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Paulius Sladkevičius 3074835079 [CLA] HBEE 6 years ago
Richard deMeester 9e6bfc9852 [CLA] Willow-IT corporate 6 years ago
Anthony Ruhier 75092f0a14 [FIX] doc: typo in backend tutorial 6 years ago
Anthony Ruhier c337b389b6 [CLA] Add anthony25 in individuals CLA 6 years ago
Nicolas Lempereur 4914e07718 [FIX] doc: xpath invalid for 8.0 6 years ago
Nicolas Lempereur 3835a1e344 [FIX] doc: typos in themes tutorial 6 years ago
Jos De Graeve 38281c2c9c [CLA] Update CLA from apertoso 6 years ago
Fabrice Henrion 81b9bc1b11 typo 6 years ago
Irenie White 4cd8b15fd5 [CLA] Credativ Ltd. github usernames 6 years ago
Irenie White 56143f05a0 [CLA] Credativ Ltd. 6 years ago
Alessio Gerace fc2d7f7945 [ADD] archetipo CLA 6 years ago
Fekete Mihai bfb919cdb2 [CLA] sign for feketemihai 6 years ago
Xavier Morel 610f6fdafe [IMP] doc: support for image centering 6 years ago
Dariusz Żbikowski cfb444a9d1 [CLA] Dariusz Żbikowski 6 years ago
Xavier Morel f94a667ed1 [IMP] doc: handling of toc outside master_doc 6 years ago
Xavier Morel 5f768ed5b3 [IMP] doc: don't limit width of pages with code column 6 years ago
Xavier Morel c97cb35086 [FIX] doc: prevent compacting paragraphs with custom classes 6 years ago
Xavier Morel 9beaeddf60 [FIX] doc: new theme snags 6 years ago
Xavier Morel 374dacf5e6 [FIX] doc: incorrect role syntax 6 years ago
Xavier Morel 41ee29119d [REM] doc: unnecessary sidebar title/heading 6 years ago
Max Hellwig be2efb207c [IMP] doc: add title to glossary.rst 6 years ago
J Bradshaw 2f7ab001e2 [IMP] doc: grammar and readability 6 years ago
Xavier Morel 95e56a109d [ADD] doc: new theme 6 years ago
Fabien Pinckaers fc58529616 testing commit fro mgithub 6 years ago
mrshelly eb315ac330 [CLA] mrshelly 6 years ago
Dušan Laznik 49f2514a9d [CLA] mentis 6 years ago
Briksisn 29582605d1 [CLA] Syncordia 6 years ago
kmatitaishvili 1f684b6447 [CLA] Delta-comm 6 years ago
bevanweiss 6ceb41dae4 [CLA] Bevan Weiss 6 years ago
florent.thomas 9805160530 [CLA] Florent Thomas 6 years ago
Max Hellwig 282ecc2898 [CLA] Max Hellwig 6 years ago
SauliusZ 0d3a8de756 [CLA] adding SauliusZ and via_laurea corporation 6 years ago
Ludwik Trammer ece10c3401 [CLA] Ludwik Trammer 6 years ago
Daniel Dico 08b85e5821 [CLA] OERP Canada 6 years ago
Tam Vu 6d5f5f4470 [CLA] vuamitom 6 years ago
Carlos Alberto Cipriano Korovsky 36c283fec1 [CLA] Add UKTech (Uhlig & Korovsky Tecnologia Ltda) CLA 6 years ago
Nicolas Bustillos aaf5231358 [CLA] Correct email Nicolas Bustillos 6 years ago
Nicolas Piganeau 7f80e57818 [CLA] Changed email address Nicolas Piganeau 6 years ago
Robin Lucbernet 384b60b3c7 [CLA] META-IT 6 years ago
Endika Iglesias 765cd3fbec [CLA] Endika Iglesias 6 years ago
mariuszmizgier bdc4c5a55e [CLA] Mariusz Mizgier 6 years ago
pmhmcbreen@gmail.com d0952f5ad3 [CLA] Mark McBreen 6 years ago
Mathias Colpaert 190cea8b66 [CLA] Mathias Colpaert 6 years ago
Erno Iipponen 332772a516 [CLA] Avoin.Systems corporate 6 years ago
Miku Laitinen 209d1084a3 [CLA] Miku Laitinen / mlaitinen 6 years ago
oihane d1ebc08813 [CLA] Oihane Crucelaegui 6 years ago
Mariano Baragiola b7c206f320 [CLA] Mariano I. Baragiola 6 years ago
Sergio Teruel Albert 48fc0d6577 [CLA] sergio-incaser 6 years ago