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Richard Purdie 479fcbfd30 udpated-rc.d: Track postinst/prerm/postrm in task checksum 8 years ago
classes udpated-rc.d: Track postinst/prerm/postrm in task checksum 8 years ago
conf documentation.conf: update contents 8 years ago
files device_table-minimal.txt: use user/group names instead of uid/gid 8 years ago
lib lib/oeqa/runtime: ping: wait for 5 echo replies 8 years ago
recipes-bsp grub-efi-native: Add support for EFI ISO images 8 years ago
recipes-connectivity bind: port a patch to fix a build failure 8 years ago
recipes-core systemd-compat-units: Use correct run-postinsts script link 8 years ago
recipes-devtools opkg: ignore result of opkg configure 8 years ago
recipes-extended slang: fix sprintf bug concerning 8-bit characters 8 years ago
recipes-gnome imake: remove 8 years ago
recipes-graphics pixman: Fix nativesdk rebuilds for armv7a 8 years ago
recipes-kernel kmod: ptest fixes 8 years ago
recipes-lsb4 libpng12: rename libpng_1.2.50 to libpng12 9 years ago
recipes-multimedia libav: make X11 dependencies dependent on DISTRO_FEATURES 8 years ago
recipes-qt qt4-x11-free: disable QGtkStyle 8 years ago
recipes-rt rt-tests: add Upstream-Status for cyclictest patch 8 years ago
recipes-sato sato-icon-theme: add more compatibility symlinks 8 years ago
recipes-support nss: Fix return codes in postinstall 8 years ago
site native: Use a native site file and ensure the correct sed is used 8 years ago
COPYING.MIT Add missing licence files (COPYING.MIT) 15 years ago
recipes.txt meta/recipes.txt: add recipes-lsb4 9 years ago