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a_match_of_the_shipping_address_city_state_and_postal_code_failed: "Your shipping address City, State and Zipcode did not match and the payment processing was rejected by PayPal. Please check your shipping address."
ipn_transaction: IPN Transaction
unknown_transaction: Unknown Transaction
edit_paypal_info: Edit Paypal Express Payment
paypal_payment: Paypal Express Payment
paypal_txn_id: Transaction Code
paypal_capture_complete: Paypal Transaction has been captured.
unable_to_capture_paypal: Unable to capture Paypal Transaction.
signature: Signature
order_not_yet_placed: "Your order has <strong>NOT</strong> been be placed, please review the details and click <strong>Place Order</strong> below to finalize your order."
paypal_payment_id: PayPal Payment ID
pending_reason: Pending Reason
result: Result
review: Review
no_shipping: No Shipping
cart_checkout: Checkout From Cart
paypal_account: PayPal Account
payer_id: Payer ID
payer_country: Country
payer_status: Status
verified: verified
unverified: unverified
comment: Comment
adjust: Adjust
account_details: Account Details
paypalexpress: Capture Payment
amount: Amount
one: PayPal Payment
other: PayPal Payments