5 Commits (113398d2587fa507be710ade46bb90e284292975)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Richard Purdie ff72823d40 bitbake: bitbake-diffigs: Don't pull in tinfoil unless we really need/plan to use it 9 years ago
Paul Eggleton e58eb8cbb0 bitbake: bitbake-diffsigs: allow specifying task & follow deps recursively 10 years ago
Paul Eggleton d5226c96d3 bitbake: lib/bb/siggen.py: make signature dump/compare functions return a list 10 years ago
Richard Purdie 1d52fa5269 bitbake/bitbake-sigdiff: Extend to handle dumping single state siginfo files 11 years ago
Richard Purdie 8d764de25f bitbake: Add missing signature files 12 years ago