37 Commits (0bcbdaa0b208144b2b5f7add67f27680667d8b18)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Brian Quinn 0bcbdaa0b2 Added support for refunds 12 years ago
Brian Quinn c772fcc9fa Renamed AVS and CVV codes to match standard core payments. 12 years ago
Brian Quinn 69da0ef978 Use BillingIntegration#provider method to create instance of provider_class 12 years ago
Brian Quinn 9592c545a3 Disable shipping options until PPX bug is sorted 12 years ago
Brian Quinn 69a75ff1a8 Added wrapper for PPX UK gateway 12 years ago
Brian Quinn c14eefa55a Updated to support core Billing Integrations 12 years ago
Brian Quinn 7da2fed7ac Initial fork changes 12 years ago
paulcc 48bdd6c2d1 save payment after capture, to generate a pay event 12 years ago
paulcc 35dffb780b updated to spree 0.9 12 years ago
paulcc 33b071798d change handling of shipping, basically avoids use of spree's mechs 12 years ago
paulcc 717ea040f5 add comment about (over-simplified) handling of shipping 12 years ago
paulcc da032c6751 reordered events to reduce impact of failures 12 years ago
paulcc 8686c69a63 recode how the totals are computed 12 years ago
paulcc 280834f8fb recode precision test to allow slight rounding errors 12 years ago
paulcc 00543bc7d9 included, for reference later 12 years ago
paulcc eac0ed0236 catch info-request failures, and capture phone where it is returned 12 years ago
paulcc c80a86825f use locally-loaded order to ensure proper session clearance 12 years ago
paulcc f0d11109b9 made "badly configured gateway" message more informative 13 years ago
paulcc e6cea2fdaa add to todo list 13 years ago
paulcc 7de4c0e39a removed debugging code, and fixed currency conv for :max_amount 13 years ago
paulcc 5e271e0fd7 generalised the config of the gateway and site-specific options, so the code is no longer 13 years ago
paulcc 56838c90ef updated the documentation 13 years ago
paulcc 0427146bf4 only add insurance_offered tag when it's present in options, and fix the details tag name 13 years ago
paulcc ea15f1cf14 header colours now default to white 13 years ago
paulcc ba20413a56 typo 13 years ago
paulcc 9c953bf1ae typo 13 years ago
paulcc 74265c7525 set state_name for shipping address if nothing is found for the given state 13 years ago
paulcc fa6d87f465 typo on class test 13 years ago
paulcc 211efffe5f remove the gateway config when running "down" 13 years ago
paulcc 12641a8110 attach current user to order, to enable order tracking etc 13 years ago
paulcc bea73e2a0c fixed bug - mentions to old gateway sub-module removed 13 years ago
paulcc ed9771041c Significant changes: add missing AM libs, adapt to spree 0.8.4+, 13 years ago
paulcc 766c79c77a Now pulls the account details from the GatewayOptions system in Spree 13 years ago
paulcc 9182e669b8 cosmetic tweak to button display 13 years ago
paulcc d375243bf7 fixed field name 13 years ago
paulcc 99f8073fc5 typo! 13 years ago
paulcc 11f88be5c5 Basic support for Paypal Express in Spree 13 years ago