125 Commits (34f009a5cef2c765ae9ec10beef727f04e653f95)

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Harald Welte 34f009a5ce HACK: disable super expensive query to get invoice total per supplier 7 months ago
Denis Ledoux 386f76eb46 [FIX] account: get_fiscal_position is expected to return an id 6 years ago
Martin Trigaux fa3ace7f99 [IMP] account: performances on total_invoiced field 6 years ago
Goffin Simon 5fcf0f5a6f [FIX] account: change delivery address 6 years ago
Denis Ledoux 972d966554 [FIX] account: ACLs contracts button in partner form 7 years ago
Goffin Simon 3eda25119f [FIX] account: Invoiced doesn't take into account cancelled invoices 7 years ago
Goffin Simon 940a0e45d4 [FIX] account: choosing the right fiscal position 7 years ago
Goffin Simon d5a50fd346 [FIX] sale: fiscal position wrongly taken based on country group. 7 years ago
Olivier Dony 6ebdcbd2cd [FIX] account: misleading labels/tooltips on new fiscal position fields 7 years ago
Olivier Dony 92c7874eb8 [FIX] account: indendation error in 82588fa 7 years ago
Olivier Dony 82588faa71 [FIX] account: tax mapping logic was broken by 7508b7c 7 years ago
Alexis de Lattre 7508b7cd9c [FIX] account: fiscal position may map single tax to multiple taxes 7 years ago
Christophe Matthieu c4ae1ef66d [FIX] account.fiscal.position: Fix get_fiscal_position for auto apply: 7 years ago
Denis Ledoux e833066b63 [FIX] account: invoiced button values must be calculated as the user 7 years ago
Martin Trigaux dbca34511e [FIX] account: method should return browse records, not set 7 years ago
Christophe Simonis e29a7b7b4c [FIX] account: correct v8 version of map_tax() method of account.fiscal.postion 7 years ago
Christophe Simonis b4cbef4333 [FIX] account: res.partner: limit access to "total_invoiced" field to group "group_account_invoice". Use SUPERUSER_ID to access data 7 years ago
jkei 47dd44be43 [FIX] account: typo in get_fiscal_position() 7 years ago
Raphael Collet cbe2dbb672 [MERGE] new v8 api by rco 7 years ago
Antony Lesuisse 22f4c315a3 [IMP] automatic fiscal positions for simple cases 7 years ago
Jaydeep Barot 026e38b48f [REM] Unnecessary `size` parameters on char fields 7 years ago
Martin Trigaux b38a129d71 [FIX] account: move translatable tag 7 years ago
Gery Debongnie aeebac88d9 [FIX] code cleanup (addon account) 7 years ago
Gery Debongnie a81ba2b1ea [IMP] compute the total invoiced and display it on the stat button for invoices in res_partner form view (addon account) 8 years ago
Gery Debongnie ea23d24e87 [FIX] correct some typos in addon account variable name 8 years ago
Randhir Mayatra rma-openerp b51066b500 [IMP] convert button into stat button for customer 8 years ago
Gery Debongnie 871c346f5f [FIX] fix a typo (journal_items_ids -> journal_item_ids) in addon accont 8 years ago
Gery Debongnie d9ef089939 [FIX] fix a typo and uses the correct type in the invoice_count functional field of res_partner (addon account) 8 years ago
Gery Debongnie 649198db8a [IMP] compute the 'invoice_count' and 'journal_item_count' field in one pass instead of two separate calls (addon account) 8 years ago
Gery Debongnie aac67e8bc5 [IMP] removes the testing field testpercent in res.partner and improves the way the buttons are displayed in form view (addon account) 8 years ago
Gery Debongnie 6fee78b475 [IMP] improves the way the res_partner fields are displayed in the buttons in form view. Specifically, uses the widget 'statinfo' and some related cleanup (addons account, crm) 8 years ago
Gery Debongnie 3c835279e8 [IMP] removes the field journal_items_stat_button field from the res.partner model (the x2many widget replaces its functionality) and improves the view. Also, adds a new field 'testpercent' to res.partner, only for testing purposes (addon account) 8 years ago
Gery Debongnie b7bc8b3aa4 [IMP] change the partner form view to display new stat button information in addon account/crm 8 years ago
Martin Trigaux a2e0acf7d4 [REV] revert partner.py to revision 9043 (error cf lp:1219381 comment #11) 8 years ago
Martin Trigaux 7d3e01bea3 [FIX] account: go green test\!, also set the test to previous year 8 years ago
Martin Trigaux 6f2f0b17ed [TEST] test with failing test 8 years ago
Martin Trigaux d36a90b39e [FIX] account: correctly compute debit/credit for partner including previous moves reported to new fiscal year 8 years ago
Nhomar Hernandez 9382f31c7d [FIX] pass correct parameter to compute the balance on partner form with all entries not complete reconciled 8 years ago
Quentin (OpenERP) d856e8361b [REF] *: change linked to server revision 4907. Removed deprecated 'view_load' attribute + removed duplicated first argument of property fields which is replaced with 'relation' argument in case where it is really needed (relational fields): indeed this first argument was totally useless for property of float type (for example). 8 years ago
Quentin (OpenERP) e42186bd60 [REF] *: removed useless attributes on definition of property fields (first attribute, because duplicated in 'relation' kwarg, and 'view_load' attribute because it has been deprecated) accordingly to revision qdp-launchpad@openerp.com-20130516152946-s3chj5i05lkf30yk of server. 8 years ago
Vo Minh Thu e69326ee3b [REF] removed explicit model instanciations. 9 years ago
Olivier Dony 438e1c1daf [FIX] res.partner: Hide commercial-related fields on contacts form + autosync them from parent company 9 years ago
Quentin (OpenERP) 87b899445d [FIX] account: improved tooltips and labels for manual reconciliation of accounting entries to be more explicit 9 years ago
Rajesh Prajapati (OpenERP) a728e82a18 [IMP] Account : changes done 9 years ago
Rajesh Prajapati (OpenERP) c9f803ff74 [IMP] Account : changed terms as suggested in account module 9 years ago
Vo Minh Thu e7f4891d46 [IMP] use the openerp namespace. 9 years ago
Josse Colpaert cfd009394d [IMP] Search functions on amounts and dates in partner 9 years ago
Twinkle Christian (OpenERP) 9222f2b039 [IMP]Improve tooltip in contacts 9 years ago
Quentin (OpenERP) 8f134d5c85 [IMP/FIX] account, manual reconciliation process 9 years ago
023a93dc8e [FIX] Fiscal positions with same source and destination taxes must be unique 9 years ago