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import inspect
import importlib
import os.path
from urlparse import urlunsplit
* adds github_link(mode) context variable: provides URL (in relevant mode) of
current document on github
* if sphinx.ext.linkcode is enabled, automatically generates github linkcode
links (by setting config.linkcode_resolve)
* ``github_user``, username/organisation under which the project lives
* ``github_project``, name of the project on github
* (optional) ``version``, github branch to link to (default: master)
* provided ``linkcode_resolve`` only supports Python domain
* generates https github links
* explicitly imports ``openerp``, so useless for anyone else
def setup(app):
app.add_config_value('github_user', None, 'env')
app.add_config_value('github_project', None, 'env')
app.connect('html-page-context', add_doc_link)
def linkcode_resolve(domain, info):
""" Resolves provided object to corresponding github URL
# TODO: js?
if domain != 'py':
return None
if not (app.config.github_user and app.config.github_project):
return None
module, fullname = info['module'], info['fullname']
# TODO: attributes/properties don't have modules, maybe try to look
# them up based on their cached host object?
if not module:
return None
obj = importlib.import_module(module)
for item in fullname.split('.'):
obj = getattr(obj, item, None)
if obj is None:
return None
# get original from decorated methods
try: obj = getattr(obj, '_orig')
except AttributeError: pass
obj_source_path = inspect.getsourcefile(obj)
_, line = inspect.getsourcelines(obj)
except (TypeError, IOError):
# obj doesn't have a module, or something
return None
import openerp
# FIXME: make finding project root project-independent
project_root = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(openerp.__file__), '..')
return make_github_link(
os.path.relpath(obj_source_path, project_root),
app.config.linkcode_resolve = linkcode_resolve
def make_github_link(app, path, line=None, mode="blob"):
config = app.config
urlpath = "/{user}/{project}/{mode}/{branch}/{path}".format(
branch=config.version or 'master',
return urlunsplit((
'' if line is None else 'L%d' % line
def add_doc_link(app, pagename, templatename, context, doctree):
""" Add github_link function linking to the current page on github """
if not app.config.github_user and app.config.github_project:
# FIXME: find other way to recover current document's source suffix
# in Sphinx 1.3 it's possible to have mutliple source suffixes and that
# may be useful in the future
source_suffix = app.config.source_suffix
source_suffix = source_suffix if isinstance(source_suffix, basestring) else source_suffix[0]
# can't use functools.partial because 3rd positional is line not mode
context['github_link'] = lambda mode='edit': make_github_link(
app, 'doc/%s%s' % (pagename, source_suffix), mode=mode)