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overlay_enabled() {
return 0
overlay_run() {
info "Mounting slot..."
mkdir /slot
if [ -z "$bootparam_root" ]; then
fatal "ERROR: No root device was provided."
mount -o ro $bootparam_root /slot || fatal "Failed!"
info "Mounting squashfs..."
mkdir /ro-root
mount -t squashfs -o loop=/dev/loop0,ro /slot/rootfs.squashfs /ro-root || fatal "Failed!"
info "Mounting tmpfs..."
mkdir /rw-root
mount -t tmpfs -o size=25%,mode=1777,uid=0,gid=0,rw tmpfs /rw-root || fatal "Failed!"
if grep -q aufs /proc/filesystems; then
info "Mounting aufs..."
mount -t aufs -o br=/rw-root:/ro-root aufs /rootfs || fatal "Failed!"
info "Mounting overlayfs..."
mkdir /rw-root/root
mkdir /rw-root/work
mount -t overlayfs -o lowerdir=/ro-root,upperdir=/rw-root/root,workdir=/rw-root/work overlayfs /rootfs || fatal "Failed!"
if [ -e /slot/overlay.tar.bz2 ]; then
info "Extracting overlay..."
tar xf /slot/overlay.tar.bz2 -C /rootfs || fatal "Failed!"
info "Moving overlay components..."
mkdir /rootfs/slot
mkdir /rootfs/ro-root
mkdir /rootfs/rw-root
mount --move /slot /rootfs/slot
mount --move /ro-root /rootfs/ro-root
mount --move /rw-root /rootfs/rw-root
# rootfs is already handled