Python Implementation of Deutsche Post Internetmarke Online Franking
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import logging
from inema import ProductInformation
import json
# you have to fill the below with your login details for the ProdWS Service
USER = "xxx"
PASS = "yyyyyy"
MANDANTID = "zzzzz"
im = ProductInformation(USER, PASS, MANDANTID)
data = im.getProductList()
# print data
if data['success']:
products = {}
for ele in data['Response']['salesProductList']['SalesProduct']:
international = True if ele['extendedIdentifier']['destination'] == 'international' else False
id = ele['extendedIdentifier']['externIdentifier'][0]['id']
name = ele['extendedIdentifier']['externIdentifier'][0]['name']
cost_price = ele['priceDefinition']['price']['commercialGrossPrice']['value']
weight = ele['weight']
if weight:
products[id] = {
'international': international,
'cost_price': unicode(cost_price),
'name': name,
'max_weight': unicode(weight['maxValue'])
print json.dumps(products)
print 'ERROR: %s' % data['Exception']