Linux kernel for sysmoBTS v2
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* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
* License. See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
* for more details.
#ifndef __ASM_UPROBES_H
#define __ASM_UPROBES_H
#include <linux/notifier.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <asm/break.h>
#include <asm/inst.h>
* We want this to be defined as union mips_instruction but that makes the
* generic code blow up.
typedef u32 uprobe_opcode_t;
* Classic MIPS (note this implementation doesn't consider microMIPS yet)
* instructions are always 4 bytes but in order to deal with branches and
* their delay slots, we treat instructions as having 8 bytes maximum.
#define UPROBE_XOL_SLOT_BYTES 128 /* Max. cache line size */
#define UPROBE_BRK_UPROBE 0x000d000d /* break 13 */
#define UPROBE_BRK_UPROBE_XOL 0x000e000d /* break 14 */
struct arch_uprobe {
unsigned long resume_epc;
u32 insn[2];
u32 ixol[2];
struct arch_uprobe_task {
unsigned long saved_trap_nr;
#endif /* __ASM_UPROBES_H */