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Daniel Willmann 29dd84c82a task-sysmocom-feed: Add task-gprscore 6 years ago
autossh autossh: Force B=S because this is using autoconf and not automake 7 years ago
busybox/files busybox: Move it to the recipes-core directory to match the naming 9 years ago
images sysmocom-bsc: Install dnsmasq in the image with correct config 6 years ago
sysmocom-backup sysmocom-backup: Fix creating of back-ups for external files 7 years ago
sysmocom-backup-data OWHW: add 'sysmocom-owhw-image' and ensure usb2514 + bossa is included 7 years ago
sysmocom-udhcpd-config sysmocom-udhcpd-config: start the udhcpd on the sysmocom-bsc only when eth1 is present 8 years ago
tasks task-sysmocom-feed: Add task-gprscore 6 years ago