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add comment about (over-simplified) handling of shipping

paulcc 13 years ago
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@ -101,7 +101,13 @@ These were discussed in the customization section above, but for reference, they
It is important to note that Spree won't have selected a shipping method when the PPX process
is started. My sites only have a single shipping method, so I can get away with defaulting to
that method and using that for calculations. It also means that I've not written any code yet
for selecting from applicable methods etc etc.
for selecting from applicable methods etc etc.
Beware that this code does make some big assumptions about shipping. In particular, it AVOIDS
use of the Spree shipping calcs, effectively performing its own calcs (via the hook), but then
assigning the first shipping method at the end, just so order display will work. This stuff
is ok when there's a single shipping option defined (like me), but will need work if you have
more options.
Note that PPX allows you to capture up to 115% of the original authorized amount: this could
allow some flexibility in shipping choices, eg you could add a stage after return from PPX
@ -125,4 +131,4 @@ have not tried to use this yet.
5. Double-check implementation of the full PPX process
6. Look at shipping method selection integration