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Harald Welte a9cc2b9a79 lc15: use OsmoBTS service file 5 years ago
dvnixload dvnixload: Fix deployment on latest poky 5 years ago
femtobts-api osmo-bts: Upgrade to latest pre l1sap release, upgrade firmware 6 years ago
firmware sysmobts2100: use anonymous accses for lc15 gitlab repositories 5 years ago
osmo-bts lc15: use OsmoBTS service file 5 years ago
osmo-pcu osmo-pcu: Support both sysmobts-v2 and sysmobts2100 machines 5 years ago
sbts2050-util sbts2050-util: Add checksum in case it is fetched through http 7 years ago
sysmobts-config sysmobts-config: Execute sync to be sure ubifs was in sync 8 years ago
ubl ubl: Add reivision G and later support 6 years ago
uboot u-boot: Upgrade to a version of u-boot master 5 years ago