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Alejandro Santana 5cfa96abc1 [CLA] Corporate CLA: anubia 7 years ago
Jean-Nicolas Brunet a6ef1a7c72 [ADD] CLA for jnbrunet 7 years ago
xmo-odoo 7535eaaedc [IMP] doc: note that accounting memento is US GAAP 7 years ago
Raphael Valyi 34088c6031 [CLA] add akretion CLA 7 years ago
Julien Laloux 5e97d25e9b [ADD] CLA for jlaloux 7 years ago
Torvald B. Bringsvor 4a11cce93d [ADD] CLA for Bringsvor Consulting AS. 7 years ago
Xavier Morel a6493f77af [IMP] fix links to business mementoes 7 years ago
Antony Lesuisse d10bc4d4a6 [CLA] pedrobaeza CLA 7 years ago
xmo-odoo 46da7ac326 [ADD] doc: link to functional mementoes 7 years ago
xmo-odoo 48e059d04f [FIX] api doc: typo 7 years ago
Developer Team f7a8511e7b [ADD] CubicERP CLA 7 years ago
Jérome Maes b9977ef5d3 [ADD] doc : odoo official coding guidelines. This is the first version of the guidelines. Discussions and conventions are not frozen. 7 years ago
Levent Karakaş b2a23ee94a [CLA] Eska 7 years ago
Richard Mathot 6ef068a811 [FIX] doc: exception for date/datetime in kanban views 7 years ago
Matt Choplin 17c1556208 [CLA] Matt Choplin 7 years ago
Robert Rübner adde3e9569 [CLA] bloopark systems GmbH 7 years ago
Lorenzo Battistini da8f1f7a57 [CLA] Lorenzo Battistini 7 years ago
Ronald Portier (Therp BV) 91e5456faf [CLA] Therp BV 7 years ago
Xavier Morel 4cba11a7d4 [FIX] ws doc: table border colors in right column 7 years ago
Xavier Morel 8bc89de4d6 [IMP] ws doc: selectivity of the highlight right-alignment 7 years ago
jesusVMayor c040a26120 [CLA]Jesús Ventosinos Mayor. 7 years ago
Leonardo Donelli 667e42868b CLA 7 years ago
xmo-odoo 3956210a8b [IMP] qweb doc: debugging directives 7 years ago
Martin Trigaux 8c35497c74 Move Yenthe666 CLA to correct folder and remove code block tag 7 years ago
Yenthe 34cd8960fc Sign CLA Yenthe666 7 years ago
Antony Brugger 5d0d5ee233 Eezee-It signed CLA 7 years ago
Sathors 1b6345f4f2 [ADD] doc: advanced options category including auto-reload. 7 years ago
Sathors f667e0ead7 Added the individual CLA 7 years ago
Andrius Preimantas 2bc75369dc Versada signing CLA 7 years ago
Simon Lejeune 1f8c8d6dd5 [IMP] doc: install: advised wkhtmltopdf version 7 years ago
vnsoft 816faf133b Sign CLA agreement for vnsofthe 7 years ago
Toilal 2e9e100d20 [FIX] Packaging: include all files from scaffold templates in MANIFEST.in 7 years ago
Leonardo Rochael Almeida 9e62efc8fb [CLA] Leonardo Rochael Almeida 7 years ago
Markus Schneider daf16c2abc add CLA for initOS 7 years ago
Daniel Kraft 51f61ed23d [ADD] D9T GmbH CLA 7 years ago
Xavier Morel e700805a43 [FIX] ws doc: language switcher in some iOS versions 7 years ago
E.R. Spada II d981f27dc1 [CLA] Corporate CLA EUGE Consulting 7 years ago
Renzo Meister 5ee4028346 [CLA] Corporate CLA for Jamotion GmbH 7 years ago
Vicente Jimenez Aguilar 0892a088fc [FIX] report_webkit: multiple misspellings of wkhtmltopdf 7 years ago
Xavier Morel f24df6a93c [FIX] ws doc: fix DOM order for copy/paste usability 7 years ago
Xavier Morel 06b037b558 [IMP] doc: some systems choke on bare URL in CSS imports 7 years ago
Jos De Graeve 222b2d3370 [CLA] Corporate CLA for Apertoso team 7 years ago
Daniel Reis 07221374d1 [CLA] Daniel Reis 7 years ago
Xavier Morel eac831f45b [IMP] doc: allow force-right sections, removing bootstrap class from tables 7 years ago
Stéphane Bidoul 9d167ea7b3 [CLA] Acsone (fix emails) 7 years ago
Stéphane Bidoul 71e3b2d624 [CLA] ACSONE signature of Corporate CLA 1.0 7 years ago
Parthiv Patel 95aaea3a73 [CLA] Tech Receptives 7 years ago
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt Ltd 32a39b3a3c [CLA] Serpent Consulting Services Pvt Ltd. 7 years ago