4 Commits (ca60407d5d95f3b50f72a73f81a5d3427340bf30)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Vladimir Fedorov ca60407d5d Added PayPal Instant Update feature 9 years ago
Brian Quinn 9086741f52 Refactored and improved support for 0.40.3 and later 11 years ago
reaper b79fb41c4d Modified to work with Spree 0.30.1. 11 years ago
Brian Quinn 2cb3ba61e2 Changed locale to :en from :en-US 12 years ago
Peter Kordel 2801d39054 Merging PKordel's changes. 12 years ago
Brian Quinn 1e318b6a78 Updated to support source actions 12 years ago
Brian Quinn 0bcbdaa0b2 Added support for refunds 12 years ago
Brian Quinn 7da2fed7ac Initial fork changes 12 years ago
paulcc bea73e2a0c fixed bug - mentions to old gateway sub-module removed 12 years ago
paulcc ed9771041c Significant changes: add missing AM libs, adapt to spree 0.8.4+, 12 years ago