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Holger Hans Peter Freyther 90a5fad2b7 glib: Enable static libraries for glib 6 years ago
classes sysmocom-archiver: Attempt to fix issue with linux-firmware 6 years ago
conf layer: Allow to have entire recipes in the yocto-VER directory 6 years ago
recipes-apps task-sysmocom-feed: Add linux sctp library to the feed 6 years ago
recipes-bsp ntp: Upgrade with security fixes in ntp 6 years ago
recipes-config sysmocom-configure: handle missing system.conf gracefully 6 years ago
recipes-core glib-2.0: Move recipes to yocto-dora/ 6 years ago
recipes-devtools/i2c-tools i2c-tools: Do not use autotootls as bbclass 7 years ago
recipes-extra ca-cacert-rootcert: Add the letsencrypt certificate here as well 6 years ago
recipes-fixes iproute2: Remove poky master patches for version 4.4 6 years ago
recipes-support netcat-openbsd: adding the recipe from meta-networking in meta-openembedded 6 years ago
recipes-sysmobts osmo-pcu: Upgrade to jerlbeck/master 6 years ago
yocto-dora glib: Enable static libraries for glib 6 years ago
yocto-master glib: Enable static libraries for glib 6 years ago
yocto-shared initramfs-framework: override init file to reboot on error 6 years ago
.gitignore misc: Ignore files generated by vi 9 years ago