integration to odoo (as delivery carrier)
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from openerp import fields, models, api
import logging
_logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class website_config_settings(models.Model):
_inherit = 'website.config.settings'
_name = ''
sc_api_key_sandbox = fields.Char('shipcloud Sandbox API key')
sc_api_key_prod = fields.Char('shipcloud Production API key', required=1)
sc_api_use_prod = fields.Boolean('use shipcloud Production API key')
def get_default_sc_values(self, fields):
ir_values = self.env['ir.values']
sc_config_values_list_tuples = ir_values.get_defaults('delivery.carrier')
sc_config_values = {}
for item in sc_config_values_list_tuples:
return sc_config_values
def set_sc_values(self):
ir_values = self.env['ir.values']
for config in self:
ir_values.set_default('delivery.carrier', 'sc_api_key_sandbox', config.sc_api_key_sandbox or '')
ir_values.set_default('delivery.carrier', 'sc_api_key_prod', config.sc_api_key_prod or '')
ir_values.set_default('delivery.carrier', 'sc_api_use_prod', config.sc_api_use_prod or False)
return True