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#!/usr/bin/env python
# This script has subcommands which operate against your bitbake layers, either
# displaying useful information, or acting against them.
# See the help output for details on available commands.
# Copyright (C) 2011 Mentor Graphics Corporation
# Copyright (C) 2012 Intel Corporation
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
# published by the Free Software Foundation.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
# with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
# 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
import cmd
import logging
import os
import sys
import fnmatch
from collections import defaultdict
import re
bindir = os.path.dirname(__file__)
topdir = os.path.dirname(bindir)
sys.path[0:0] = [os.path.join(topdir, 'lib')]
import bb.cache
import bb.cooker
import bb.providers
import bb.utils
import bb.tinfoil
logger = logging.getLogger('BitBake')
def main(args):
cmds = Commands()
if args:
# Allow user to specify e.g. show-layers instead of show_layers
args = [args[0].replace('-', '_')] + args[1:]
cmds.onecmd(' '.join(args))
return cmds.returncode
class Commands(cmd.Cmd):
def __init__(self):
self.bbhandler = bb.tinfoil.Tinfoil()
self.returncode = 0
self.bblayers = (self.bbhandler.config_data.getVar('BBLAYERS', True) or "").split()
def default(self, line):
"""Handle unrecognised commands"""
sys.stderr.write("Unrecognised command or option\n")
def do_help(self, topic):
"""display general help or help on a specified command"""
if topic:
sys.stdout.write('%s: ' % topic)
cmd.Cmd.do_help(self, topic.replace('-', '_'))
sys.stdout.write("usage: bitbake-layers <command> [arguments]\n\n")
sys.stdout.write("Available commands:\n")
procnames = list(set(self.get_names()))
for procname in procnames:
if procname[:3] == 'do_':
sys.stdout.write(" %s\n" % procname[3:].replace('_', '-'))
doc = getattr(self, procname).__doc__
if doc:
sys.stdout.write(" %s\n" % doc.splitlines()[0])
def do_show_layers(self, args):
"""show current configured layers"""
self.bbhandler.prepare(config_only = True)
logger.plain("%s %s %s" % ("layer".ljust(20), "path".ljust(40), "priority"))
logger.plain('=' * 74)
for layerdir in self.bblayers:
layername = self.get_layer_name(layerdir)
layerpri = 0
for layer, _, regex, pri in self.bbhandler.cooker.recipecache.bbfile_config_priorities:
if regex.match(os.path.join(layerdir, 'test')):
layerpri = pri
logger.plain("%s %s %d" % (layername.ljust(20), layerdir.ljust(40), layerpri))
def version_str(self, pe, pv, pr = None):
verstr = "%s" % pv
if pr:
verstr = "%s-%s" % (verstr, pr)
if pe:
verstr = "%s:%s" % (pe, verstr)
return verstr
def do_show_overlayed(self, args):
"""list overlayed recipes (where the same recipe exists in another layer)
usage: show-overlayed [-f] [-s]
Lists the names of overlayed recipes and the available versions in each
layer, with the preferred version first. Note that skipped recipes that
are overlayed will also be listed, with a " (skipped)" suffix.
-f instead of the default formatting, list filenames of higher priority
recipes with the ones they overlay indented underneath
-s only list overlayed recipes where the version is the same
show_filenames = False
show_same_ver_only = False
for arg in args.split():
if arg == '-f':
show_filenames = True
elif arg == '-s':
show_same_ver_only = True
sys.stderr.write("show-overlayed: invalid option %s\n" % arg)
items_listed = self.list_recipes('Overlayed recipes', None, True, show_same_ver_only, show_filenames, True)
# Check for overlayed .bbclass files
classes = defaultdict(list)
for layerdir in self.bblayers:
classdir = os.path.join(layerdir, 'classes')
if os.path.exists(classdir):
for classfile in os.listdir(classdir):
if os.path.splitext(classfile)[1] == '.bbclass':
# Locating classes and other files is a bit more complicated than recipes -
# layer priority is not a factor; instead BitBake uses the first matching
# file in BBPATH, which is manipulated directly by each layer's
# conf/layer.conf in turn, thus the order of layers in bblayers.conf is a
# factor - however, each layer.conf is free to either prepend or append to
# BBPATH (or indeed do crazy stuff with it). Thus the order in BBPATH might
# not be exactly the order present in bblayers.conf either.
bbpath = str(self.bbhandler.config_data.getVar('BBPATH', True))
overlayed_class_found = False
for (classfile, classdirs) in classes.items():
if len(classdirs) > 1:
if not overlayed_class_found:
logger.plain('=== Overlayed classes ===')
overlayed_class_found = True
mainfile = bb.utils.which(bbpath, os.path.join('classes', classfile))
if show_filenames:
logger.plain('%s' % mainfile)
# We effectively have to guess the layer here
logger.plain('%s:' % classfile)
mainlayername = '?'
for layerdir in self.bblayers:
classdir = os.path.join(layerdir, 'classes')
if mainfile.startswith(classdir):
mainlayername = self.get_layer_name(layerdir)
logger.plain(' %s' % mainlayername)
for classdir in classdirs:
fullpath = os.path.join(classdir, classfile)
if fullpath != mainfile:
if show_filenames:
print(' %s' % fullpath)
print(' %s' % self.get_layer_name(os.path.dirname(classdir)))
if overlayed_class_found:
items_listed = True;
if not items_listed:
logger.plain('No overlayed files found.')
def do_show_recipes(self, args):
"""list available recipes, showing the layer they are provided by
usage: show-recipes [-f] [-m] [pnspec]
Lists the names of overlayed recipes and the available versions in each
layer, with the preferred version first. Optionally you may specify
pnspec to match a specified recipe name (supports wildcards). Note that
skipped recipes will also be listed, with a " (skipped)" suffix.
-f instead of the default formatting, list filenames of higher priority
recipes with other available recipes indented underneath
-m only list where multiple recipes (in the same layer or different
layers) exist for the same recipe name
show_filenames = False
show_multi_provider_only = False
pnspec = None
title = 'Available recipes:'
for arg in args.split():
if arg == '-f':
show_filenames = True
elif arg == '-m':
show_multi_provider_only = True
elif not arg.startswith('-'):
pnspec = arg
title = 'Available recipes matching %s:' % pnspec
sys.stderr.write("show-recipes: invalid option %s\n" % arg)
self.list_recipes(title, pnspec, False, False, show_filenames, show_multi_provider_only)
def list_recipes(self, title, pnspec, show_overlayed_only, show_same_ver_only, show_filenames, show_multi_provider_only):
pkg_pn = self.bbhandler.cooker.recipecache.pkg_pn
(latest_versions, preferred_versions) = bb.providers.findProviders(self.bbhandler.config_data, self.bbhandler.cooker.recipecache, pkg_pn)
allproviders = bb.providers.allProviders(self.bbhandler.cooker.recipecache)
# Ensure we list skipped recipes
# We are largely guessing about PN, PV and the preferred version here,
# but we have no choice since skipped recipes are not fully parsed
skiplist = self.bbhandler.cooker.skiplist.keys()
skiplist.sort( key=lambda fileitem: self.bbhandler.cooker.collection.calc_bbfile_priority(fileitem) )
for fn in skiplist:
recipe_parts = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(fn))[0].split('_')
p = recipe_parts[0]
if len(recipe_parts) > 1:
ver = (None, recipe_parts[1], None)
ver = (None, 'unknown', None)
allproviders[p].append((ver, fn))
if not p in pkg_pn:
pkg_pn[p] = 'dummy'
preferred_versions[p] = (ver, fn)
def print_item(f, pn, ver, layer, ispref):
if f in skiplist:
skipped = ' (skipped)'
skipped = ''
if show_filenames:
if ispref:
logger.plain("%s%s", f, skipped)
logger.plain(" %s%s", f, skipped)
if ispref:
logger.plain("%s:", pn)
logger.plain(" %s %s%s", layer.ljust(20), ver, skipped)
preffiles = []
items_listed = False
for p in sorted(pkg_pn):
if pnspec:
if not fnmatch.fnmatch(p, pnspec):
if len(allproviders[p]) > 1 or not show_multi_provider_only:
pref = preferred_versions[p]
preffile = bb.cache.Cache.virtualfn2realfn(pref[1])[0]
if preffile not in preffiles:
preflayer = self.get_file_layer(preffile)
multilayer = False
same_ver = True
provs = []
for prov in allproviders[p]:
provfile = bb.cache.Cache.virtualfn2realfn(prov[1])[0]
provlayer = self.get_file_layer(provfile)
provs.append((provfile, provlayer, prov[0]))
if provlayer != preflayer:
multilayer = True
if prov[0] != pref[0]:
same_ver = False
if (multilayer or not show_overlayed_only) and (same_ver or not show_same_ver_only):
if not items_listed:
logger.plain('=== %s ===' % title)
items_listed = True
print_item(preffile, p, self.version_str(pref[0][0], pref[0][1]), preflayer, True)
for (provfile, provlayer, provver) in provs:
if provfile != preffile:
print_item(provfile, p, self.version_str(provver[0], provver[1]), provlayer, False)
# Ensure we don't show two entries for BBCLASSEXTENDed recipes
return items_listed
def do_flatten(self, args):
"""flattens layer configuration into a separate output directory.
usage: flatten [layer1 layer2 [layer3]...] <outputdir>
Takes the specified layers (or all layers in the current layer
configuration if none are specified) and builds a "flattened" directory
containing the contents of all layers, with any overlayed recipes removed
and bbappends appended to the corresponding recipes. Note that some manual
cleanup may still be necessary afterwards, in particular:
* where non-recipe files (such as patches) are overwritten (the flatten
command will show a warning for these)
* where anything beyond the normal layer setup has been added to
layer.conf (only the lowest priority number layer's layer.conf is used)
* overridden/appended items from bbappends will need to be tidied up
* when the flattened layers do not have the same directory structure (the
flatten command should show a warning when this will cause a problem)
Warning: if you flatten several layers where another layer is intended to
be used "inbetween" them (in layer priority order) such that recipes /
bbappends in the layers interact, and then attempt to use the new output
layer together with that other layer, you may no longer get the same
build results (as the layer priority order has effectively changed).
arglist = args.split()
if len(arglist) < 1:
logger.error('Please specify an output directory')
if len(arglist) == 2:
logger.error('If you specify layers to flatten you must specify at least two')
outputdir = arglist[-1]
if os.path.exists(outputdir) and os.listdir(outputdir):
logger.error('Directory %s exists and is non-empty, please clear it out first' % outputdir)
layers = self.bblayers
if len(arglist) > 2:
layernames = arglist[:-1]
found_layernames = []
found_layerdirs = []
for layerdir in layers:
layername = self.get_layer_name(layerdir)
if layername in layernames:
for layername in layernames:
if not layername in found_layernames:
logger.error('Unable to find layer %s in current configuration, please run "%s show-layers" to list configured layers' % (layername, os.path.basename(sys.argv[0])))
layers = found_layerdirs
layernames = []
# Ensure a specified path matches our list of layers
def layer_path_match(path):
for layerdir in layers:
if path.startswith(os.path.join(layerdir, '')):
return layerdir
return None
appended_recipes = []
for layer in layers:
overlayed = []
for f in self.bbhandler.cooker.collection.overlayed.iterkeys():
for of in self.bbhandler.cooker.collection.overlayed[f]:
if of.startswith(layer):
logger.plain('Copying files from %s...' % layer )
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(layer):
for f1 in files:
f1full = os.sep.join([root, f1])
if f1full in overlayed:
logger.plain(' Skipping overlayed file %s' % f1full )
ext = os.path.splitext(f1)[1]
if ext != '.bbappend':
fdest = f1full[len(layer):]
fdest = os.path.normpath(os.sep.join([outputdir,fdest]))
if os.path.exists(fdest):
if f1 == 'layer.conf' and root.endswith('/conf'):
logger.plain(' Skipping layer config file %s' % f1full )
logger.warn('Overwriting file %s', fdest)
bb.utils.copyfile(f1full, fdest)
if ext == '.bb':
if f1 in self.bbhandler.cooker.collection.appendlist:
appends = self.bbhandler.cooker.collection.appendlist[f1]
if appends:
logger.plain(' Applying appends to %s' % fdest )
for appendname in appends:
if layer_path_match(appendname):
self.apply_append(appendname, fdest)
# Take care of when some layers are excluded and yet we have included bbappends for those recipes
for recipename in self.bbhandler.cooker.collection.appendlist.iterkeys():
if recipename not in appended_recipes:
appends = self.bbhandler.cooker.collection.appendlist[recipename]
first_append = None
for appendname in appends:
layer = layer_path_match(appendname)
if layer:
if first_append:
self.apply_append(appendname, first_append)
fdest = appendname[len(layer):]
fdest = os.path.normpath(os.sep.join([outputdir,fdest]))
bb.utils.copyfile(appendname, fdest)
first_append = fdest
# Get the regex for the first layer in our list (which is where the conf/layer.conf file will
# have come from)
first_regex = None
layerdir = layers[0]
for layername, pattern, regex, _ in self.bbhandler.cooker.recipecache.bbfile_config_priorities:
if regex.match(os.path.join(layerdir, 'test')):
first_regex = regex
if first_regex:
# Find the BBFILES entries that match (which will have come from this conf/layer.conf file)
bbfiles = str(self.bbhandler.config_data.getVar('BBFILES', True)).split()
bbfiles_layer = []
for item in bbfiles:
if first_regex.match(item):
newpath = os.path.join(outputdir, item[len(layerdir)+1:])
if bbfiles_layer:
# Check that all important layer files match BBFILES
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(outputdir):
for f1 in files:
ext = os.path.splitext(f1)[1]
if ext in ['.bb', '.bbappend']:
f1full = os.sep.join([root, f1])
entry_found = False
for item in bbfiles_layer:
if fnmatch.fnmatch(f1full, item):
entry_found = True
if not entry_found:
logger.warning("File %s does not match the flattened layer's BBFILES setting, you may need to edit conf/layer.conf or move the file elsewhere" % f1full)
def get_file_layer(self, filename):
for layer, _, regex, _ in self.bbhandler.cooker.recipecache.bbfile_config_priorities:
if regex.match(filename):
for layerdir in self.bblayers:
if regex.match(os.path.join(layerdir, 'test')) and re.match(layerdir, filename):
return self.get_layer_name(layerdir)
return "?"
def get_file_layerdir(self, filename):
for layer, _, regex, _ in self.bbhandler.cooker.recipecache.bbfile_config_priorities:
if regex.match(filename):
for layerdir in self.bblayers:
if regex.match(os.path.join(layerdir, 'test')) and re.match(layerdir, filename):
return layerdir
return "?"
def remove_layer_prefix(self, f):
"""Remove the layer_dir prefix, e.g., f = /path/to/layer_dir/foo/blah, the
return value will be: layer_dir/foo/blah"""
f_layerdir = self.get_file_layerdir(f)
prefix = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(f_layerdir), '')
return f[len(prefix):] if f.startswith(prefix) else f
def get_layer_name(self, layerdir):
return os.path.basename(layerdir.rstrip(os.sep))
def apply_append(self, appendname, recipename):
appendfile = open(appendname, 'r')
recipefile = open(recipename, 'a')
recipefile.write('##### bbappended from %s #####\n' % self.get_file_layer(appendname))
def do_show_appends(self, args):
"""list bbappend files and recipe files they apply to
usage: show-appends
Recipes are listed with the bbappends that apply to them as subitems.
if not self.bbhandler.cooker.collection.appendlist:
logger.plain('No append files found')
logger.plain('=== Appended recipes ===')
pnlist = list(self.bbhandler.cooker_data.pkg_pn.keys())
for pn in pnlist:
def show_appends_for_pn(self, pn):
filenames = self.bbhandler.cooker_data.pkg_pn[pn]
best = bb.providers.findBestProvider(pn,
best_filename = os.path.basename(best[3])
self.show_appends_output(filenames, best_filename)
def show_appends_for_skipped(self):
filenames = [os.path.basename(f)
for f in self.bbhandler.cooker.skiplist.iterkeys()]
self.show_appends_output(filenames, None, " (skipped)")
def show_appends_output(self, filenames, best_filename, name_suffix = ''):
appended, missing = self.get_appends_for_files(filenames)
if appended:
for basename, appends in appended:
logger.plain('%s%s:', basename, name_suffix)
for append in appends:
logger.plain(' %s', append)
if best_filename:
if best_filename in missing:
logger.warn('%s: missing append for preferred version',
self.returncode |= 1
def get_appends_for_files(self, filenames):
appended, notappended = [], []
for filename in filenames:
_, cls = bb.cache.Cache.virtualfn2realfn(filename)
if cls:
basename = os.path.basename(filename)
appends = self.bbhandler.cooker.collection.appendlist.get(basename)
if appends:
appended.append((basename, list(appends)))
return appended, notappended
def do_show_cross_depends(self, args):
"""figure out the dependency between recipes that crosses a layer boundary.
usage: show-cross-depends [-f]
Figure out the dependency between recipes that crosses a layer boundary.
-f show full file path
The .bbappend file can impact the dependency.
show_filenames = False
for arg in args.split():
if arg == '-f':
show_filenames = True
sys.stderr.write("show-cross-depends: invalid option %s\n" % arg)
pkg_fn = self.bbhandler.cooker_data.pkg_fn
bbpath = str(self.bbhandler.config_data.getVar('BBPATH', True))
self.require_re = re.compile(r"require\s+(.+)")
self.include_re = re.compile(r"include\s+(.+)")
self.inherit_re = re.compile(r"inherit\s+(.+)")
for f in pkg_fn:
f = bb.cache.Cache.virtualfn2realfn(f)[0]
# Get the layername that the file is in
layername = self.get_file_layer(f)
deps = self.bbhandler.cooker_data.deps[f]
for pn in deps:
if pn in self.bbhandler.cooker_data.pkg_pn:
best = bb.providers.findBestProvider(pn,
self.check_cross_depends("DEPENDS", layername, f, best[3], show_filenames)
all_rdeps = self.bbhandler.cooker_data.rundeps[f].values()
# Remove the duplicated or null one.
sorted_rdeps = {}
# The all_rdeps is the list in list, so we need two for loops
for k1 in all_rdeps:
for k2 in k1:
sorted_rdeps[k2] = 1
all_rdeps = sorted_rdeps.keys()
for rdep in all_rdeps:
all_p = bb.providers.getRuntimeProviders(self.bbhandler.cooker_data, rdep)
if all_p:
best = bb.providers.filterProvidersRunTime(all_p, rdep,
self.check_cross_depends("RDEPENDS", layername, f, best, show_filenames)
# The inherit class
cls_re = re.compile('classes/')
if f in self.bbhandler.cooker_data.inherits:
inherits = self.bbhandler.cooker_data.inherits[f]
for cls in inherits:
# The inherits' format is [classes/cls, /path/to/classes/cls]
# ignore the classes/cls.
if not cls_re.match(cls):
inherit_layername = self.get_file_layer(cls)
if inherit_layername != layername:
if not show_filenames:
f_short = self.remove_layer_prefix(f)
cls = self.remove_layer_prefix(cls)
f_short = f
logger.plain("%s inherits %s" % (f_short, cls))
# The 'require/include xxx' in the bb file
pv_re = re.compile(r"\${PV}")
fnfile = open(f, 'r')
line = fnfile.readline()
while line:
m, keyword = self.match_require_include(line)
# Found the 'require/include xxxx'
if m:
needed_file =
# Replace the ${PV} with the real PV
if and f in self.bbhandler.cooker_data.pkg_pepvpr:
pv = self.bbhandler.cooker_data.pkg_pepvpr[f][1]
needed_file = re.sub(r"\${PV}", pv, needed_file)
self.print_cross_files(bbpath, keyword, layername, f, needed_file, show_filenames)
line = fnfile.readline()
# The "require/include xxx" in conf/machine/*.conf, .inc and .bbclass
conf_re = re.compile(".*/conf/machine/[^\/]*\.conf$")
inc_re = re.compile(".*\.inc$")
# The "inherit xxx" in .bbclass
bbclass_re = re.compile(".*\.bbclass$")
for layerdir in self.bblayers:
layername = self.get_layer_name(layerdir)
for dirpath, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(layerdir):
for name in filenames:
f = os.path.join(dirpath, name)
s = conf_re.match(f) or inc_re.match(f) or bbclass_re.match(f)
if s:
ffile = open(f, 'r')
line = ffile.readline()
while line:
m, keyword = self.match_require_include(line)
# Only bbclass has the "inherit xxx" here.
if not m and f.endswith(".bbclass"):
m, keyword = self.match_inherit(line)
# Find a 'require/include xxxx'
if m:
self.print_cross_files(bbpath, keyword, layername, f, + bbclass, show_filenames)
line = ffile.readline()
def print_cross_files(self, bbpath, keyword, layername, f, needed_filename, show_filenames):
"""Print the depends that crosses a layer boundary"""
needed_file = bb.utils.which(bbpath, needed_filename)
if needed_file:
# Which layer is this file from
needed_layername = self.get_file_layer(needed_file)
if needed_layername != layername:
if not show_filenames:
f = self.remove_layer_prefix(f)
needed_file = self.remove_layer_prefix(needed_file)
logger.plain("%s %s %s" %(f, keyword, needed_file))
def match_inherit(self, line):
"""Match the inherit xxx line"""
return (self.inherit_re.match(line), "inherits")
def match_require_include(self, line):
"""Match the require/include xxx line"""
m = self.require_re.match(line)
keyword = "requires"
if not m:
m = self.include_re.match(line)
keyword = "includes"
return (m, keyword)
def check_cross_depends(self, keyword, layername, f, needed_file, show_filenames):
"""Print the DEPENDS/RDEPENDS file that crosses a layer boundary"""
best_realfn = bb.cache.Cache.virtualfn2realfn(needed_file)[0]
needed_layername = self.get_file_layer(best_realfn)
if needed_layername != layername:
if not show_filenames:
f = self.remove_layer_prefix(f)
best_realfn = self.remove_layer_prefix(best_realfn)
logger.plain("%s %s %s" % (f, keyword, best_realfn))
if __name__ == '__main__':
sys.exit(main(sys.argv[1:]) or 0)