integration to odoo (as delivery carrier)
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from openerp import api, fields, models
# extend deliver.carrier with shipcloud
class SMCShippingShipcloud(models.Model):
_inherit = 'delivery.carrier'
delivery_type = fields.Selection(selection_add=[('sc', 'shipcloud')])
sc_carrier_service = fields.Many2one(comodel_name='',
string='Shipcloud Carrier Service')
# extend stock.picking with fields related to shipcloud
class SMCStockPickingShipclodu(models.Model):
_inherit = 'stock.picking'
sc_shipment_id = fields.Char(string='shipcloud shipment ID', readonly=True, copy=False)
sc_tracking_url = fields.Char(string='shipcloud tracking URL', readonly=True, copy=False)
sc_content_desc = fields.Char(string='Description of Contents')
sc_tracking_state = fields.Char(string='shipcloud tracking status', readonly=True, copy=Fasle)
class SMCShippingScCarrierService(models.Model):
_name = ''
name = fields.Char(string="Name", required=1)
carrier = fields.Char(string="shipcloud Carrier", required=1)
service = fields.Char(string="shipcloud Service", required=1)
label_size = fields.Char(string="shipcloud Label Size", required=1)