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Harald Welte 0c4a046bd5 openggsn-config: Use the sysmocom-bsc/ggsn.conf as default for all machines 5 years ago
barebox OWHW: update barebox for SWITCH_RESET pulse generation on cold boot 5 years ago
base-files sysmocom-bsc: Install a custom fstab file 6 years ago
bossa bossa: add missing readline build dependency 5 years ago
early-date misc: poky/LICENSE has changed.. reference a hopefully more stable file 7 years ago
init-ifupdown init-ifupdown: move sysmocom-idu to meta-sysmocom 6 years ago
linux linux-sysmocom: Make room for linux4 6 years ago
linux-backports linux: update for sysmobts 6 years ago
linux-mpu9150 Add OE recipe for linux-mpu9150 project 6 years ago
meta meta-toolchain-sysmobts: Introduce a toolchain target for the BTS 9 years ago
netbase netbase/init-ifupdown: seperate both overrides and remove the appends of netbase for master and dizzy 7 years ago
ntp ntp: Upgrade with security fixes in ntp 6 years ago
odu-static-devicenames OWHW: persistent modem serial device names 5 years ago
rtl8169-eeprom rtl8169-eeprom: Assume that automake is not used or broken 6 years ago
sob-odu OWHW: fix gpio_usb2514 syntax error 5 years ago
watchdog sysmobts-2050: Remove left overs from the BTS code 6 years ago