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Atchuthan, Sodexis 38868d4991 [CLA] Added sodexis corporate cla 6 years ago
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Emanuel Cino 34ce3e36e1 [FIX] account: reconciliation domain 6 years ago
Mack 3f31c378fa [CLA] MackZxh sign the CLA 6 years ago
Thorsten Vocks e0f4f8a710 [CLA] Big Consulting GmbH 6 years ago
Cédric Krier 26d0fe6d9f [CLA] Cédric Krier 6 years ago
Jairo Llopis d65f251d12 [CLA] Grupo ESOC 6 years ago
Olivier Dony 49be54171c [IMP] sign-cla: email must be git committer email 6 years ago
Ruchir Shukla 516d723cd4 [CLA] signature for BizzAppDev 6 years ago
Mohamed M. Hagag 9069f29efa [ADD] l10n_sa: Saudi Arabia multi-lang CoA 6 years ago
Olivier Dony 2f8d6e796b [CLA] Update Camptocamp CLA 6 years ago
Luc Bonjean 4792156e1f [CLA] Corporate Lubon bvba 6 years ago
pedro 782db031c9 [CLA] Pedro Rodriguez Gil 6 years ago
JoshuaJan 682672ea50 [CLA] Joshua Jan 6 years ago
Florian Hatat d6d9b0df4e [CLA] flh signs CLA 6 years ago
Denis Baranov b8f177ddeb [CLA] IT Libertas corporate 6 years ago
cysnake4713 0ab438b76e [CLA] Matt Cai (cysnake4713) 6 years ago
rossasa 84dffd2dee [CLA] Rossa S.A. 6 years ago
Paulius Sladkevičius 3074835079 [CLA] HBEE 6 years ago
Richard deMeester 9e6bfc9852 [CLA] Willow-IT corporate 6 years ago
Anthony Ruhier c337b389b6 [CLA] Add anthony25 in individuals CLA 6 years ago
Jos De Graeve 38281c2c9c [CLA] Update CLA from apertoso 6 years ago
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Irenie White 56143f05a0 [CLA] Credativ Ltd. 6 years ago
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Fekete Mihai bfb919cdb2 [CLA] sign for feketemihai 6 years ago
Dariusz Żbikowski cfb444a9d1 [CLA] Dariusz Żbikowski 6 years ago
J Bradshaw 2f7ab001e2 [IMP] doc: grammar and readability 6 years ago