band 3 for both
AX25_DEF_CONMODE Allow connected modes 1=Yes
AX25_ROUTE_MAX AX.25 route cache size - no currently tunable
Unnamed (16) Number of protocol hash slots (tunable)
DEV_NUMBUFFS Number of priority levels (not easily tunable)
Unnamed (300) Maximum packet backlog queue (tunable)
MAX_IOVEC Maximum number of iovecs in a message (tunable)
MIN_WINDOW Offered minimum window (tunable)
MAX_WINDOW Offered maximum window (tunable)
MAX_HEADER Largest physical header (tunable)
MAX_ADDR_LEN Largest physical address (tunable)
SOCK_ARRAY_SIZE IP socket array hash size (tunable)
IP_MAX_MEMBERSHIPS Largest number of groups per socket (BSD style) (tunable)
16 Hard coded constant for amount of room allowed for
cache align and faster forwarding (tunable)
IP_FRAG_TIME Time we hold a fragment for. (tunable)
PORT_MASQ_BEGIN First port reserved for masquerade (tunable)
PORT_MASQ_END Last port used for masquerade (tunable)
MASQUERADE_EXPIRE_TCP_FIN Time we keep a masquerade for after a FIN
MASQUERADE_EXPIRE_UDP Time we keep a UDP masquerade for (tunable)
MAXVIFS Maximum mrouted vifs (1-32)
MFC_LINES Lines in the multicast router cache (tunable)
NetROM parameters are tunable via an ioctl passing a struct
4000 Size a Unix domain socket malloc falls back to
(tunable) should be 8K - a bit for 8K machines like