deiban packaging of linux kernel with sysmocom modifications
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linux (4.5.4-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
- RDMA/iw_cxgb4: Fix bar2 virt addr calculation for T4 chips
- net/mlx5_core: Fix caching ATOMIC endian mode capability
- ipvs: handle ip_vs_fill_iph_skb_off failure
- ipvs: correct initial offset of Call-ID header search in SIP persistence engine
- ipvs: drop first packet to redirect conntrack
- rtlwifi: Fix size of wireless mode variable
- mfd: intel-lpss: Remove clock tree on error path
- nbd: ratelimit error msgs after socket close
- null_blk: add lightnvm null_blk device to the nullb_list
- [arm64] ata: ahci_xgene: dereferencing uninitialized pointer in probe
- [armhf] wlcore: fix error handling in wlcore_event_fw_logger
- ath10k: fix pktlog in QCA99X0
- mwifiex: fix corner case association failure
- clk-divider: make sure read-only dividers do not write to their register
- clk: rockchip: fix wrong mmc phase shift for rk3228
- clk: rockchip: free memory in error cases when registering clock branches
- clk: meson: Fix meson_clk_register_clks() signature type mismatch
- clk: versatile: sp810: support reentrance
- clk: sunxi: Fix sun8i-a23-apb0-clk divider flags
- clk: xgene: Add missing parenthesis when clearing divider value
- clk: bcm2835: fix check of error code returned by devm_ioremap_resource()
- pwm: omap-dmtimer: Fix inaccurate period and duty cycle calculations
- pwm: omap-dmtimer: Add sanity checking for load and match values
- pwm: omap-dmtimer: Round load and match values rather than truncate
- lpfc: fix misleading indentation
- gpiolib-acpi: Duplicate con_id string when adding it to the crs lookup list
- ath9k: ar5008_hw_cmn_spur_mitigate: add missing mask_m & mask_p initialisation
- mac80211: fix statistics leak if dev_alloc_name() fails
- tracing: Don't display trigger file for events that can't be enabled
- MD: make bio mergeable
- Minimal fix-up of bad hashing behavior of hash_64()
- mm: memcontrol: let v2 cgroups follow changes in system swappiness
- mm, cma: prevent nr_isolated_* counters from going negative
- mm/zswap: provide unique zpool name
- propogate_mnt: Handle the first propogated copy being a slave
- modpost: fix module autoloading for OF devices with generic compatible property
- [armhf] EXYNOS: Properly skip unitialized parent clock in power domain on
- [armhf] SoCFPGA: Fix secondary CPU startup in thumb2 kernel
- xen: Fix page <-> pfn conversion on 32 bit systems
- xen/balloon: Fix crash when ballooning on x86 32 bit PAE
- xen/evtchn: fix ring resize when binding new events
- HID: wacom: Add support for DTK-1651
- proc: prevent accessing /proc/<PID>/environ until it's ready
- mm: update min_free_kbytes from khugepaged after core initialization
- batman-adv: fix DAT candidate selection (must use vid)
- batman-adv: Check skb size before using encapsulated ETH+VLAN header
- batman-adv: Fix broadcast/ogm queue limit on a removed interface
- batman-adv: Reduce refcnt of removed router when updating route
- [x86] libnvdimm, pfn: fix memmap reservation sizing
- writeback: Fix performance regression in wb_over_bg_thresh()
- [x86] tsc: Read all ratio bits from MSR_PLATFORM_INFO
- [arm64] cpuidle: Pass on arm_cpuidle_suspend()'s return value
- [x86] sysfb_efi: Fix valid BAR address range check
- [arm*] dts: apq8064: add ahci ports-implemented mask
- ACPICA: Dispatcher: Update thread ID for recursive method calls
- [powerpc*] Fix bad inline asm constraint in create_zero_mask()
- libahci: save port map for forced port map
- ata: ahci-platform: Add ports-implemented DT bindings.
- USB: serial: cp210x: add ID for Link ECU
- USB: serial: cp210x: add Straizona Focusers device ids
- Revert "USB / PM: Allow USB devices to remain runtime-suspended when sleeping"
- nvmem: mxs-ocotp: fix buffer overflow in read
- Drivers: hv: vmbus: Fix signaling logic in hv_need_to_signal_on_read()
- [armhf] gpu: ipu-v3: Fix imx-ipuv3-crtc module autoloading
- drm/amdgpu: make sure vertical front porch is at least 1
- drm/amdgpu: set metadata pointer to NULL after freeing.
- [x86] iio: ak8975: Fix NULL pointer exception on early interrupt
- [x86] iio: ak8975: fix maybe-uninitialized warning
- drm/radeon: make sure vertical front porch is at least 1
- [x86] drm/i915: Avoid stalling on pending flips for legacy cursor updates
- [x86] drm/i915/ddi: Fix eDP VDD handling during booting and suspend/resume
- [x86] drm/i915: Fix system resume if PCI device remained enabled
- [x86] drm/i915: Fix eDP low vswing for Broadwell
- [x86] drm/i915: Make RPS EI/thresholds multiple of 25 on SNB-BDW
- [x86] drm/i915: Fake HDMI live status
- [x86] ACPI / processor: Request native thermal interrupt handling via _OSC
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* [mips*] Fix PR_SET_FPMODE issues with multi-threaded programs.
* [i386] Stop recommending libc6-i686.
* [arm,x86] Fix memory corruption in KVM with THP enabled. (Closes: #821225)
* [mips*/octeon] Add support for byte swapped initramfs to handle u-boot and
kernel running with a different endianness.
* [mipsel/octeon] Activate flavour on mipsel.
[ Roger Shimizu ]
as module, as recommended by Arturo Borrero Gonzalez. (Closes: #824162)
[ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
* KEYS: Fix ASN.1 indefinite length object parsing (CVE-2016-0758)
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* Fix implementation of [packages]tools config option,
thanks to Yves-Alexis Perez
* debian/control: Exclude tools from 'stage1' build profile
* debian/control,debian/rules: Support a 'pkg.linux.notools' build profile
which does not build tools packages
* debian/control,debian/rules,debian/rules.d: Support the 'nodoc' build
-- Aurelien Jarno <> Tue, 10 May 2016 23:58:07 +0200
linux (4.5.3-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* [s390x] PCI: Ignore zpci ABI changes; these functions are not used by
* [powerpc*] Fix sstep compile on powerpcspe (Closes: #823526; thanks to
Lennart Sorensen)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 08 May 2016 15:03:45 +0100
linux (4.5.3-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
- mmc: block: Use the mmc host device index as the mmcblk device index
- block: partition: initialize percpuref before sending out KOBJ_ADD
- block: loop: fix filesystem corruption in case of aio/dio
- [arm64] efi: Don't apply MEMBLOCK_NOMAP to UEFI memory map mapping
- [x86] mce: Avoid using object after free in genpool
- [x86] kvm: do not leak guest xcr0 into host interrupt handlers
- [arm*] KVM: Handle forward time correction gracefully
- [armhf] mvebu: Correct unit address for linksys
- [armhf] OMAP2: Fix up interconnect barrier initialization for DRA7
- [armhf] OMAP2+: hwmod: Fix updating of sysconfig register
- assoc_array: don't call compare_object() on a node
- [x86] usb: xhci: applying XHCI_PME_STUCK_QUIRK to Intel BXT B0 host
- xhci: resume USB 3 roothub first
- usb: host: xhci: add a new quirk XHCI_NO_64BIT_SUPPORT
- usb: xhci: fix wild pointers in xhci_mem_cleanup
- xhci: fix 10 second timeout on removal of PCI hotpluggable xhci
- usb: host: xhci-plat: Make enum xhci_plat_type start at a non zero value
- usb: hcd: out of bounds access in for_each_companion
- usb: gadget: f_fs: Fix use-after-free
- dm cache metadata: fix READ_LOCK macros and cleanup WRITE_LOCK macros
- dm cache metadata: fix cmd_read_lock() acquiring write lock
- lib: lz4: fixed zram with lz4 on big endian machines
- debugfs: Make automount point inodes permanently empty
- dmaengine: dw: fix master selection
- [armhf] dmaengine: omap-dma: Fix polled channel completion detection
and handling
- dmaengine: edma: Remove dynamic TPTC power management feature
- mtd: nand: pxa3xx_nand: fix dmaengine initialization
- sched/cgroup: Fix/cleanup cgroup teardown/init
- [x86] EDAC, sb_edac.c: Repair damage introduced when "fixing"
channel address
- [x86] EDAC, sb_edac.c: Take account of channel hashing when needed
- ALSA: hda - Don't trust the reported actual power state
- [x86] ALSA: hda/realtek - Add ALC3234 headset mode for Optiplex 9020m
- ALSA: hda - Keep powering up ADCs on Cirrus codecs
- [x86] ALSA: hda - add PCI ID for Intel Broxton-T
- ALSA: pcxhr: Fix missing mutex unlock
- [x86] ALSA: hda - Add dock support for ThinkPad X260
- [x86] ALSA: hda - Update BCLK also at hotplug for i915 HSW/BDW
- asm-generic/futex: Re-enable preemption in futex_atomic_cmpxchg_inatomic()
- futex: Handle unlock_pi race gracefully
- futex: Acknowledge a new waiter in counter before plist
- drm/nouveau/core: use vzalloc for allocating ramht
- drm/qxl: fix cursor position with non-zero hotspot
- [x86] drm/i915: Fix race condition in intel_dp_destroy_mst_connector()
- Revert "drm/radeon: disable runtime pm on PX laptops without dGPU
power control"
- [armhf] Revert "PCI: imx6: Add support for active-low reset GPIO"
- usbvision: revert commit 588afcc1
- [x86] Revert "drm/amdgpu: disable runtime pm on PX laptops without dGPU
power control"
- cpufreq: intel_pstate: Fix processing for turbo activation ratio
- [s390x] pci: add extra padding to function measurement block
- iwlwifi: pcie: lower the debug level for RSA semaphore access
- iwlwifi: mvm: fix memory leak in paging
- crypto: rsa-pkcs1pad - fix dst len
- [x86] crypto: ccp - Prevent information leakage on export
- crypto: sha1-mb - use corrcet pointer while completing jobs
- [powerpc*] scan_features() updates incorrect bits for REAL_LE
- [powerpc*] Update cpu_user_features2 in scan_features()
- [powerpc*] Update TM user feature bits in scan_features()
- nl80211: check netlink protocol in socket release notification
- netlink: don't send NETLINK_URELEASE for unbound sockets
- pinctrl: single: Fix pcs_parse_bits_in_pinctrl_entry to use __ffs than ffs
- [x86] iommu/amd: Fix checking of pci dma aliases
- iommu/dma: Restore scatterlist offsets correctly
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: when suspending, if uvd/vce was running. need to cancel
delay work.
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: use defines for CRTCs and AMFT blocks
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: bump the afmt limit for CZ, ST, Polaris
- [x86] amdgpu/uvd: add uvd fw version for amdgpu
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: fix regression on CIK (v2)
- drm/radeon: add a quirk for a XFX R9 270X
- drm/radeon: fix initial connector audio value
- drm/radeon: forbid mapping of userptr bo through radeon device file
- drm/radeon: fix vertical bars appear on monitor (v2)
- [mips*el/loongson-3] drm: Loongson-3 doesn't fully support wc memory
- drm/nouveau/gr/gf100: select a stream master to fixup tfb offset queries
- drm/dp/mst: Validate port in drm_dp_payload_send_msg()
- drm/dp/mst: Restore primary hub guid on resume
- drm/dp/mst: Get validated port ref in drm_dp_update_payload_part1()
- [x86] drm/i915: Pass the correct encoder to intel_ddi_clk_select()
with MST
- [x86] drm/i915: Cleanup phys status page too
- [x86] drm/i915: Use the active wm config for merging on ILK-BDW
- [x86] drm/i915: Start WM computation from scratch on ILK-BDW
- [x86] drm/i915: skl_update_scaler() wants a rotation bitmask instead of
bit number
- [x86] drm/amdkfd: uninitialized variable in
- [x86] drm/i915/skl: Fix DMC load on Skylake J0 and K0
- [x86] drm/i915/skl: Fix spurious gpu hang with gt3/gt4 revs
- [x86] drm/i915: Fixup the free space logic in ring_prepare
- [x86] drm/i915: Force ringbuffers to not be at offset 0
- [x86] drm/i915: Use fw_domains_put_with_fifo() on HSW
- drm/ttm: fix kref count mess in ttm_bo_move_to_lru_tail
- [x86] perf intel-pt: Fix segfault tracing transactions
- [armhf] i2c: exynos5: Fix possible ABBA deadlock by keeping I2C
clock prepared
- ACPICA / Interpreter: Fix a regression triggered because of wrong Linux
ECDT support
- [x86] mmc: sdhci-acpi: Reduce Baytrail eMMC/SD/SDIO hangs
- [x86] toshiba_acpi: Fix regression caused by hotkey enabling value
- [x86] EDAC: i7core, sb_edac: Don't return NOTIFY_BAD from mce_decoder
- [x86] ASoC: ssm4567: Reset device before regcache_sync()
- [x86] ASoC: rt5640: Correct the digital interface data select
- vb2-memops: Fix over allocation of frame vectors
- media: vb2: Fix regression on poll() for RW mode
- videobuf2-core: Check user space planes array in dqbuf
- videobuf2-v4l2: Verify planes array in buffer dequeueing (CVE-2016-4568)
- v4l2-dv-timings.h: fix polarity for 4k formats
- IB/core: Fix oops in ib_cache_gid_set_default_gid
- mwifiex: fix IBSS data path issue.
- IB/mlx5: Expose correct max_sge_rd limit
- IB/security: Restrict use of the write() interface (CVE-2016-4565)
- efi: Fix out-of-bounds read in variable_matches()
- efi: Expose non-blocking set_variable() wrapper to efivars
- [x86] apic: Handle zero vector gracefully in clear_vector_irq()
- workqueue: fix ghost PENDING flag while doing MQ IO
- slub: clean up code for kmem cgroup support to kmem_cache_free_bulk
- cgroup, cpuset: replace cpuset_post_attach_flush() with
cgroup_subsys->post_attach callback
- memcg: relocate charge moving from ->attach to ->post_attach
- mm: exclude HugeTLB pages from THP page_mapped() logic
- mm/huge_memory: replace VM_NO_THP VM_BUG_ON with actual VMA check
- numa: fix /proc/<pid>/numa_maps for THP
- mm: vmscan: reclaim highmem zone if buffer_heads is over limit
- mm/hwpoison: fix wrong num_poisoned_pages accounting
- locking/mcs: Fix mcs_spin_lock() ordering
- [armhf] spi/rockchip: Make sure spi clk is on in rockchip_spi_set_cs
- [armhf] irqchip/sunxi-nmi: Fix error check of of_io_request_and_map()
- [armhf] regulator: s5m8767: fix get_register() error handling
- scsi_dh: force modular build if SCSI is a module
- lib/mpi: Endianness fix
- [x86] misc: mic/scif: fix wrap around tests
- PM / OPP: Initialize u_volt_min/max to a valid value
- PM / Domains: Fix removal of a subdomain
- drivers/misc/ad525x_dpot: AD5274 fix RDAC read back errors
- perf evlist: Reference count the cpu and thread maps at set_maps()
- perf tools: Fix perf script python database export crash
- [x86] mm/kmmio: Fix mmiotrace for hugepages
- ext4: fix NULL pointer dereference in ext4_mark_inode_dirty()
- f2fs crypto: fix corrupted symlink in encrypted case
- f2fs: slightly reorganize read_raw_super_block
- f2fs: cover large section in sanity check of super
- ext4/fscrypto: avoid RCU lookup in d_revalidate
- f2fs: do f2fs_balance_fs when block is allocated
- f2fs: don't need to call set_page_dirty for io error
- f2fs crypto: handle unexpected lack of encryption keys
- f2fs crypto: make sure the encryption info is initialized on opendir(2)
- bus: uniphier-system-bus: fix condition of overlap check
- mtd: spi-nor: remove micron_quad_enable()
- mtd: brcmnand: Fix v7.1 register offsets
- mtd: nand: Drop mtd.owner requirement in nand_scan
- perf hists browser: Only offer symbol scripting when a symbol is under
the cursor
- perf hists browser: Fix dump to show correct callchain style
- perf tools: handle spaces in file names obtained from /proc/pid/maps
- NTB: Remove _addr functions from ntb_hw_amd
- perf/core: Don't leak event in the syscall error path
- perf/core: Fix time tracking bug with multiplexing
- perf hists: Fix determination of a callchain node's childlessness
- [armhf] OMAP3: Add cpuidle parameters table for omap3430
- [armhf] dts: armada-375: use armada-370-sata for SATA
- [armhf] dts: am33xx: Fix GPMC dma properties
- btrfs: fix memory leak of fs_info in block group cache
- btrfs: cleaner_kthread() doesn't need explicit freeze
- [armhf] thermal: rockchip: fix a impossible condition caused by the
- sunrpc/cache: drop reference when sunrpc_cache_pipe_upcall() detects
a race
- megaraid_sas: add missing curly braces in ioctl handler
- tpm: fix checks for policy digest existence in tpm2_seal_trusted()
- tpm: fix: set continueSession attribute for the unseal operation
[ Uwe Kleine-König ]
* [armhf] enable I2C_MUX_PCA954x, MMC_SDHCI_PXAV3, AHCI_MVEBU
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* bug control: Update list of related firmware packages
* Revert "sp5100_tco: fix the device check for SB800 and later chipsets"
(Closes: #823146; probably fixes #822651)
* bpf: fix double-fdput in replace_map_fd_with_map_ptr() (CVE-2016-4557)
(Closes: #823603)
* bpf: fix refcnt overflow (CVE-2016-4558)
* bpf: fix check_map_func_compatibility logic
* stable-update: Rewrite in Python
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sat, 07 May 2016 21:59:15 +0100
linux (4.5.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
- hwmon: (max1111) Return -ENODEV from max1111_read_channel if not
- PKCS#7: pkcs7_validate_trust(): initialize the _trusted output argument
- [hppa] Fix SIGSYS signals in compat case
- [hppa] Fix and enable seccomp filter support
- [hppa] Avoid function pointers for kernel exception routines
- [hppa] Fix kernel crash with reversed copy_from_user()
- [hppa] Unbreak handling exceptions from kernel modules
- ALSA: timer: Use mod_timer() for rearming the system timer
- mm: fix invalid node in alloc_migrate_target()
- [powerpc*] mm: Fixup preempt underflow with huge pages
- [s390x] /mm: handle PTE-mapped tail pages in fast gup
- [x86] libnvdimm: fix smart data retrieval
- [x86] libnvdimm, pfn: fix uuid validation
- [powerpc*] process: Fix altivec SPR not being saved
- compiler-gcc: disable -ftracer for __noclone functions
- drm/dp: move hw_mutex up the call stack
- drm/udl: Use unlocked gem unreferencing
- [x86] drm/amd/powerplay: fix segment fault issue in multi-display case.
- [x86] drm/amdgpu/gmc: move vram type fetching into sw_init
- [x86] drm/amdgpu/gmc: use proper register for vram type on Fiji
- xen/events: Mask a moving irq
- net: validate variable length ll headers
- ax25: add link layer header validation function
- packet: validate variable length ll headers
- bpf: avoid copying junk bytes in bpf_get_current_comm()
- qlcnic: Remove unnecessary usage of atomic_t
- qlcnic: Fix mailbox completion handling during spurious interrupt
- macvtap: always pass ethernet header in linear
- bridge: allow zero ageing time
- ipv4: Don't do expensive useless work during inetdev destroy.
- net: Fix use after free in the recvmmsg exit path
- mlx4: add missing braces in verify_qp_parameters
- farsync: fix off-by-one bug in fst_add_one
- ath9k: fix buffer overrun for ar9287
- [armhf] net: mvneta: Fix spinlock usage
- ppp: ensure file->private_data can't be overridden
- tcp/dccp: remove obsolete WARN_ON() in icmp handlers
- qlge: Fix receive packets drop.
- bonding: fix bond_get_stats()
- ipv4: fix broadcast packets reception
- ipv4: initialize flowi4_flags before calling fib_lookup()
- ppp: take reference on channels netns
- xfrm: Fix crash observed during device unregistration and decryption
- ipv6: udp: fix UDP_MIB_IGNOREDMULTI updates
- bridge: Allow set bridge ageing time when switchdev disabled
- rtnl: fix msg size calculation in if_nlmsg_size()
- tun, bpf: fix suspicious RCU usage in tun_{attach, detach}_filter
- tuntap: restore default qdisc
- ipv4: l2tp: fix a potential issue in l2tp_ip_recv
- ipv6: l2tp: fix a potential issue in l2tp_ip6_recv
- ip6_tunnel: set rtnl_link_ops before calling register_netdevice
- ipv6: Count in extension headers in skb->network_header
- mpls: find_outdev: check for err ptr in addition to NULL check
- USB: uas: Limit qdepth at the scsi-host level
- USB: uas: Add a new NO_REPORT_LUNS quirk
- [x86] KVM: Inject pending interrupt even if pending nmi exist
- [x86] KVM: reduce default value of halt_poll_ns parameter
- pinctrl: pistachio: fix mfio84-89 function description and pinmux.
- pinctrl: sunxi: Fix A33 external interrupts not working
- pinctrl: freescale: imx: fix bogus check of of_iomap() return value
- au0828: fix au0828_v4l2_close() dev_state race condition
- au0828: Fix dev_state handling
- coda: fix error path in case of missing pdata on non-DT platform
- v4l: vsp1: Set the SRU CTRL0 register when starting the stream
- pcmcia: db1xxx_ss: fix last irq_to_gpio user
- rbd: use GFP_NOIO consistently for request allocations
- mac80211: properly deal with station hashtable insert errors
- mac80211: avoid excessive stack usage in sta_info
- mac80211: fix ibss scan parameters
- mac80211: fix unnecessary frame drops in mesh fwding
- mac80211: fix txq queue related crashes
- [armhf] gpio: pca953x: Use correct u16 value for register word write
- scsi: Do not attach VPD to devices that don't support it
- [armel,armhf]: 8550/1: protect idiv patching against undefined
gcc behavior
- iio: fix config watermark initial value
- iio: st_magn: always define ST_MAGN_TRIGGER_SET_STATE
- iio: accel: bmc150: fix endianness when reading axes
- iio: gyro: bmg160: fix buffer read values
- iio: gyro: bmg160: fix endianness when reading axes
- sd: Fix excessive capacity printing on devices with blocks bigger than
512 bytes
- fs: add file_dentry() (Closes: #821442)
+ nfs: use file_dentry()
+ ext4 crypto: use dget_parent() in ext4_d_revalidate()
+ ext4: use dget_parent() in ext4_file_open()
+ ext4: use file_dentry()
- btrfs: fix crash/invalid memory access on fsync when using overlayfs
- ext4: ignore quota mount options if the quota feature is enabled
- iommu: Don't overwrite domain pointer when there is no default_domain
- Btrfs: fix file/data loss caused by fsync after rename and new inode
- [arm64] replace read_lock to rcu lock in call_step_hook
- mmc: sdhci: Fix regression setting power on Trats2 board
- ALSA: hda - Fix regression of monitor_present flag in eld proc file
- [x86] ALSA: usb-audio: Skip volume controls triggers hangup on Dell
USB Dock
- HID: wacom: fix Bamboo ONE oops
- HID: usbhid: fix inconsistent reset/resume/reset-resume behavior
[ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
* [x86] xen: suppress hugetlbfs in PV guests (CVE-2016-3961)
* [x86] USB: usbip: fix potential out-of-bounds write (CVE-2016-3955)
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* fs: Consolidate softdep declarations in each module
* Bump ABI to 2
* [armel/marvell] dts: kirkwood: fix SD slot default configuration for OpenRD
(Closes: #811351)
* atl2: Disable unimplemented scatter/gather feature (CVE-2016-2117)
* [x86] sound/soc/intel: Enable SND_SOC_INTEL_BYTCR_RT5640_MACH (replacing
SND_SOC_INTEL_BYT_RT5640_MACH; closes: #822267),
SND_SOC_INTEL_SKL_NAU88L25_MAX98357A_MACH as modules
* module: Invalidate signatures on force-loaded modules
* linux-source: Fix up module signing configuration in included kernel
config files
* README.Debian: Change more URLs to use https: scheme
* [sparc] Implement and wire up hotplug and modalias_show for vio, thanks to
Adrian Glaubitz (Closes: #815977)
* linux-headers: Avoid mixed implicit and normal rules in Makefile, thanks to
Thierry Herbelot (Closes: #822666)
* memcg: remove lru_add_drain_all() invocation from mem_cgroup_move_charge()
(Closes: #822084)
* linux-perf: Add build-time check for unversioned files that are likely to
result in file conflicts
* linux-perf: Move tips.txt to /usr/share/doc/linux-perf-<version>
(Closes: #821741)
* tools/build: Fix bpf(2) feature test (fixes FTBFS on alpha, sh4;
closes: #822364)
* [armhf] Disable FB_OMAP2; it is redundant and conflicting with DRM_OMAP
* [armhf] mm: Enable CMA, DMA_CMA
* Input: gtco - fix crash on detecting device without endpoints
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* [mips*] Emulate unaligned LDXC1 and SDXC1 instructions.
[ Uwe Kleine-König ]
* [armhf] enable NET_DSA and available switch drivers as modules.
-- Ben Hutchings <> Thu, 28 Apr 2016 18:03:18 +0200
linux (4.5.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
- [x86] entry/compat: Keep TS_COMPAT set during signal delivery
- [x86] perf/intel: Add definition for PT PMI bit
- [x86] KVM: fix missed hardware breakpoints
- [x86] KVM: i8254: change PIT discard tick policy
- [x86] KVM: fix spin_lock_init order on x86
- [x86] KVM: VMX: avoid guest hang on invalid invept instruction
- [x86] KVM: VMX: avoid guest hang on invalid invvpid instruction
- [x86] KVM: VMX: fix nested vpid for old KVM guests
- perf/core: Fix perf_sched_count derailment
- perf tools: Fix checking asprintf return value
- Thermal: Ignore invalid trip points
- sched/cputime: Fix steal_account_process_tick() to always return jiffies
- sched/fair: Avoid using decay_load_missed() with a negative value
- [x86] EDAC/sb_edac: Fix computation of channel address
- [x86] EDAC, amd64_edac: Shift wrapping issue in f1x_get_norm_dct_addr()
- [s390x] fix floating pointer register corruption (again)
- [s390x] cpumf: add missing lpp magic initialization
- [s390x] pci: enforce fmb page boundary rule
- [armhf] pinctrl-bcm2835: Fix cut-and-paste error in "pull" parsing
- [x86] irq: Cure live lock in fixup_irqs() (Closes: #817816)
- [x86] apic: Fix suspicious RCU usage in
- [amd64] iopl: Properly context-switch IOPL on Xen PV (CVE-2016-3157)
- [x86] mm: TLB_REMOTE_SEND_IPI should count pages
- sg: fix dxferp in from_to case
- aacraid: Fix RRQ overload
- aacraid: Fix memory leak in aac_fib_map_free
- aacraid: Set correct msix count for EEH recovery
- sd: Fix discard granularity when LBPRZ=1
- ncr5380: Correctly clear command pointers and lists after bus reset
- ncr5380: Dont release lock for PIO transfer
- ncr5380: Dont re-enter NCR5380_select()
- ncr5380: Forget aborted commands
- ncr5380: Fix NCR5380_select() EH checks and result handling
- ncr5380: Call scsi_eh_prep_cmnd() and scsi_eh_restore_cmnd() as and when
- scsi: storvsc: fix SRB_STATUS_ABORTED handling
- be2iscsi: set the boot_kset pointer to NULL in case of failure
- aic7xxx: Fix queue depth handling
- libnvdimm: Fix security issue with DSM IOCTL.
- libnvdimm, pmem: fix kmap_atomic() leak in error path
- dm snapshot: disallow the COW and origin devices from being identical
- dm: fix excessive dm-mq context switching
- dm thin metadata: don't issue prefetches if a transaction abort
has failed
- dm cache: make sure every metadata function checks fail_io
- dm: fix rq_end_stats() NULL pointer in dm_requeue_original_request()
- usb: retry reset if a device times out
- usb: hub: fix a typo in hub_port_init() leading to wrong logic
- USB: cdc-acm: more sanity checking (CVE-2016-3138)
- USB: iowarrior: fix oops with malicious USB descriptors (incomplete fix
for CVE-2016-2188)
- USB: usb_driver_claim_interface: add sanity checking
- USB: mct_u232: add sanity checking in probe (CVE-2016-3136)
- USB: digi_acceleport: do sanity checking for the number of ports
- USB: cypress_m8: add endpoint sanity check (CVE-2016-3137)
- Input: powermate - fix oops with malicious USB descriptors
- ALSA: usb-audio: Fix NULL dereference in create_fixed_stream_quirk()
- ALSA: usb-audio: Add sanity checks for endpoint accesses (CVE-2016-2184)
- ALSA: usb-audio: Minor code cleanup in create_fixed_stream_quirk()
- ALSA: usb-audio: Fix double-free in error paths after
snd_usb_add_audio_stream() call
- crypto: ccp - Add hash state import and export support
- crypto: ccp - Limit the amount of information exported
- crypto: ccp - Don't assume export/import areas are aligned
- crypto: ccp - memset request context to zero during import
- crypto: keywrap - memzero the correct memory
- [armel/marvell,armhf] crypto: marvell/cesa - forward
devm_ioremap_resource() error code
- [x86] mei: bus: check if the device is enabled before data transfer
- tpm: fix the rollback in tpm_chip_register()
- tpm_crb: tpm2_shutdown() must be called before tpm_chip_unregister()
- tpm_eventlog.c: fix binary_bios_measurements
- tpm: fix the cleanup of struct tpm_chip
- HID: logitech: fix Dual Action gamepad support
- HID: i2c-hid: fix OOB write in i2c_hid_set_or_send_report()
- HID: multitouch: force retrieving of Win8 signature blob
- HID: fix hid_ignore_special_drivers module parameter
- staging: comedi: ni_tiocmd: change mistaken use of start_src for start_arg
- staging: comedi: ni_mio_common: fix the ni_write[blw]() functions
- tty: Fix GPF in flush_to_ldisc(), part 2
- net: irda: Fix use-after-free in irtty_open()
- 8250: use callbacks to access UART_DLL/UART_DLM
- saa7134: Fix bytesperline not being set correctly for planar formats
- adv7511: TX_EDID_PRESENT is still 1 after a disconnect
- bttv: Width must be a multiple of 16 when capturing planar formats
- coda: fix first encoded frame payload
- media: v4l2-compat-ioctl32: fix missing length copy in put_v4l2_buffer32
- mtip32xx: Avoid issuing standby immediate cmd during FTL rebuild
- mtip32xx: Fix broken service thread handling
- mtip32xx: Remove unwanted code from taskfile error handler
- mtip32xx: Fix for rmmod crash when drive is in FTL rebuild
- mtip32xx: Handle safe removal during IO
- mtip32xx: Handle FTL rebuild failure state during device initialization
- mtip32xx: Implement timeout handler
- mtip32xx: Cleanup queued requests after surprise removal
- ALSA: hda - Fix unexpected resume through regmap code path
- ALSA: hda - Apply reboot D3 fix for CX20724 codec, too
- [x86] ALSA: intel8x0: Add clock quirk entry for AD1981B on IBM
ThinkPad X41.
- ALSA: hda - Don't handle ELD notify from invalid port
- [x86] ALSA: hda - fix the mic mute button and led problem for a Lenovo AIO
- ALSA: hda - Fix unconditional GPIO toggle via automute
- [x86] ALSA: hda - Limit i915 HDMI binding only for HSW and later
- [x86] ALSA: hda - Fix spurious kernel WARNING on Baytrail HDMI
- [x86] ALSA: hda - Really restrict i915 notifier to HSW+
- ALSA: hda - Fix forgotten HDMI monitor_present update
- [x86] ALSA: hda - Workaround for unbalanced i915 power refcount by
concurrent probe
- ALSA: hda - Fix missing ELD update at unplugging
- jbd2: fix FS corruption possibility in jbd2_journal_destroy() on
umount path
- [arm64] Update PTE_RDONLY in set_pte_at() for PROT_NONE permission
- brd: Fix discard request processing
- IB/srpt: Simplify srpt_handle_tsk_mgmt()
- bcache: cleaned up error handling around register_cache()
- bcache: fix race of writeback thread starting before complete
- bcache: fix cache_set_flush() NULL pointer dereference on OOM
- mm: memcontrol: reclaim when shrinking memory.high below usage
- mm: memcontrol: reclaim and OOM kill when shrinking memory.max below usage
- watchdog: don't run proc_watchdog_update if new value is same as old
- Bluetooth: Fix potential buffer overflow with Add Advertising
- cgroup: ignore css_sets associated with dead cgroups during migration
- [amrhf] net: mvneta: enable change MAC address when interface is up
- brcmfmac: Increase nr of supported flowrings.
- of: alloc anywhere from memblock if range not specified
- vfs: show_vfsstat: do not ignore errors from show_devname method
- splice: handle zero nr_pages in splice_to_pipe()
- quota: Fix possible GPF due to uninitialised pointers
- xfs: fix two memory leaks in xfs_attr_list.c error paths
- raid1: include bio_end_io_list in nr_queued to prevent freeze_array hang
- md/raid5: Compare apples to apples (or sectors to sectors)
- RAID5: check_reshape() shouldn't call mddev_suspend
- RAID5: revert e9e4c377e2f563 to fix a livelock
- raid10: include bio_end_io_list in nr_queued to prevent freeze_array hang
- md/raid5: preserve STRIPE_PREREAD_ACTIVE in break_stripe_batch_list
- md: multipath: don't hardcopy bio in .make_request path
- fuse: do not use iocb after it may have been freed
- fuse: Add reference counting for fuse_io_priv
- fs/coredump: prevent fsuid=0 dumps into user-controlled directories
- [armhf] drm/vc4: Return -EFAULT on copy_from_user() failure
- [x86] drm/radeon: disable runtime pm on PX laptops without dGPU
power control
- drm/radeon: Don't drop DP 2.7 Ghz link setup on some cards.
- drm/radeon: rework fbdev handling on chips with no connectors
- drm/radeon/mst: fix regression in lane/link handling.
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: disable runtime pm on PX laptops without dGPU
power control
- drm/amdgpu: include the right version of gmc header files for iceland
- drm/amd/powerplay: add uvd/vce dpm enabling flag to fix the performance
issue for CZ
- tracing: Have preempt(irqs)off trace preempt disabled functions
- tracing: Fix crash from reading trace_pipe with sendfile
- tracing: Fix trace_printk() to print when not using bprintk()
- bitops: Do not default to __clear_bit() for __clear_bit_unlock()
- [x86] ideapad-laptop: Add ideapad Y700 (15) to the no_hw_rfkill DMI list
- mmc: block: fix ABI regression of mmc_blk_ioctl
- mmc: mmc_spi: Add Card Detect comments and fix CD GPIO case
- mmc: sdhci: move initialisation of command error member
- mmc: sdhci: clean up command error handling
- mmc: sdhci: fix command response CRC error handling
- mmc: sdhci: further fix for DMA unmapping in sdhci_post_req()
- mmc: sdhci: avoid unnecessary mapping/unmapping of align buffer
- mmc: sdhci: plug DMA mapping leak on error
- mmc: sdhci: fix data timeout
- [armhf] mmc: tegra: Disable UHS-I modes for tegra114
- [armhf] mmc: tegra: properly disable card clock
- mmc: sdhci: Fix override of timeout clk wrt max_busy_timeout
- [armhf] clk: rockchip: rk3368: fix cpuclk mux bit of big cpu-cluster
- [armhf] clk: rockchip: rk3368: fix cpuclk core dividers
- [armhf] clk: rockchip: rk3368: fix parents of video encoder/decoder
- [armhf] clk: rockchip: rk3368: fix hdmi_cec gate-register
- [armhf] clk: rockchip: add hclk_cpubus to the list of rk3188
critical clocks
- [armhf] clk: bcm2835: Fix setting of PLL divider clock rates
- target: Fix target_release_cmd_kref shutdown comp leak
- iser-target: Fix identification of login rx descriptor type
- iser-target: Separate flows for np listeners and connections cma events
- iser-target: Rework connection termination
- nfsd4: fix bad bounds checking
- nfsd: fix deadlock secinfo+readdir compound
- ACPI / PM: Runtime resume devices when waking from hibernate
- writeback, cgroup: fix premature wb_put() in
- writeback, cgroup: fix use of the wrong bdi_writeback which mismatches
the inode
- Input: synaptics - handle spurious release of trackstick buttons, again
- Input: ati_remote2 - fix crashes on detecting device with invalid
descriptor (CVE-2016-2185)
- ocfs2: o2hb: fix double free bug
- ocfs2/dlm: fix race between convert and recovery
- ocfs2/dlm: fix BUG in dlm_move_lockres_to_recovery_list
- mm/page_alloc: prevent merging between isolated and other pageblocks
- mtd: onenand: fix deadlock in onenand_block_markbad
- [x86] intel_idle: prevent SKL-H boot failure when C8+C9+C10 enabled
- PM / sleep: Clear pm_suspend_global_flags upon hibernate
- scsi_common: do not clobber fixed sense information
- sched/cputime: Fix steal time accounting vs. CPU hotplug
- [x86] perf/pebs: Add workaround for broken OVFL status on HSW+
- [x86] perf/intel/uncore: Remove SBOX support for BDX-DE
- [x86] perf/intel: Fix PEBS warning by only restoring active PMU in pmi
- [x86] perf/intel: Use PAGE_SIZE for PEBS buffer size on Core2
- [x86] perf/intel: Fix PEBS data source interpretation on Nehalem/Westmere
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* mm: exclude ZONE_DEVICE from GFP_ZONE_TABLE
* [amd64] Re-enable ZONE_DMA and sound drivers that depend on it
(Closes: #814855, #819385, #820890)
* ntfs: Disable NTFS_RW (Closes: #566356); ntfs-3g has much more complete
write support
* Merge linux-tools source package into linux
(Closes: #550379, #573483, #816500)
* Add support for securelevel and prepare for Secure Boot (Closes: #820008):
- Add Matthew Garrett's securelevel patchset (see
- modules: Enable MODULE_SIG and MODULE_SIG_SHA256, but not MODULE_SIG_ALL
as signatures will be packaged separately
- debian/control: Add build-dependencies on libssl-dev, openssl
- debian/copyright: Note that extract-cert and sign-file are under LGPL 2.1
- linux-kbuild: Add extract-cert and sign-file programs
- scripts: Fix X.509 PEM support in sign-file
- certs: Set SYSTEM_TRUSTED_KEYS to my own personal certificate to support
initial testing of signed modules
* Disable UNUSED_SYMBOLS; it is now itself unused
* linux-support: Include udeb configuration from debian/installer for use
by the linux-signed package
* Set ABI to 1
* netfilter: x_tables: Fix parsing of IPT_SO_SET_REPLACE blobs (CVE-2016-3134)
- validate e->target_offset early
- make sure e->next_offset covers remaining blob size
* ipv4: Don't do expensive useless work during inetdev destroy (CVE-2016-3156)
* [x86] mm/32: Enable full randomization on i386 and X86_32 (CVE-2016-3672)
* fs: Add MODULE_SOFTDEP declarations for hard-coded crypto drivers
(Closes: #819725)
* aufs: Update support patches to aufs4.5-20160328 (Closes: #819748)
* [x86] ACPI / processor: Request native thermal interrupt handling via _OSC
(Closes: #817016, #819336)
* [armhf] Add support for octa-core big.LITTLE systems including Exynos
(Closes: #819379)
* [armhf] watchdog: Enable S3C2410_WATCHDOG as module (Closes: #819377)
* nbd: Create size change events for userspace (Closes: #812487)
* [armhf] usb-modules: Add modules required for BeagleBoard-X15, thanks to
Vagrant Cascadian (Closes: #815848)
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* [mipsel/mips/config.loongson-2f] Disable VIDEO_CX23885, VIDEO_IVTV,
* [mips*/octeon] Backport OCTEON SATA controller support from 4.6-rc1.
* [mips*/octeon] Backport Octeon III CN7xxx interface detection from
4.7 queue.
* [mips*/octeon] Enable SPI_OCTEON.
* [mips*/octeon] udeb: Add ahci_octeon and ahci_platform modules to
* [mips*/octeon] Bump CONFIG_NR_CPUS to 32 to accomodate recent Octeon
[ Roger Shimizu ]
* [armel/marvell] Change MTD_CFI_AMDSTD from module to built-in
because orion5x-based Buffalo Linkstation devices still need it
(Closes: #818598)
* [armel/marvell] Add DT support for "Synology DS112" and "Zyxel NSA320".
Thanks to Heinrich Schuchardt. (Closes: #819393)
* [armel/marvell] Add DT support for "Buffalo/Revogear Kurobox Pro"
* [armhf/armmp] Enable DW_WATCHDOG as module, used on Firefly-RK3288.
Patch by Vagrant Cascadian. (Closes: #820834)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Thu, 14 Apr 2016 09:49:24 +0100
linux-tools (4.5-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* linux-perf: Fix use of uninitialized variables
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 20 Mar 2016 21:20:22 +0000
linux (4.5-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release:
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* [arm64] Enable LEDS_GPIO.
* [arm64] Enable more QCOM options. (Closes: #815627)
* [arm64] udeb: Add leds-modules package containing leds-gpio driver.
* [arm64] udeb: Add regulators and SoC modules to core-modules.
[ Uwe Kleine-König ]
* [armhf] Enable DRM_ETNAVIV.
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [armel/versatile] Enable GPIOLIB, new dependency of SMC91X (fixes FTBFS)
* [x86] input: Enable ASUS_WIRELESS as module (Closes: #818487)
* [x86] amdgpu: Enable DRM_AMD_POWERPLAY (Closes: #818174)
* [x86] Enable RANDOMIZE_BASE (kASLR). This is incompatible with hibernation,
so you must use the kernel parameter "kaslr" to enable kASLR and disable
hibernation at boot time. (Closes: #816067)
* [x86] vmxnet3: fix lock imbalance in vmxnet3_tq_xmit() (regression in 4.5)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 20 Mar 2016 12:06:57 +0000
linux (4.5~rc7-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
-- Ben Hutchings <> Mon, 07 Mar 2016 22:20:48 +0000
linux-tools (4.5~rc7-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* Add support for wildcards in $(SCRIPTS) and $(DATA)
* linux-kbuild: Include scripts/Makefile.* (Closes: #815593)
*, rules.real: Fix conflation of $(DESTDIR) and $(prefix)
* hyperv-daemons: Fix rule redefinition that 'make' warns about
* debian/control: Build-Depend on dh-python, as dh_python2 warns we should
* lockdep: Add '+' prefix to make invocation, so it can be parallelised
* tools/build: Fix 'unused variable' warning in the bpf() feature check
* lockdep: Add more missing macros
-- Ben Hutchings <> Mon, 07 Mar 2016 03:07:00 +0000
linux-tools (4.5~rc5-1~exp3) experimental; urgency=medium
* Adjust build fix from unstable
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 21 Feb 2016 23:45:04 +0000
linux-tools (4.5~rc5-1~exp2) experimental; urgency=medium
* Merge build fix from unstable
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 21 Feb 2016 17:40:52 +0000
linux-tools (4.5~rc5-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* lockdep: Add missing macros
* Adjust VPATH to work for check-hyperv (and simplify the modpost wrapper)
* tools/build: Remove bpf() run-time check at build time
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 21 Feb 2016 16:45:52 +0000
linux (4.5~rc5-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [armel/versatile] Enable GPIOLIB, needed to build smc91x driver with
OF enabled (fixes FTBFS)
* [powerpc] mm: Fix HAVE_ARCH_SOFT_DIRTY dependencies (fixes FTBFS)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 21 Feb 2016 13:17:27 +0000
linux (4.5~rc4-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
[ Roger Shimizu ]
* Enable TTY_PRINTK as module (Closes: #814540).
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [rt] Disable until it is updated for 4.5 or later
* aufs: Update support patches to aufs4.x-rcN-20160215
* Compile with gcc-5 on all architectures
* [hppa] Update build-dependencies for renaming of binutils-hppa64
* [x86] udeb: Move scsi_transport_fc to scsi-core-modules, since hv_storvsc
now depends on it
-- Ben Hutchings <> Thu, 18 Feb 2016 01:57:20 +0000
linux-tools (4.4.6-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
- tools lib traceevent: Fix output of %llu for 64 bit values read on
32 bit machines
- perf tools: tracepoint_error() can receive e=NULL, robustify it
- perf kvm record/report: 'unprocessable sample' error while
recording/reporting guest data
- tools: hv: vss: fix the write()'s argument: error -> vss_msg
- uapi: update install list after nvme.h rename
- perf stat: Do not clean event's private stats
[ Mattia Dongili ]
* Build linux-cpupower.
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* debian/control: Update policy version to 3.9.7; no changes required
* linux-perf: Override lintian errors for perf-read-vdso{,x}32 in
64-bit packages
* debian/copyright: Move GPL-2 boilerplate to its own paragraph
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 20 Mar 2016 16:23:48 +0000
linux (4.4.6-1) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
* New upstream stable update:
- Btrfs: fix deadlock running delayed iputs at transaction commit time
(regression in 4.1)
- btrfs: Fix no_space in write and rm loop
(regression in 4.4)
- btrfs: async-thread: Fix a use-after-free error for trace
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: mask out WC from BO on unsupported arches
- block: Initialize max_dev_sectors to 0
- [hppa] Fix ptrace syscall number and return value modification
- [x86] kvm: Update tsc multiplier on change.
(regression in 4.4)
- fbcon: set a default value to blink interval
- cifs: fix out-of-bounds access in lease parsing
- CIFS: Fix SMB2+ interim response processing for read requests
- [x86] vfio: fix ioctl error handling
- [x86] KVM: fix root cause for missed hardware breakpoints
- [arm*] KVM: Fix ioctl error handling
- [amd64] iommu: Apply workaround for ATS write permission check
- [amd64] iommu: Fix boot warning when device 00:00.0 is not iommu covered
- [x86] iommu/vt-d: Use BUS_NOTIFY_REMOVED_DEVICE in hotplug path
- target: Fix WRITE_SAME/DISCARD conversion to linux 512b sectors
- [x86,powerpc*] drm/ast: Fix incorrect register check for DRAM width
- drm/radeon/pm: update current crtc info after setting the powerstate
- [x86] drm/amdgpu/pm: update current crtc info after setting the powerstate
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: apply gfx_v8 fixes to gfx_v7 as well
- [x86] drm/amdgpu/gfx8: specify which engine to wait before vm flush
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: return from atombios_dp_get_dpcd only when error
- libata: fix HDIO_GET_32BIT ioctl
- writeback: flush inode cgroup wb switches instead of pinning super_block
- Adding Intel Lewisburg device IDs for SATA
- [arm64] vmemmap: use virtual projection of linear region
(regression in 4.1)
- ata: ahci: don't mark HotPlugCapable Ports as external/removable
- tracing: Do not have 'comm' filter override event 'comm' field
(regression in 4.3)
- Btrfs: fix loading of orphan roots leading to BUG_ON
- Revert "jffs2: Fix lock acquisition order bug in jffs2_write_begin"
- jffs2: Fix page lock / f->sem deadlock
- jffs2: Fix directory hardlinks from deleted directories
- ALSA: usb-audio: Add a quirk for Plantronics DA45
- [amd64] ALSA: ctl: Fix ioctls for X32 ABI
- [x86] ALSA: hda - Fix mic issues on Acer Aspire E1-472
- [amd64] ALSA: rawmidi: Fix ioctls X32 ABI
- [amd64] ALSA: timer: Fix ioctls for X32 ABI
- [amd64] ALSA: pcm: Fix ioctls for X32 ABI
- ALSA: seq: oss: Don't drain at closing a client
- ALSA: hdspm: Fix wrong boolean ctl value accesses
- ALSA: hdsp: Fix wrong boolean ctl value accesses
- ALSA: hdspm: Fix zero-division
- ALSA: timer: Fix broken compat timer user status ioctl
- [armhf] usb: chipidea: otg: change workqueue ci_otg as freezable
- USB: cp210x: Add ID for Parrot NMEA GPS Flight Recorder
- USB: qcserial: add Dell Wireless 5809e Gobi 4G HSPA+ (rev3)
- USB: qcserial: add Sierra Wireless EM74xx device ID
- USB: serial: option: add support for Telit LE922 PID 0x1045
- USB: serial: option: add support for Quectel UC20
- [mips*] scache: Fix scache init with invalid line size.
- [mips*] traps: Fix SIGFPE information leak from `do_ov' and
- ubi: Fix out of bounds write in volume update code
- thermal: cpu_cooling: fix out of bounds access in time_in_idle
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: Use drm_calloc_large for VM page_tables array
- block: check virt boundary in bio_will_gap()
- [x86] drm/i915: more virtual south bridge detection
- [x86] drm/i915: refine qemu south bridge detection
- modules: fix longstanding /proc/kallsyms vs module insertion race.
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: fix topaz/tonga gmc assignment in 4.4 stable
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [x86] drm/i915: Fix oops caused by fbdev initialization failure
* module: Fix ABI change in 4.4.5
* Revert "libata: Align ata_device's id on a cacheline" to avoid ABI change
* [amd64] Fix more regressions due to "efi: Build our own page table
- efi: Fix boot crash by always mapping boot service regions into new EFI
page tables (Closes: #815125)
- mm/pat: Fix boot crash when 1GB pages are not supported by cpu
* [armhf] gpio: Enable GPIO_PCF857X as module, needed by TI DRA7xx EVMs
(Closes: #818386)
* New upstream stable update:
- [arm64] account for sparsemem section alignment when choosing vmemmap
- [armel,armhf] mvebu: fix overlap of Crypto SRAM with PCIe memory window
- [armhf] dts: dra7: do not gate cpsw clock due to errata i877
- [armhf] OMAP2+: hwmod: Introduce ti,no-idle dt property
- PCI: Allow a NULL "parent" pointer in pci_bus_assign_domain_nr()
- kvm: cap halt polling at exactly halt_poll_ns
- [x86] KVM: VMX: disable PEBS before a guest entry
- [s390x] KVM: correct fprs on SIGP (STOP AND) STORE STATUS
- [powerpc*] KVM: Book3S HV: Sanitize special-purpose register values on
guest exit
- [x86] KVM: MMU: fix ept=0/pte.u=1/pte.w=0/CR0.WP=0/CR4.SMEP=1/EFER.NX=0
- [x86] KVM: MMU: fix reserved bit check for
- [s390x] mm: four page table levels vs. fork (CVE-2016-2143)
- [s390x] dasd: fix diag 0x250 inline assembly
- tracing: Fix check for cpu online when event is disabled
- jffs2: reduce the breakage on recovery from halfway failed rename()
- ncpfs: fix a braino in OOM handling in ncp_fill_cache()
- ASoC: dapm: Fix ctl value accesses in a wrong type
- ovl: ignore lower entries when checking purity of non-directory entries
- ovl: fix working on distributed fs as lower layer
- wext: fix message delay/ordering
- cfg80211/wext: fix message ordering
- can: gs_usb: fixed disconnect bug by removing erroneous use of kfree()
- iwlwifi: mvm: inc pending frames counter also when txing non-sta
- mac80211: minstrel: Change expected throughput unit back to Kbps
- mac80211: fix use of uninitialised values in RX aggregation
- mac80211: minstrel_ht: set default tx aggregation timeout to 0
- mac80211: minstrel_ht: fix a logic error in RTS/CTS handling
- mac80211: check PN correctly for GCMP-encrypted fragmented MPDUs
- mac80211: Fix Public Action frame RX in AP mode
- [armhf] gpu: ipu-v3: Do not bail out on missing optional port nodes
- [i386/686-pae] mm: Fix slow_virt_to_phys() for X86_PAE again
- Revert "drm/radeon: call hpd_irq_event on resume"
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: Fix error handling in amdgpu_flip_work_func.
- drm/radeon: Fix error handling in radeon_flip_work_func.
- Revert "drm/radeon/pm: adjust display configuration after powerstate"
- [powerpc*] powernv: Add a kmsg_dumper that flushes console output on panic
- [powerpc*] powernv: Fix OPAL_CONSOLE_FLUSH prototype and usages
- userfaultfd: don't block on the last VM updates at exit time
- ovl: copy new uid/gid into overlayfs runtime inode
- ovl: fix getcwd() failure after unsuccessful rmdir
- [mips*] smp.c: Fix uninitialised temp_foreign_map
- block: don't optimize for non-cloned bio in bio_get_last_bvec()
- target: Drop incorrect ABORT_TASK put for completed commands
* netfilter: x_tables: check for size overflow (CVE-2016-3135)
[ Ian Campbell ]
* [arm64] Enable ARCH_HISI (Hisilicon) and the set of currently available
drivers (Power, Thermal, MMC) (Closes: #812540)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Thu, 17 Mar 2016 01:25:23 +0000
linux (4.4.4-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* Ignore ABI changes in sdhci* modules (fixes FTBFS on armhf)
* udeb: Add dependency from mmc-modules to crc-modules (fixes FTBFS on arm64)
* [hppa] Ignore ABI changes in built-in drm_kms_helper code (fixes FTBFS)
* [powerpc*] Revert "powerpc: Simplify module TOC handling"; it is not needed
to fix #808043 and causes a regression on ppc64el
-- Ben Hutchings <> Wed, 09 Mar 2016 02:15:48 +0000
linux (4.4.4-1) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
* New upstream stable update:
- [x86] mm: Fix types used in pgprot cacheability flags translations
- [x86] mm/pat: Avoid truncation when converting cpa->numpages to address
- [x86] uaccess/64: Make the __copy_user_nocache() assembly code
more readable
- [x86] uaccess/64: Handle the caching of 4-byte nocache copies
properly in __copy_user_nocache()
- [x86] mm: Fix vmalloc_fault() to handle large pages properly
- ALSA: hda - Cancel probe work instead of flush at remove
- ALSA: pcm: Fix rwsem deadlock for non-atomic PCM stream
- ALSA: seq: Fix leak of pool buffer at concurrent writes
- ALSA: seq: Fix double port list deletion
- [armhf] phy: twl4030-usb: Relase usb phy on unload
- [armhf] phy: twl4030-usb: Fix unbalanced pm_runtime_enable on
module reload
- staging/speakup: Use tty_ldisc_ref() for paste kworker
- pty: fix possible use after free of tty->driver_data
- pty: make sure super_block is still valid in final /dev/tty close
- tty: Add support for PCIe WCH382 2S multi-IO card
- [x86] serial: 8250_pci: Add Intel Broadwell ports
- [armhf] serial: omap: Prevent DoS using unprivileged ioctl(TIOCSRS485)
- ext4: fix scheduling in atomic on group checksum failure
- ext4: fix potential integer overflow
- ext4: don't read blocks from disk after extents being swapped
- btrfs: handle invalid num_stripes in sys_array
- Btrfs: fix fitrim discarding device area reserved for boot loader's use
- Revert "btrfs: clear PF_NOFREEZE in cleaner_kthread()"
- btrfs: properly set the termination value of ctx->pos in readdir
- Btrfs: fix invalid page accesses in extent_same (dedup) ioctl
- Btrfs: fix page reading in extent_same ioctl leading to csum errors
- Btrfs: fix hang on extent buffer lock caused by the inode_paths ioctl
- Btrfs: fix direct IO requests not reporting IO error to user space
- ptrace: use fsuid, fsgid, effective creds for fs access checks
- tracing: Fix freak link error caused by branch tracer
- tracepoints: Do not trace when cpu is offline
- klist: fix starting point removed bug in klist iterators
- scsi: add Synology to 1024 sector blacklist
- iscsi-target: Fix potential dead-lock during node acl delete
- SCSI: fix crashes in sd and sr runtime PM
- drivers/scsi/sg.c: mark VMA as VM_IO to prevent migration
- scsi_dh_rdac: always retry MODE SELECT on command lock violation
- SCSI: Add Marvell Console to VPD blacklist
- scsi: fix soft lockup in scsi_remove_target() on module removal
- iio: adis_buffer: Fix out-of-bounds memory access
- iio:adc:ti_am335x_adc Fix buffered mode by identifying as software buffer.
- iio-light: Use a signed return type for ltr501_match_samp_freq()
- iio: add HAS_IOMEM dependency to VF610_ADC
- iio: add IIO_TRIGGER dependency to STK8BA50
- iio: dac: mcp4725: set iio name property in sysfs
- iio: light: acpi-als: Report data as processed
- iio: pressure: mpl115: fix temperature offset sign
- iio: inkern: fix a NULL dereference on error
- cifs: Ratelimit kernel log messages
- cifs: fix race between call_async() and reconnect()
- cifs_dbg() outputs an uninitialized buffer in cifs_readdir()
- cifs: fix erroneous return value
- NFS: Fix attribute cache revalidation
- pNFS/flexfiles: Fix an Oopsable typo in ff_mirror_match_fh()
- nfs: Fix race in __update_open_stateid()
- pNFS/flexfiles: Fix an XDR encoding bug in layoutreturn
- udf: limit the maximum number of indirect extents in a row
- udf: Prevent buffer overrun with multi-byte characters
- udf: Check output buffer length when converting name to CS0
- SUNRPC: Fixup socket wait for memory
- [powerpc] eeh: Fix PE location code
- [powerpc] eeh: Fix stale cached primary bus
- [powerpc] powernv: Fix stale PE primary bus
- [powerpc] ioda: Set "read" permission when "write" is set
- [armhf] mvebu: remove duplicated regulator definition in Armada 388 GP
- [arm64] mm: avoid calling apply_to_page_range on empty range
- [armel,armhf] 8519/1: ICST: try other dividends than 1
- [armel,armhf] 8517/1: ICST: avoid arithmetic overflow in icst_hz()
- [armhf] dts: Fix wl12xx missing clocks that cause hangs
- [armhf] dts: Fix omap5 PMIC control lines for RTC writes
- [armhf] dts: omap5-board-common: enable rtc and charging of backup battery
- [armhf] OMAP2+: Fix wait_dll_lock_timed for rodata
- [armhf] OMAP2+: Fix l2_inv_api_params for rodata
- [armhf] OMAP2+: Fix l2dis_3630 for rodata
- [armhf] OMAP2+: Fix save_secure_ram_context for rodata
- [armhf] OMAP2+: Fix ppa_zero_params and ppa_por_params for rodata
- [arm64] dma-mapping: fix handling of devices registered before
- [arm,arm64] KVM: Fix reference to uninitialised VGIC
- [powerpc*] KVM: PPC: Fix emulation of H_SET_DABR/X on POWER8
- [powerpc*] KVM: PPC: Fix ONE_REG AltiVec support
- mm: soft-offline: check return value in second __get_any_page() call
- libnvdimm: fix namespace object confusion in is_uuid_busy()
- mm: fix mlock accouting
- mm: replace vma_lock_anon_vma with anon_vma_lock_read/write
- mm: fix regression in remap_file_pages() emulation
- Input: elantech - mark protocols v2 and v3 as semi-mt
- [x86] Input: i8042 - add Fujitsu Lifebook U745 to the nomux list
- string_helpers: fix precision loss for some inputs
- Input: vmmouse - fix absolute device registration
- [x86] iommu/vt-d: Don't skip PCI devices when disabling IOTLB
- [x86] iommu/amd: Correct the wrong setting of alias DTE in do_attach
- [x86] iommu/vt-d: Fix mm refcounting to hold mm_count not mm_users
- [x86] iommu/vt-d: Fix 64-bit accesses to 32-bit DMAR_GSTS_REG
- [x86] iommu/vt-d: Clear PPR bit to ensure we get more page
request interrupts
- Revert "xhci: don't finish a TD if we get a short-transfer event mid TD"
- xhci: Fix list corruption in urb dequeue at host removal
- fs/hugetlbfs/inode.c: fix bugs in hugetlb_vmtruncate_list()
- [s390x] numa: fix /proc/<pid>/numa_maps for hugetlbfs on s390
- memcg: only free spare array when readers are done
- radix-tree: fix race in gang lookup
- drivers/hwspinlock: fix race between radix tree insertion and lookup
- radix-tree: fix oops after radix_tree_iter_retry
- dump_stack: avoid potential deadlocks
- mm,thp: khugepaged: call pte flush at the time of collapse
- [x86] intel_scu_ipcutil: underflow in scu_reg_access()
- ipc/shm: handle removed segments gracefully in shm_mmap()
- devm_memremap_release(): fix memremap'd addr handling
- futex: Drop refcount if requeue_pi() acquired the rtmutex
- ovl: allow zero size xattr
- ovl: use a minimal buffer in ovl_copy_xattr
- ovl: check dentry positiveness in ovl_cleanup_whiteouts()
- ovl: root: copy attr
- ovl: setattr: check permissions before copy-up
- libxfs: pack the agfl header structure so XFS_AGFL_SIZE is correct
- xfs: inode recovery readahead can race with inode buffer creation
- Revert "xfs: clear PF_NOFREEZE for xfsaild kthread"
- xfs: log mount failures don't wait for buffers to be released
- prctl: take mmap sem for writing to protect against others
- timerfd: Handle relative timers with CONFIG_TIME_LOW_RES proper
- posix-timers: Handle relative timers with CONFIG_TIME_LOW_RES proper
- itimers: Handle relative timers with CONFIG_TIME_LOW_RES proper
- modules: fix modparam async_probe request
- af_iucv: Validate socket address length in iucv_sock_bind()
- gro: Make GRO aware of lightweight tunnels.
- tunnels: Allow IPv6 UDP checksums to be correctly controlled.
- lwt: fix rx checksum setting for lwt devices tunneling over ipv6
- tcp: fix NULL deref in tcp_v4_send_ack()
- af_unix: fix struct pid memory leak
- pptp: fix illegal memory access caused by multiple bind()s
- sctp: allow setting SCTP_SACK_IMMEDIATELY by the application
- tipc: fix connection abort during subscription cancel
- inet: frag: Always orphan skbs inside ip_defrag()
- tcp: beware of alignments in tcp_get_info()
- ipv6: enforce flowi6_oif usage in ip6_dst_lookup_tail()
- ipv6/udp: use sticky pktinfo egress ifindex on connect()
- ipv6: addrconf: Fix recursive spin lock call
- ipv6: fix a lockdep splat
- unix: correctly track in-flight fds in sending process user_struct
(regression in 4.3.3-6; CVE-2016-2550)
- tcp: do not drop syn_recv on all icmp reports
- net:Add sysctl_max_skb_frags
- tg3: Fix for tg3 transmit queue 0 timed out when too many gso_segs
- enic: increment devcmd2 result ring in case of timeout
- sctp: translate network order to host order when users get a hmacid
- net: Copy inner L3 and L4 headers as unaligned on GRE TEB
- flow_dissector: Fix unaligned access in __skb_flow_dissector when used by
- bpf: fix branch offset adjustment on backjumps after patching
ctx expansion
- bonding: Fix ARP monitor validation
- ipv4: fix memory leaks in ip_cmsg_send() callers
- af_unix: Don't set err in unix_stream_read_generic unless there was
an error
- af_unix: Guard against other == sk in unix_dgram_sendmsg
- tipc: fix premature addition of node to lookup table
- tcp: md5: release request socket instead of listener
- qmi_wwan: add "4G LTE usb-modem U901"
- net/mlx4_en: Count HW buffer overrun only once
- net/mlx4_en: Choose time-stamping shift value according to HW frequency
- net/mlx4_en: Avoid changing dev->features directly in run-time
- l2tp: Fix error creating L2TP tunnels
- pppoe: fix reference counting in PPPoE proxy
- net_sched fix: reclassification needs to consider ether protocol changes
- route: check and remove route cache when we get route
- tcp/dccp: fix another race at listener dismantle
- IFF_NO_QUEUE: Fix for drivers not calling ether_setup()
- rtnl: RTM_GETNETCONF: fix wrong return value
- tipc: unlock in error path
- unix_diag: fix incorrect sign extension in unix_lookup_by_ino
- sctp: Fix port hash table size computation
- ext4: fix bh->b_state corruption
- [s390x] KVM: fix guest fprs memory leak
- devm_memremap: Fix error value when memremap failed
- efi: Make efivarfs entries immutable by default
- efi: Add pstore variables to the deletion whitelist
- bcache: fix a livelock when we cause a huge number of cache misses
- bcache: Add a cond_resched() call to gc
- bcache: clear BCACHE_DEV_UNLINK_DONE flag when attaching a backing device
- bcache: fix a leak in bch_cached_dev_run()
- bcache: unregister reboot notifier if bcache fails to unregister device
- bcache: allows use of register in udev to avoid "device_busy" error.
- bcache: prevent crash on changing writeback_running
- bcache: Change refill_dirty() to always scan entire disk if necessary
- dm thin: fix race condition when destroying thin pool workqueue
- can: ems_usb: Fix possible tx overflow
- usb: dwc3: Fix assignment of EP transfer resources
- USB: cp210x: add IDs for GE B650V3 and B850V3 boards
- USB: option: add support for SIM7100E
- USB: option: add "4G LTE usb-modem U901"
- [armhf] spi: omap2-mcspi: Prevent duplicate gpio_request
- iw_cxgb3: Fix incorrectly returning error on success
- [x86] drm/i915: shut up gen8+ SDE irq dmesg noise
- ocfs2: unlock inode if deleting inode from orphan fails
- mm: thp: fix SMP race condition between THP page fault and MADV_DONTNEED
- mm: numa: quickly fail allocations for NUMA balancing on full nodes
- genirq: Validate action before dereferencing it in
- [s390x] KVM: fix memory overwrites when vx is disabled
- Btrfs: add missing brelse when superblock checksum fails
- Btrfs: igrab inode in writepage
- btrfs: statfs: report zero available if metadata are exhausted
- Btrfs: send, don't BUG_ON() when an empty symlink is found
- Btrfs: fix number of transaction units required to create symlink
- Btrfs: fix transaction handle leak on failure to create hard link
- Btrfs: Initialize btrfs_root->highest_objectid when loading tree root and
subvolume roots
- btrfs: initialize the seq counter in struct btrfs_device
- [s390x] fix normalization bug in exception table sorting
- [s390x] dasd: prevent incorrect length error under z/VM after PAV changes
- [s390x] dasd: fix refcount for PAV reassignment
- [s390x] dasd: fix performance drop
- [s390x] compat: correct restore of high gprs on signal return
- [s390x] fpu: signals vs. floating point control register
- locks: fix unlock when fcntl_setlk races with a close
- rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Add missing parameter setup
- rtlwifi: rtl8192ce: Fix handling of module parameters
- rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix incorrect module parameter descriptions
- rtlwifi: rtl8723ae: Fix initialization of module parameters
- rtlwifi: rtl8192se: Fix module parameter initialization
- rtlwifi: rtl8188ee: Fix module parameter initialization
- rtlwifi: rtl8723be: Fix module parameter initialization
- [x86] mei: fix fasync return value on error
- [x86] mei: validate request value in client notify request ioctl
- namei: ->d_inode of a pinned dentry is stable only for positives
- [armhf] rc: sunxi-cir: Initialize the spinlock properly
- gspca: ov534/topro: prevent a division by 0
- vb2: fix a regression in poll() behavior for output,streams
- tda1004x: only update the frontend properties if locked
- dm snapshot: fix hung bios when copy error occurs
- dm: fix dm_rq_target_io leak on faults with .request_fn DM w/ blk-mq paths
- posix-clock: Fix return code on the poll method's error path
- mmc: sdhci-pci: Do not default to 33 Ohm driver strength for Intel SPT
- mmc: sdhci: Fix DMA descriptor with zero data length
- mmc: sdio: Fix invalid vdd in voltage switch power cycle
- mmc: mmc: Fix incorrect use of driver strength switching HS200 and HS400
- mmc: sdhci: Fix sdhci_runtime_pm_bus_on/off()
- mmc: core: Enable tuning according to the actual timing
- [armhf, arm64] mmc: mmci: fix an ages old detection error
- [x86] mmc: sdhci-acpi: Fix card detect race for Intel BXT/APL
- [x86] mmc: sdhci-pci: Fix card detect race for Intel BXT/APL
- mmc: sdhci: Allow override of mmc host operations
- mmc: sdhci: Allow override of get_cd() called from sdhci_request()
- [x86] Drivers: hv: vmbus: Fix a Host signaling bug
- Bluetooth: Use continuous scanning when creating LE connections
- Bluetooth: Add support of Toshiba Broadcom based devices
- Bluetooth: Fix incorrect removing of IRKs
- Bluetooth: 6lowpan: Fix kernel NULL pointer dereferences
- Bluetooth: 6lowpan: Fix handling of uncompressed IPv6 packets
- time: Avoid signed overflow in timekeeping_get_ns()
- cputime: Prevent 32bit overflow in time[val|spec]_to_cputime()
- [mips*] Revert "MIPS: Fix PAGE_MASK definition"
- [mips*el/loongson-3] Loongson-3: Fix SMP_ASK_C0COUNT IPI handler
- [mips*] hpet: Choose a safe value for the ETIME check
- [mips*] Fix buffer overflow in syscall_get_arguments()
- EDAC: Robustify workqueues destruction
- EDAC, mc_sysfs: Fix freeing bus' name
- [sparc64] fix incorrect sign extension in sys_sparc64_personality
- [armhf] clk: exynos: use irqsave version of spin_lock to avoid deadlock
with irqs
- [armhf] regulator: axp20x: Fix GPIO LDO enable value for AXP22x
- virtio_balloon: fix race by fill and leak
- virtio_balloon: fix race between migration and ballooning
- virtio_pci: fix use after free on release
- [x86] drm/vmwgfx: Fix an incorrect lock check
- [x86] drm/vmwgfx: Fix a width / pitch mismatch on framebuffer updates
- [x86] drm/vmwgfx: respect 'nomodeset'
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: Fix off-by-one errors in amdgpu_vm_bo_map
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: call hpd_irq_event on resume
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: fix lost sync_to if scheduler is enabled.
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: fix tonga smu resume
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: fix amdgpu_bo_pin_restricted VRAM placing v2
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: no need to load MC firmware on fiji
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: move gmc7 support out of CIK dependency
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: iceland use CI based MC IP
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: The VI specific EXE bit should only apply to GMC
v8.0 above
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: pull topaz gmc bits into gmc_v7
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: drop topaz support from gmc8 module
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: don't load MEC2 on topaz
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: remove exp hardware support from iceland
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: fix s4 resume
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: remove unnecessary forward declaration
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: hold reference to fences in amdgpu_sa_bo_new (v2)
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: fix issue with overlapping userptrs
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: use post-decrement in error handling
- [x86] drm/amdgpu: Don't hang in amdgpu_flip_work_func on disabled crtc.
- [x86] drm/amdgpu/pm: adjust display configuration after powerstate
- drm/nouveau/kms: take mode_config mutex in connector hotplug path
- drm/nouveau/display: Enable vblank irqs after display engine is on again.
(regression in 4.4)
- drm/nouveau/disp/dp: ensure sink is powered up before attempting
link training
- drm/nouveau: platform: Fix deferred probe
- drm/radeon: Fix off-by-one errors in radeon_vm_bo_set_addr
- drm/radeon: Fix "slow" audio over DP on DCE8+
- drm/radeon: clean up fujitsu quirks
- drm/radeon: properly byte swap vce firmware setup
- drm/radeon: cleaned up VCO output settings for DP audio
- drm/radeon: Add a common function for DFS handling
- drm/radeon: fix DP audio support for APU with DCE4.1 display engine
- drm/radeon: mask out WC from BO on unsupported arches
- drm/radeon: hold reference to fences in radeon_sa_bo_new
- drm: fix missing reference counting decrease
- [x86] drm/i915: Restore inhibiting the load of the default context
- [x86] drm/i915: intel_hpd_init(): Fix suspend/resume reprobing
- [x86] drm/i915: Init power domains early in driver load
- [x86] drm/i915: Make sure DC writes are coherent on flush.
- [x86] drm/i915/dp: fall back to 18 bpp when sink capability is unknown
- [x86] drm/i915: Don't reject primary plane windowing with color keying
enabled on SKL+
- [x86] drm/i915/skl: Don't skip mst encoders in skl_ddi_pll_select()
- [x86] drm/i915/dsi: defend gpio table against out of bounds access
- [x86] drm/i915/dsi: don't pass arbitrary data to sideband
- [x86] drm/i915: fix error path in intel_setup_gmbus()
- drm/qxl: use kmalloc_array to alloc reloc_info in
- drm/radeon: use post-decrement in error handling
- drm: No-Op redundant calls to drm_vblank_off() (v2)
- drm: Prevent vblank counter bumps > 1 with active vblank clients. (v2)
(regression in 4.4)
- drm: Fix drm_vblank_pre/post_modeset regression from Linux 4.4
- drm: Fix treatment of drm_vblank_offdelay in drm_vblank_on() (v2)
- drm/radeon: Don't hang in radeon_flip_work_func on disabled crtc. (v2)
- drm/radeon/pm: adjust display configuration after powerstate
- make sure that freeing shmem fast symlinks is RCU-delayed
- [x86] toshiba_acpi: Fix blank screen at boot if transflective backlight is
- [x86] ideapad-laptop: Add Lenovo ideapad Y700-17ISK to no_hw_rfkill
dmi list
- [x86] ideapad-laptop: Add Lenovo Yoga 700 to no_hw_rfkill dmi list
- [x86] ACPI / video: Add disable_backlight_sysfs_if quirk for the Toshiba
Portege R700
- [x86] ACPI / video: Add disable_backlight_sysfs_if quirk for the Toshiba
Satellite R830
- [x86] ACPI: Revert "ACPI / video: Add Dell Inspiron 5737 to the blacklist"
- [x86] ACPI / PCI / hotplug: unlock in error path in acpiphp_enable_slot()
- nfit: fix multi-interface dimm handling, acpi6.1 compatibility
- dmaengine: dw: fix cyclic transfer setup
- dmaengine: dw: fix cyclic transfer callbacks
- dmaengine: dw: disable BLOCK IRQs for non-cyclic xfer
- IB/cm: Fix a recently introduced deadlock
- IB/qib: fix mcast detach when qp not attached
- IB/qib: Support creating qps with GFP_NOIO flag
- IB/mlx5: Expose correct maximum number of CQE capacity
- Thermal: initialize thermal zone device correctly
- Thermal: handle thermal zone device properly during system sleep
- Thermal: do thermal zone update after a cooling device registered
- hwmon: (dell-smm) Blacklist Dell Studio XPS 8000
- hwmon: (gpio-fan) Remove un-necessary speed_index lookup for thermal hook
- hwmon: (ads1015) Handle negative conversion values correctly
- cpufreq: pxa2xx: fix pxa_cpufreq_change_voltage prototype
- cpufreq: Fix NULL reference crash while accessing policy->governor_data
- seccomp: always propagate NO_NEW_PRIVS on tsync
- libceph: fix ceph_msg_revoke()
- libceph: don't bail early from try_read() when skipping a message
- libceph: use the right footer size when skipping a message
- libceph: don't spam dmesg with stray reply warnings
- sd: Optimal I/O size is in bytes, not sectors
- Staging: speakup: Fix getting port information
- cdc-acm:exclude Samsung phone 04e8:685d
- tick/nohz: Set the correct expiry when switching to nohz/lowres mode
- rfkill: fix rfkill_fop_read wait_event usage
- mac80211: Requeue work after scan complete for all VIF types.
- workqueue: handle NUMA_NO_NODE for unbound pool_workqueue lookup
- Revert "workqueue: make sure delayed work run in local cpu"
- ALSA: hda - Apply clock gate workaround to Skylake, too
- ALSA: hda - Fixing background noise on Dell Inspiron 3162
- target: Fix LUN_RESET active I/O handling for ACK_KREF
- target: Fix LUN_RESET active TMR descriptor handling
- target: Fix TAS handling for multi-session se_node_acls
- target: Fix remote-port TMR ABORT + se_cmd fabric stop
- target: Fix race with SCF_SEND_DELAYED_TAS handling
- qla2xxx: Fix stale pointer access.
- libata: fix sff host state machine locking while polling
- PCI/AER: Flush workqueue on device remove to avoid use-after-free
- cpuset: make mm migration asynchronous
- cgroup: make sure a parent css isn't offlined before its children
- writeback: keep superblock pinned during cgroup writeback
association switches
- phy: core: fix wrong err handle for phy_power_on
- [x86] i2c: i801: Adding Intel Lewisburg support for iTCO
- bio: return EINTR if copying to user space got interrupted
- block: fix use-after-free in dio_bio_complete
- nfs: fix nfs_size_to_loff_t
- NFSv4: Fix a dentry leak on alias use
- KVM: async_pf: do not warn on page allocation failures
- [armhf,arm64] KVM: vgic: Ensure bitmaps are long enough
- [x86] KVM: fix missed hardware breakpoints
- [x86] KVM: fix conversion of addresses to linear in 32-bit protected mode
- [x86] KVM: MMU: fix ubsan index-out-of-range warning
- [powerpc] eeh: Fix partial hotplug criterion
- tracing: Fix showing function event in available_events
- sunrpc/cache: fix off-by-one in qword_get()
- kernel/resource.c: fix muxed resource handling in __request_region()
- do_last(): don't let a bogus return value from ->open() to
confuse us
- [armhf] OMAP2+: Fix onenand initialization to avoid filesystem corruption
- [armhf] xen: correctly handle DMA mapping of compound pages
- xen/scsiback: correct frontend counting
- xen/pciback: Check PF instead of VF for PCI_COMMAND_MEMORY
- xen/pciback: Save the number of MSI-X entries to be copied later.
- xen/pcifront: Fix mysterious crashes when NUMA locality information
was extracted.
- should_follow_link(): validate ->d_seq after having decided to follow
- do_last(): ELOOP failure exit should be done after leaving RCU mode
- [x86] mpx: Fix off-by-one comparison with nr_registers
- [x86] entry/compat: Add missing CLAC to entry_INT80_32
- [x86] irq: Call chip->irq_set_affinity in proper context
- [x86] irq: Fix a race in x86_vector_free_irqs()
- [x86] irq: Validate that irq descriptor is still active
- [x86] irq: Do not use apic_chip_data.old_domain as temporary buffer
- [x86] irq: Reorganize the return path in assign_irq_vector
- [x86] irq: Reorganize the search in assign_irq_vector
- [x86] irq: Check vector allocation early
- [x86] irq: Copy vectormask instead of an AND operation
- [x86] irq: Remove offline cpus from vector cleanup
- [x86] irq: Clear move_in_progress before sending cleanup IPI
- [x86] irq: Remove the cpumask allocation from send_cleanup_vector()
- [x86] irq: Remove outgoing CPU from vector cleanup mask
- [x86] irq: Call irq_force_move_complete with irq descriptor
- [x86] irq: Plug vector cleanup race
- IB/cma: Fix RDMA port validation for iWarp
- security: let security modules use PTRACE_MODE_* with bitmasks
- iwlwifi: dvm: fix WoWLAN
- iwlwifi: pcie: properly configure the debug buffer size for 8000
- iwlwifi: update and fix 7265 series PCI IDs
- iwlwifi: mvm: don't allow sched scans without matches to be started
[ Roger Shimizu ]
* [armhf] dts: imx6dlq-wandboard-revb1: use unique model id
(Closes: #813881).
* [armel] dts: Add various device-tree fixes and improvements for
Buffalo Linkstation devices.
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* udeb: Include more modules, including those needed on Firefly-RK3288,
thanks to Vagrant Cascadian (Closes: #815476)
- [armhf] core-modules: Include regulator drivers by default
- mmc-modules: Include MMC controller drivers by default
- mmc-modules: Depends on usb-modules
- usb-modules: Include USB PHY drivers by default
* uas: Fix high-order alloc
* Fix/ignore module ABI changes in 4.4.4 as appropriate
* Revert "drm/radeon: call hpd_irq_event on resume", reported to cause
regressions (crash/hang) on some systems
* [powerpc*] Fix module linking to work with binutils 2.26 (Closes: #808043):
- Simplify module TOC handling
- Fix dedotify for binutils >= 2.26
[ Ian Campbell ]
* [armhf] dts: Add DTB for Novena, patches from Vagrant Cascadian
(Closes: #815324)
[ Uwe Kleine-König ]
* [armhf] enable AXP20X_POWER (Closes: #815971)
* [rt] Update to 4.4.3-rt9
-- Ben Hutchings <> Mon, 07 Mar 2016 19:27:18 +0000
linux-tools (4.4-4) unstable; urgency=medium
* hyperv-daemons: Only build the progarams on x86 (fixes FTBFS)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 21 Feb 2016 16:57:55 +0000
linux-tools (4.4-3) unstable; urgency=medium
* hyperv-daemons: Add init scripts
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 21 Feb 2016 15:07:55 +0000
linux (4.4.2-3) unstable; urgency=medium
* [x86] efi-bgrt: Fix kernel panic when mapping BGRT data (Closes: #815125)
* [x86] efi-bgrt: Replace early_memremap() with memremap()
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 21 Feb 2016 13:11:18 +0000
linux-tools (4.4-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* linux-perf: Include version number in strace groups installation directory
(Closes: #813080)
* [alpha,sh4] Attempt to fix build failures
* Build fixdep under debian/build and clean it up properly
-- Ben Hutchings <> Fri, 19 Feb 2016 17:11:29 +0000
linux (4.4.2-2) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* udeb: Make DAC960 and cciss optional in scsi-modules again
(fixes FTBFS on armhf, arm64)
* [armel,armhf] net: mv643xx_eth: fix packet corruption with TSO and tiny
unaligned packets. (Closes: #814681)
* [mipsel/loongson-2f] udeb: Add i2c-modules to avoid duplicate modules
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* [arm64] Create i2c-modules udeb to avoid duplicate modules.
-- Ben Hutchings <> Fri, 19 Feb 2016 14:48:52 +0000
linux-tools (4.4-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* Upload to unstable
-- Ben Hutchings <> Thu, 18 Feb 2016 01:30:50 +0000
linux (4.4.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
- ALSA: usb-audio: avoid freeing umidi object twice (CVE-2016-2384)
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* Set ABI to 1
* iw_cxgb3: Fix incorrectly returning error on success (CVE-2015-8812)
* fs/hugetlbfs/inode.c: fix bugs in hugetlb_vmtruncate_list() (CVE-2016-0617)
(regression in 4.3)
* af_unix: Guard against other == sk in unix_dgram_sendmsg
(regression in 4.2.6-2)
* Revert "workqueue: make sure delayed work run in local cpu"
(regression in 4.3)
* af_unix: Don't set err in unix_stream_read_generic unless there was an error
(regression in 4.4, 4.3.4)
* bpf: fix branch offset adjustment on backjumps after patching ctx expansion
* udeb: Combine scsi-{common,extra}-modules with scsi-modules
* udeb: Use wildcards to include entire classes of drivers:
- input-modules: Include HID drivers by default
- nic{,-pcmcia,-usb,-wireless}-modules: Include Ethernet, USB and wireless
drivers by default
- {pata,sata}-modules: Include ATA drivers by default
- sound-modules: Include sound drivers by default
- scsi-modules: Include SCSI drivers by default
- usb-modules: Include USB host drivers by default
- usb-serial-modules: Include USB serial drivers by default
- usb-storage-modules: Include USB storage drivers by default
* udeb: Remove some obsolete drivers:
- nic-modules: Remove FDDI and HIPPI drivers, and inet_lro module
- nic-pcmcia-modules: Remove Arcnet drivers
* udeb: Move most USB wireless drivers from nic-usb-modules to
* udeb: Really add virtio_input to virtio-modules (not input-modules)
* [x86] Fix issues resulting in W+X pages:
- [amd64] efi: Build our own page table structure
- [i386/686-pae] mm: Fix types used in pgprot cacheability flags
- [i386/686-pae] PCI: Set pci=nobios by default
* IFF_NO_QUEUE: Fix for drivers not calling ether_setup() (regression in 4.3)
* udeb: Fix issues with wildcards that caused FTBFS on armhf, thanks to
Karsten Merker
[ Roger Shimizu ]
* Enable TTY_PRINTK as module (Closes: #814540).
[ Uwe Kleine-König ]
* [rt] Update to 4.4.1-rt6
-- Ben Hutchings <> Wed, 17 Feb 2016 21:20:12 +0000
linux (4.4.1-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
[ Ricardo Salveti ]
* Extending ARM64 support:
- config: enabling support for the AMD Seattle platform
- nic-modules: adding amd-xgbe
- sata-modules: adding ahci_platform, required by AMD Overdrive
- config: enabling the cpuidle ARM driver
- config: enable multi-core scheduler support by default
- config: enable PCI generic host bridge by default
- config: enable CRYPTO_CRC32_ARM64 by default
[ Ian Campbell ]
* [arm64] Enabled support for QCOM platforms, options recommended by Martin
Michlmayr. (Closes: #812386)
* [armel/marvell] Declare breaks against flash-kernel << 3.57~ in order to
force a version which understands about the merge of kirkwood and orion5x
flavours into marvell.
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* linux-image: Make failure of depmod fatal, rather than asking what to do
* [mips*] linux-image: Remove debconf question for requirement of initramfs
* linux-image: Remove unnecessary debconf initialisations
* linux-{headers,image}: Remove support for version-specific hooks
* linux-headers: Make postinst script less verbose (see: #734266)
* [armel] Replace kirkwood and orion5x flavours with a 'marvell' flavour
* [armel/marvell] Adjust configuration to reduce image size:
- Disable support for DNS-323 as the kernel image was already too large
for this machine
+ Disable MACH_DNS323
+ Change MTD_CFI_AMDSTD from built-in to module
- input: Disable KEYBOARD_ATKBD
- mtd: Change JFFS2_FS, MTD_SPI_NOR, and M25P80 from built-in to modules
* [rt] Update to 4.4.1-rt5:
- genirq: Add default affinity mask command line option
- latencyhist: disable jump-labels
- kernel/perf: mark perf_cpu_context's timer as irqsafe
* bnx2x: Enable BNX2X_VXLAN
* cgroups: Enable CGROUP_PIDS
* [x86] crypto: Enable CRYPTO_DEV_QAT_DH895xCC, CRYPTO_DEV_QAT_DH895xCCVF
as modules
* [amd64] crypto: Enable CRYPTO_CHACHA20_X86_64, CRYPTO_DES3_EDE_X86_64,
CRYPTO_POLY1305_X86_64 as modules
* [x86] dmaengine: Enable INTEL_IDMA64 as module
* dm-cache: Enable DM_CACHE_SMQ as module
* ethernet: Enable BNXT, QED, QEDE as modules
* hci_uart: Enable BT_HCIUART_QCA
* HID: Enable HID_CORSAIR, HID_GEMBIRD as modules
* [x86] hwmon: Enable SENSORS_I5500 as module
* [x86] IB: Enable INFINIBAND_USNIC as module
* iio/light: Enable ACPI_ALS as module
* [x86] input: Enable SURFACE_PRO3_BUTTON as module
* [x86] iommu: Enable INTEL_IOMMU_SVM
* ipvs: Enable IP_VS_OVF as module
* media: Enable DVB_NETUP_UNIDVB, USB_GSPCA_TOUPTEK,_VIDEO_DT3155 as modules
* [x86] mfd: Enable MFD_INTEL_LPSS_ACPI, MFD_INTEL_LPSS_PCI as modules
* [amd64] mic: Enable INTEL_MIC_X100_DMA, MIC_COSM, SCIF, SCIF_BUS as modules
* [powerpc*/*64*] misc: Enable GENWQE as module
as modules
* [amd64] net: Enable FUJITSU_ES as module
* netfilter: Really enable NF_TABLES_NETDEV, NFT_REDIR_IPV4, NFT_REDIR_IPV6
as modules
as modules
* net/sched: Really enable NET_CLS_FLOWER as module
* net/usb: Enable USB_LAN78XX, USB_NET_CH9200 as modules
* nfsd: Enable NFSD_PNFS
* [x86] rfkill: Enable DELL_RBTN as module
* serial: Enable SERIAL_OF_PLATFORM as module
* sound/firewire: Enable SND_FIREWIRE_DIGI00X, SND_FIREWIRE_TASCAM as modules
* [x86] thermal: Enable INTEL_PCH_THERMAL, INTEL_SOC_DTS_THERMAL as modules;
disable THERMAL_OF
* [x86] Enable INTEL_PMC_IPC as module
* vfs,nvdimm: Really enable FS_DAX
* [amd64] mm,nvdimm: Disable ZONE_DMA; enable ZONE_DEVICE, NVDIMM_PFN
- This disables drivers for some AC'97 sound cards
-- Ben Hutchings <> Wed, 10 Feb 2016 02:02:14 +0000
linux (4.4-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release:
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [armhf] Enable EXTCON_USB_GPIO, ENSORS_GPIO_FAN as modules, and
USB_DWC3_DUAL_ROLE instead of USB_DWC3_HOST (Closes: #810048)
* [rt] Update to 4.4-rt2
-- Ben Hutchings <> Tue, 19 Jan 2016 22:25:06 +0000
linux-tools (4.4-1~exp2) experimental; urgency=medium
* linux-perf: Fix FTBFS with gcc 6 (used on hppa, sparc64)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Tue, 19 Jan 2016 22:11:13 +0000
linux-tools (4.4-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* linux-perf: Fix reading of build-id from vDSO
* linux-perf: Leave -rc suffix out of version in package description
* Implement stable order of fields not in the predefined order
* Make orig tarballs really reproducible:
- Override umask while extracting/exporting files
- Override user and group names in tarball
-- Ben Hutchings <> Tue, 19 Jan 2016 00:31:02 +0000
linux (4.4~rc8-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [rt] Update to 4.4-rc6-rt1 and re-enable
* [rt] Fix build error in kernel/time/hrtimer.c
* [rt] latency_hist: Update sched_switch probe
* [armhf] Add support for BCM2836 and Raspberry Pi 2:
- pwm: bcm2835: Calculate scaler in ->config()
- pwm: bcm2835: Prevent division by zero
- drm: Create a driver hook for allocating GEM object structs
- drm/vc4: Add a BO cache
- drm/vc4: Add create and map BO ioctls
- drm/vc4: Add an API for creating GPU shaders in GEM BOs
- drm/vc4: Fix a typo in a V3D debug register
- drm/vc4: Bind and initialize the V3D engine
- drm/vc4: Add support for drawing 3D frames
- drm/vc4: Add support for async pageflips
- drm/vc4: Add an interface for capturing the GPU state after a hang
- drm/vc4: copy_to_user() returns the number of bytes remaining
- drm/vc4: allocate enough memory in vc4_save_hang_state()
- drm/vc4: fix an error code
- bcm2835: Add a compat string for bcm2836 machine probe
- bcm2835: Add Kconfig support for bcm2836
- bcm2835: Define two new packets from the latest firmware
- bcm2835: add rpi power domain driver
- bcm2835: Split the DT for peripherals from the DT for the CPU
- bcm2835: Move the CPU/peripheral include out of common RPi DT
- bcm2835: Add devicetree for bcm2836 and Raspberry Pi 2 B
- bcm2835: Add the auxiliary clocks to the device tree
- Enable ARCH_BCM, ARCH_BCM2835, DMA_BCM2835, BCM2835_MBOX,
- Enable DRM_VC4, I2C_BCM2835, MMC_SDHCI_BCM2835, PWM_BCM2835, SPI_BCM2835,
SPI_BCM2835AUX, USB_DWC2, BCM2835_WDT, SND_BCM2835_SOC_I2S as modules
- udeb: Add sdhci-bcm2835 to mmc-modules, dwc2 to usb-modules
* [armhf] Enable INPUT_AXP20X_PEK, CAN_SUN4I, SND_SUN4I_CODEC as modules
(Closes: #808623)
* [x86] nvdimm: Change X86_PMEM_LEGACY from built-in to module
* [x86] Enable DEBUG_WX, X86_INTEL_MPX
[ Ian Campbell ]
* [armel/kirkwood] Updates/clarifications to kernel size limitations from
Martin Michlmayr. (Closes: #809528)
* [armhf] Enable support for Rockchip devices. (Closes: #809083)
* [armhf] Enable basic support for DRA7XX systems, such as Beagle-x15.
(Closes: #807624)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Mon, 04 Jan 2016 17:23:28 +0000
linux (4.4~rc6-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
- include/linux/mmdebug.h: should include linux/bug.h
(fixes FTBFS on arm64)
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [sparc64] udeb: Replace mpt2sas with mpt3sas in scsi-common-modules
(fixes FTBFS)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Mon, 21 Dec 2015 17:30:10 +0000
linux (4.4~rc5-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [arm64] Drop now-redundant patches for X-Gene (fixes FTBFS)
* [s390x] udeb: Add crc-modules package (fixes FTBFS)
* cirrus,mgag200: Drop patches for compatibility with wheezy userland
-- Ben Hutchings <> Wed, 16 Dec 2015 17:16:09 +0000
linux-tools (4.4~rc4-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
-- Ben Hutchings <> Mon, 14 Dec 2015 01:28:50 +0000
linux (4.4~rc4-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* aufs: Update support patches to aufs4.x-rcN-20151123
* udeb: Make md-modules depend on crc-modules (Closes: #807661)
* [armel/kirkwood,armhf] crypto: Enable CRYPTO_DEV_MARVELL_CESA as module
(Closes: #807634)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 13 Dec 2015 16:25:45 +0000
linux (4.3.5-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
- toshiba_acpi: Initialize hotkey_event_type variable (regression in 4.3)
- USB: add quirk for devices with broken LPM
- usb: core : hub: Fix BOS 'NULL pointer' kernel panic
- pppoe: fix memory corruption in padt work structure (regression in 4.1)
- ipv6: keep existing flags when setting IFA_F_OPTIMISTIC
(regression in 4.1)
- vxlan: fix incorrect RCO bit in VXLAN header (regression in 4.0)
- sctp: update the netstamp_needed counter when copying sockets
- sctp: also copy sk_tsflags when copying the socket (regression in 3.17)
- r8152: fix lockup when runtime PM is enabled (regression in 4.2)
- ipv6: sctp: clone options to avoid use after free
- phy: micrel: Fix finding PHY properties in MAC node. (regression in 4.2)
- openvswitch: Fix helper reference leak
- openvswitch: Respect conntrack zone even if invalid
- net: fix IP early demux races
- vlan: Fix untag operations of stacked vlans with REORDER_HEADER off
- skbuff: Fix offset error in skb_reorder_vlan_header
- net: check both type and procotol for tcp sockets
- net_sched: make qdisc_tree_decrease_qlen() work for non mq
(regression in 4.3.3)
- net: fix uninitialized variable issue
- ipv6: automatically enable stable privacy mode if stable_secret set
- inet: tcp: fix inetpeer_set_addr_v4() (regression in 4.3)
- rhashtable: Enforce minimum size on initial hash table (regression in 4.1)
- fou: clean up socket with kfree_rcu
- af_unix: Revert 'lock_interruptible' in stream receive code
- tcp: restore fastopen with no data in SYN packet (regression in 4.0)
- rhashtable: Fix walker list corruption (regression in 4.1)
- [x86] mpx: Fix instruction decoder condition
- [x86] signal: Fix restart_syscall number for x32 tasks
- [x86] paravirt: Prevent rtc_cmos platform device init on PV guests
(regression in 4.2)
- [powerpc*] KVM: Book3S HV: Don't dynamically split core when already split
(regression in 4.3)
- [powerpc*] KVM: Book3S HV: Prohibit setting illegal transaction state
in MSR
- [x86] boot: Double BOOT_HEAP_SIZE to 64KB
- [x86] mm: Add barriers and document switch_mm()-vs-flush synchronization
- timers: Use proper base migration in add_timer_on()
- ipmi: move timer init to before irq is setup
- ALSA: hda - Disable 64bit address for Creative HDA controllers
- ALSA: hda - Fix lost 4k BDL boundary workaround (regression in 4.2)
- [x86] ALSA: hda - Fix noise on Dell Latitude E6440 (regression in 4.1)
- ALSA: hda - Skip ELD notification during system suspend
(regression in 4.3)
- ALSA: seq: Fix missing NULL check at remove_events ioctl
- ALSA: usb-audio: Avoid calling usb_autopm_put_interface() at disconnect
- ALSA: seq: Fix race at timer setup and close
- [x86] ALSA: hda - Fix white noise on Dell Latitude E5550
(regression in 4.1)
- ALSA: usb-audio: Fix mixer ctl regression of Native Instrument devices
(regression in 3.19)
- ALSA: timer: Harden slave timer list handling
- ALSA: timer: Fix race among timer ioctls
- ALSA: timer: Fix double unlink of active_list
- [x86] ALSA: hda - Add fixup for Dell Latitidue E6540 (regression in 4.1)
- ALSA: seq: Fix snd_seq_call_port_info_ioctl in compat mode
- ALSA: pcm: Fix snd_pcm_hw_params struct copy in compat mode
- ALSA: control: Avoid kernel warnings from tlv ioctl with numid 0
- ALSA: timer: Handle disconnection more safely
- ASoC: rt286: Fix run time error while modifying const data
(regression in 4.3)
- airspy: increase USB control message buffer size (regression in 3.17)
- USB: fix invalid memory access in hub_activate()
- openvswitch: correct encoding of set tunnel action attributes
(regression in 4.3)
- veth: don’t modify ip_summed; doing so treats packets with bad checksums
as good.
- ipv6/addrlabel: fix ip6addrlbl_get()
- addrconf: always initialize sysctl table data
- connector: bump skb->users before callback invocation
- af_unix: Fix splice-bind deadlock
- bridge: Only call /sbin/bridge-stp for the initial network namespace
- net: filter: make JITs zero A for SKF_AD_ALU_XOR_X (regression in 3.16)
- net: sched: fix missing free per cpu on qstats (regression in 3.18)
- net: possible use after free in dst_release
- tcp: fix zero cwnd in tcp_cwnd_reduction (CVE-2016-2070)
(regression in 4.3)
- net: sctp: prevent writes to cookie_hmac_alg from accessing invalid memory
- ipv6: tcp: add rcu locking in tcp_v6_send_synack()
- tcp_yeah: don't set ssthresh below 2
- udp: disallow UFO for sockets with SO_NO_CHECK option (regression in 4.0)
- net: preserve IP control block during GSO segmentation
- phonet: properly unshare skbs in phonet_rcv() (regression in 4.0)
- net: bpf: reject invalid shifts
- ipv6: update skb->csum when CE mark is propagated
- batman-adv: Avoid recursive call_rcu for batadv_bla_claim
- batman-adv: Avoid recursive call_rcu for batadv_nc_node
- batman-adv: Drop immediate batadv_orig_ifinfo free function
- batman-adv: Drop immediate batadv_neigh_node free function
- batman-adv: Drop immediate neigh_ifinfo free function
- batman-adv: Drop immediate batadv_hard_iface free function
- batman-adv: Drop immediate orig_node free function
- team: Replace rcu_read_lock with a mutex in team_vlan_rx_kill_vid
- xfrm: dst_entries_init() per-net dst_ops
- [powerpc*] tm: Block signal return setting invalid MSR state
- [powerpc*] tm: Check for already reclaimed tasks
- [ppc64el] opal-irqchip: Fix double endian conversion (regression in 4.2)
- [powerpc*] opal-irqchip: Fix deadlock introduced by "Fix double endian
- [powerpc*] powernv: pr_warn_once on unsupported OPAL_MSG type
- [powerpc*] Make value-returning atomics fully ordered
- [powerpc*] Make {cmp}xchg* and their atomic_ versions fully ordered
- [arm64] bpf: fix div-by-zero case
- [arm64] bpf: fix mod-by-zero case
- [arm64] cmpxchg_dbl: fix return value type (regression in 4.3)
- [arm*] KVM: test properly for a PTE's uncachedness
- [arm64] KVM: Fix AArch32 to AArch64 register mapping
- [arm*] KVM: correct PTE uncachedness check
- [arm64] kernel: enforce pmuserenr_el0 initialization and restore
- [arm*] iommu/arm-smmu: Fix error checking for ASID and VMID allocation
- HID: wacom: Tie cached HID_DG_CONTACTCOUNT indices to report ID
(regression in 4.3)
- HID: wacom: Expect 'touch_max' touches if HID_DG_CONTACTCOUNT not present
(regression in 4.3)
- HID: core: Avoid uninitialized buffer access
- staging: lustre: echo_copy.._lsm() dereferences userland pointers directly
- direct-io: Fix negative return from dio read beyond eof
- fix the regression from "direct-io: Fix negative return from dio read
beyond eof"
- [arm64] KVM: Add workaround for Cortex-A57 erratum 834220
- [arm64] kernel: fix architected PMU registers unconditional access
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* fuse: break infinite loop in fuse_fill_write_pages() (CVE-2015-8785)
* SCSI: fix crashes in sd and sr runtime PM (Closes: #801925)
* rt2x00: fix monitor mode regression (regression in 4.2)
* pipe: limit the per-user amount of pages allocated in pipes (CVE-2013-4312)
[Original reference is incorrect; should be CVE-2016-2847.]
* [powerpc*] Enable CRYPTO_DEV_VMX and enable CRYPTO_DEV_VMX_ENCRYPT as
module (Closes: #813640)
* debian/copyright: Add licence information for drivers/crypto/vmx/*.pl
* udeb: Add hid-logitech-hidpp to input-modules (Closes: #796096)
* hwrng: n2 - Attach on T5/M5, T7/M7 SPARC CPUs (Closes: #809815)
[ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
* netfilter: nf_nat_redirect: add missing NULL pointer check (CVE-2015-8787)
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* [mips*] Backport math emulation fix from 4.5.
* [arm64] Enable RTC_DRV_EFI.
[ Hendrik Brueckner ]
* [s390x] udeb: include modules to mount ISOs (loop device)
(Closes: #812336)
* [s390x] udeb: include btrfs-modules (Closes: #812340)
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* Include Device Tree model in reportbug script
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sat, 06 Feb 2016 23:25:14 +0000
linux (4.3.3-7) unstable; urgency=medium
* linux-image-dbg: Don't rely on upstream makefile to make .build-id
links to vDSO debuginfo (fixes FTBFS on arm64, s390)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Tue, 19 Jan 2016 17:29:21 +0000
linux (4.3.3-6) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* Implement stable order of fields in debian/tests/control
* Implement stable order of fields not in the predefined order
* Make orig tarballs really reproducible:
- Override umask while extracting/exporting files
- Override user and group names in tarball
* xen/gntdev: Grant maps should not be subject to NUMA balancing
(Closes: #810472)
* gpio: Enable GPIO_SYSFS wherever GPIOLIB is enabled (Closes: #810085)
* [armhf] udeb: Include usbhid in input-modules (Closes: #809521)
* linux-image-dbg: Include debugging symbols for VDSOs
* [armel/kirkwood] power/reset: Re-enable POWER_RESET, POWER_RESET_GPIO
(regression in 3.17~rc5-1~exp1)
* usb: serial: visor: fix crash on detecting device without write_urbs
* tty: Fix unsafe ldisc reference via ioctl(TIOCGETD) (CVE-2016-0723)
* [x86] drm/vmwgfx: Fix a width / pitch mismatch on framebuffer updates
* bcache: Add upstream fixes marked for stable:
- fix a livelock when we cause a huge number of cache misses
- Add a cond_resched() call to gc
- clear BCACHE_DEV_UNLINK_DONE flag when attaching a backing device
- fix a leak in bch_cached_dev_run()
- unregister reboot notifier if bcache fails to unregister device
- allows use of register in udev to avoid "device_busy" error.
- prevent crash on changing writeback_running
- Change refill_dirty() to always scan entire disk if necessary
* KEYS: Fix keyring ref leak in join_session_keyring() (CVE-2016-0728)
[ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
* unix: properly account for FDs passed over unix sockets (CVE-2013-4312)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Tue, 19 Jan 2016 00:41:31 +0000
linux (4.3.3-5) unstable; urgency=medium
* [armhf] udeb: Fix duplication and circular dependency between core-modules
and usb-modules (really fixes FTBFS)
- Add core-modules as a dependency of usb-modules
- Remove gpio-viperboard from core-modules as it is unlikely to be needed
-- Ben Hutchings <> Mon, 04 Jan 2016 00:45:27 +0000
linux (4.3.3-4) unstable; urgency=medium
* [armhf] udeb: Remove pbias-regulator module from mmc-modules as it's now
in core-modules (fixes FTBFS)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 03 Jan 2016 01:50:52 +0000
linux (4.3.3-3) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [ppc64*] drm: Enable DRM_AST as module (Closes: #808338)
* block: ensure to split after potentially bouncing a bio (Closes: #809082)
* pptp: verify sockaddr_len in pptp_bind() and pptp_connect() (CVE-2015-8569)
* bluetooth: Validate socket address length in sco_sock_bind() (CVE-2015-8575)
* [xen] Fix race conditions in back-end drivers (CVE-2015-8550, XSA-155)
* [xen] pciback: Fix state validation in MSI control operations
(CVE-2015-8551, CVE-2015-8852, XSA-157)
* ptrace: being capable wrt a process requires mapped uids/gids
* KEYS: Fix race between read and revoke (CVE-2015-7550)
* [armhf] udeb: Add modular clock, GPIO, PCIe PHY and regulator drivers to
core-modules (Closes: #809521)
* [armhf] udeb: Add more USB PHY drivers to usb-modules
* drm/nouveau/pmu: do not assume a PMU is present (Closes: #809481)
* [x86] drm/i915: Don't compare has_drrs strictly in pipe config
(Closes: #808720)
* [armhf] crypto: sun4i-ss - add missing statesize (Closes: #808625)
* Revert "xhci: don't finish a TD if we get a short transfer event mid TD"
(Closes: #808602, #808953, regression in 4.3-rc7)
* [x86] pinctrl: Enable PINCTRL_CHERRYVIEW (Closes: #808044)
* [s390x] udeb: Add crc-modules package (Closes: #808051)
[ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
* ovl: fix permission checking for setattr (CVE-2015-8660)
* [x86] kvm: Reload pit counters for all channels when restoring state
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sat, 02 Jan 2016 16:45:46 +0000
linux-tools (4.3.1-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* Upload for Perl 5.22 transition (Closes: #808329)
* debian/rules: Fix check for binNMU, broken since 4.1.4-1
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sat, 19 Dec 2015 03:47:10 +0000
linux (4.3.3-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* [armhf,sparc64] Force ZONE_DMA to be enabled, reversing ABI change in
4.3.3 (fixes FTBFS)
* [sh4] Disable CC_STACKPROTECTOR_STRONG temporarily (fixes FTBFS)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Thu, 17 Dec 2015 18:21:52 +0000
linux (4.3.3-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
- X.509: Fix the time validation [ver #2]
- r8169: fix kasan reported skb use-after-free. (regression in 4.3)
- af-unix: fix use-after-free with concurrent readers while splicing
(regression in 4.2)
- af_unix: don't append consumed skbs to sk_receive_queue
(regression in 4.2)
- af_unix: take receive queue lock while appending new skb
(regression in 4.2)
- af-unix: passcred support for sendpage (regression in 4.2)
- ipv6: Avoid creating RTF_CACHE from a rt that is not managed by fib6 tree
(regression in 4.2)
- ipv6: Check expire on DST_NOCACHE route
- ipv6: Check rt->dst.from for the DST_NOCACHE route (regression in 4.3)
- Revert "ipv6: ndisc: inherit metadata dst when creating ndisc requests"
(regression in 4.3)
- packet: only allow extra vlan len on ethernet devices
- packet: infer protocol from ethernet header if unset
- packet: fix tpacket_snd max frame len
- sctp: translate host order to network order when setting a hmacid
- net/mlx5e: Added self loopback prevention (regression in 4.3)
- net/mlx4_core: Fix sleeping while holding spinlock at rem_slave_counters
(regression in 4.2)
- ip_tunnel: disable preemption when updating per-cpu tstats
- net/ip6_tunnel: fix dst leak (regression in 4.3)
- tcp: disable Fast Open on timeouts after handshake
- tcp: fix potential huge kmalloc() calls in TCP_REPAIR
- tcp: initialize tp->copied_seq in case of cross SYN connection
- net, scm: fix PaX detected msg_controllen overflow in scm_detach_fds
- net: ipmr: fix static mfc/dev leaks on table destruction
- net: ip6mr: fix static mfc/dev leaks on table destruction
- vrf: fix double free and memory corruption on register_netdevice failure
- tipc: fix error handling of expanding buffer headroom (regression in 4.3)
- ipv6: distinguish frag queues by device for multicast and link-local
- bpf, array: fix heap out-of-bounds access when updating elements
- ipv6: add complete rcu protection around np->opt
- net/neighbour: fix crash at dumping device-agnostic proxy entries
- ipv6: sctp: implement sctp_v6_destroy_sock()
- openvswitch: fix hangup on vxlan/gre/geneve device deletion
- net_sched: fix qdisc_tree_decrease_qlen() races
- btrfs: fix resending received snapshot with parent (regression in 4.2)
- Btrfs: fix file corruption and data loss after cloning inline extents
- Btrfs: fix regression when running delayed references (regression in 4.2)
- Btrfs: fix race leading to incorrect item deletion when dropping extents
- Btrfs: fix race leading to BUG_ON when running delalloc for nodatacow
- Btrfs: fix race when listing an inode's xattrs
- rbd: don't put snap_context twice in rbd_queue_workfn()
- ext4 crypto: fix memory leak in ext4_bio_write_page()
- ext4 crypto: fix bugs in ext4_encrypted_zeroout()
- ext4: fix potential use after free in __ext4_journal_stop
(regression in 4.2)
- ext4, jbd2: ensure entering into panic after recording an error in
- nfsd: serialize state seqid morphing operations
- nfsd: eliminate sending duplicate and repeated delegations
- nfs4: start callback_ident at idr 1
- nfs4: resend LAYOUTGET when there is a race that changes the seqid
- nfs: if we have no valid attrs, then don't declare the attribute cache
- ocfs2: fix umask ignored issue
- block: fix segment split (regression in 4.3)
- ceph: fix message length computation
- Btrfs: fix regression running delayed references when using qgroups
(regression in 4.2)
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* net: add validation for the socket syscall protocol argument (CVE-2015-8543)
* [armel/kirkwood] udeb: Override inclusion of gpio_keys in input-modules
(fixes FTBFS)
* vrf: Fix broken backport of "vrf: fix double free and memory corruption on
register_netdevice failure" in 4.3.3
* net: Ignore ABI changes due to "ipv6: add complete rcu protection around
np->opt", which don't appear to affect out-of-tree modules
* tipc: Fix kfree_skb() of uninitialised pointer (regression in 4.3.3)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Tue, 15 Dec 2015 21:25:26 +0000
linux-tools (4.3.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update
- [x86] Add #AC to SVM_EXIT_REASONS
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* debian/bin/ Add more files under arch/*/include/asm to file list
(fixes FTBFS on several architectures)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Mon, 14 Dec 2015 00:43:39 +0000
linux-tools (4.3-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream release
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 13 Dec 2015 03:47:05 +0000
linux (4.3.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* Set ABI to 1
* [armhf] rtc: Enable RTC_DRV_DS1307, RTC_DRV_PCF8563, RTC_DRV_ARMADA38X
(Closes: #807632)
* [armhf] Enable MACH_ARMADA_375, MACH_ARMADA_38X, MACH_ARMADA_39X
(Closes: #807633)
* [armhf] net: Enable MVPP2 as module
* [armel/kirkwood] dts: Fix QNAP TS219 power-off (Closes: #807696)
* [armhf] udeb: Add leds-modules package containing leds-gpio driver
(Closes: #807721)
* [x86] drm/i915: Mark uneven memory banks on gen4 desktop as unknown
swizzling (Closes: #780363)
* Enable CC_STACKPROTECTOR_STRONG (Closes: #805652)
* [x86] input: Enable KEYBOARD_GPIO, INPUT_SOC_BUTTON_ARRAY (Closes: #804864)
* [x86] nouveau: bios: return actual size of the buffer retrieved via _ROM
(Closes: #772716)
* [armhf] Add support for Odroid-XU4 (Closes: #804850)
- mfd: s2mps11: Add manual shutdown method for Odroid XU3
- dts: Fix power off method for exynos5422-odroidxu3-common
- dts: Split audio configuration to separate exynos5422-odroidxu3-audio
- dts: Add support Odroid XU4 board for exynos5422-odroidxu4
* udeb: Add hid-chicony to input-modules (Closes: #766570)
* sched: Enable CFS_BANDWIDTH (Closes: #802746)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 13 Dec 2015 00:38:54 +0000
linux (4.3-1~exp2) experimental; urgency=medium
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* mv643xx_eth: Re-enable TSO, fixed upstream in 4.3
* debian/control: Move patchutils from Build-Depends to Build-Depends-Indep,
as we only use filterdiff when building linux-source-<version>
* debian/control,debian/rules: Support a 'stage1' build profile which
builds only linux-libc-dev (Closes: #695243)
* debian/control: Add ':any' to Build-Depends on python3, to support cross-
* [armhf] Enable new drivers for Allwinner chips (Closes: #804856)
- crypto: Enable CRYPTO_DEV_SUN4I_SS as module
- musb: Enable USB_MUSB_SUNXI as module
* aufs: Update support patches to aufs4.3-20151116
* [armhf] USB: Change USB, USB_GADGET, and various drivers from built-in to
- musb: Enable USB_MUSB_DUAL_ROLE
* [armhf] musb: Disable MUSB_PIO_ONLY and enable USB_INVENTRA_DMA,
[ Ian Campbell ]
* [armel/orion5x] Enable Device Tree for orion5x. Patch from Roger Shimizu
(Closes: #803159)
* [armel/orion5x] Enable CONFIG_DEBUG_LL_UART_8250.
-- Ben Hutchings <> Fri, 04 Dec 2015 19:36:10 +0000
linux (4.3-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* netfilter: Enable NFT_DUP_IPV4, NFT_DUP_IPV6 as modules (Closes: #803370)
* tests: Add autopkgtest support
* [x86] Compile with gcc-5
* [x86] Enable PINCTRL_BAYTRAIL (Closes: #797949)
[ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
* Fix typo in image.plain.postinst template.
Add missing space in warn message causing typo "dangling linkto".
Thanks to Jakub Wilk <> (Closes: #803323)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Wed, 04 Nov 2015 07:45:13 +0000
linux (4.3~rc7-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
- [x86] smpboot: Fix CPU #1 boot timeout (Closes: #802464)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Wed, 28 Oct 2015 11:04:27 +0900
linux-tools (4.3~rc5-1~exp2) experimental; urgency=medium
* Fix the build-indep and binary-indep targets (fixes FTBFS for arch:all)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Wed, 14 Oct 2015 02:08:09 +0100
linux-tools (4.3~rc5-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
- perf: Fix build on architectures without CONFIG_PERF_REGS
-- Ben Hutchings <> Wed, 14 Oct 2015 00:49:38 +0100
linux (4.3~rc5-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
-- Ben Hutchings <> Wed, 14 Oct 2015 00:48:41 +0100
linux-tools (4.3~rc4-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
-- Ben Hutchings <> Wed, 07 Oct 2015 01:15:46 +0100
linux (4.3~rc4-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [armhf] dts: Fix Makefile target for sun4i-a10-itead-iteaduino-plus
(fixes FTBFS)
* [mips*] io: Define ioremap_uc (fixes FTBFS)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Tue, 06 Oct 2015 23:27:45 +0100
linux (4.3~rc3-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* Disable CRAMFS; it was obsoleted by squashfs and initramfs
* [i386] Replace 586 flavour with 686
- Enable support for OLPC and other Geode-based systems in the 686 flavour
- udeb: Update kernel-versions
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 27 Sep 2015 21:02:54 +0100
linux (4.2.6-3) unstable; urgency=medium
* Ignore some gpiochip ABI changes (fixes FTBFS on i386)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 06 Dec 2015 02:12:41 +0000
linux (4.2.6-2) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
* [x86] KVM: svm: unconditionally intercept #DB (CVE-2015-8104)
* [x86] KVM: rename update_db_bp_intercept to update_bp_intercept
[ Ian Campbell ]
* [x86] Xen: expose a more realistic max p2m size in the shared info, fixes
migration (Closes: #797205)
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* media: usbvision: fix crash on detecting device with invalid configuration
(CVE-2015-7833, partly fixed in 4.2.6-1)
* udeb: Add dm-service-time to multipath-modules (Closes: #806131)
* unix: avoid use-after-free in ep_remove_wait_queue (CVE-2013-7446)
* isdn_ppp: Add checks for allocation failure in isdn_ppp_open()
* ppp, slip: Validate VJ compression slot parameters completely
* Btrfs: fix truncation of compressed and inlined extents (CVE-2015-8374)
* netfilter: Enable NFT_DUP_IPV4, NFT_DUP_IPV6 as modules (Closes: #803370)
* [x86] Enable PINCTRL_BAYTRAIL (Closes: #797949)
* qxl: Enable by default (Closes: #779515)
* [s390*] Update linux-compiler metapackage to gcc-4.9
* firmware_class: Fix condition in directory search loop (Closes: #804862)
* [x86] input: Enable MOUSE_ELAN_I2C as module, MOUSE_ELAN_I2C_I2C and
MOUSE_ELAN_I2C_SMBUS (Closes: #791631)
* [armhf] hsi: Enable CMT_SPEECH as module (Closes: #791819)
* [armhf] power: Enable BATTERY_RX51 as module (Closes: #791820)
* [x86] psmouse: Enable MOUSE_PS2_VMMOUSE (Closes: #802929)
- linux-image: Add versioned Breaks on xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse to
avoid driver conflicts
* [armhf] udeb: Add stmmac platform modules dwmac-generic, dwmac-socfpga
and dwmac-sunxi to nic-modules (Closes: #805098)
* wireless: Enable WL_MEDIATEK, MT7601U as module
* [x86] drm/i915: shut up gen8+ SDE irq dmesg noise (Closes: #806304)
* [armhf] regulator: Enable REGULATOR_PFUZE100 as module (Closes: #806284)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Fri, 04 Dec 2015 02:26:51 +0000
linux (4.2.6-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
- mmc: core: Fix init_card in 52Mhz (regression in 4.2)
- rtlwifi: rtl8821ae: Fix system lockups on boot (regression in 4.2)
- iwlwifi: mvm: init card correctly on ctkill exit check
(regression in 3.18)
- iwlwifi: mvm: flush fw_dump_wk when mvm fails to start
(regression in 3.18)
- [x86] iommu/vt-d: fix range computation when making room for large pages
- [x86] iommu/amd: Fix BUG when faulting a PROT_NONE VMA
- [x86] iommu/amd: Don't clear DTE flags when modifying it
- drm: fix mutex leak in drm_dp_get_mst_branch_device
- drm: Correct arguments to list_tail_add in create blob ioctl
- drm: crtc: integer overflow in drm_property_create_blob()
- rtl28xxu: fix control message flaws (regression in 4.0)
- ALSA: hda - Fix deadlock at error in building PCM
- [x86] ioapic: Prevent NULL pointer dereference in setup_ioapic_dest()
(regression in 4.2.4)
- mm: make sendfile(2) killable
- drm/radeon/dpm: don't add pwm attributes if DPM is disabled
(regression in 4.0)
- [x86] drm/i915: Restore lost DPLL register write on gen2-4
(regression in 3.18)
- [x86] drm/i915: Deny wrapping an userptr into a framebuffer
- drm/radeon: don't try to recreate sysfs entries on resume
(regression in 4.2.5)
- drm/radeon: fix dpms when driver backlight control is disabled
(regression in 4.2.4)
- drm/radeon: move bl encoder assignment into bl init
- rbd: require stable pages if message data CRCs are enabled
- rbd: don't leak parent_spec in rbd_dev_probe_parent()
- rbd: prevent kernel stack blow up on rbd map
- [armhf] EXYNOS: Fix double of_node_put() when parsing child power domains
(regression in 4.2)
- [armhf] dts: Fix audio card detection on Peach boards (regression in 4.1)
- [arm64] Revert "ARM64: unwind: Fix PC calculation"
- block: don't release bdi while request_queue has live references
(regression in 4.2)
- dm btree remove: fix a bug when rebalancing nodes after removal
- dm cache: the CLEAN_SHUTDOWN flag was not being set
- dm btree: fix leak of bufio-backed block in btree_split_beneath error path
- Revert "serial: 8250_dma: don't bother DMA with small transfers"
(regression in 4.0)
- [armel] i2c: mv64xxx: really allow I2C offloading (regression in 3.19)
- clkdev: fix clk_add_alias() with a NULL alias device name
(regression in 4.2)
- fbcon: initialize blink interval before calling fb_set_par
(regression in 4.2)
- PCI: Prevent out of bounds access in numa_node override
- ovl: free stack of paths in ovl_fill_super (regression in 4.0)
- ovl: free lower_mnt array in ovl_put_super (regression in 4.0)
- ovl: fix dentry reference leak
- ovl: fix open in stacked overlay (regression in 4.2)
- [x86] Input: alps - only the Dell Latitude D420/430/620/630 have separate
stick button bits (regression in 4.1)
- crypto: api - Only abort operations on fatal signal
- md/raid1: submit_bio_wait() returns 0 on success (regression in 3.10)
- md/raid10: submit_bio_wait() returns 0 on success (regression in 3.10)
- md/raid5: fix locking in handle_stripe_clean_event() (regression in 3.13)
- Revert "md: allow a partially recovered device to be hot-added to an
array." (regression in 3.14)
- [amd64] EDAC, sb_edac: Fix TAD presence check for sbridge_mci_bind_devs()
(regression in 4.2)
- mvsas: Fix NULL pointer dereference in mvs_slot_task_free
- netfilter: ipset: Fix sleeping memory allocation in atomic context
(regression in 4.2)
- btrfs: fix possible leak in btrfs_ioctl_balance() (regression in 4.2.5)
- kvm: irqchip: fix memory leak (regression in 4.2)
- [armhf] thermal: exynos: Fix register read in TMU (regression in 4.2)
- blk-mq: fix use-after-free in blk_mq_free_tag_set() (regression in 4.2)
- IB/cm: Fix rb-tree duplicate free and use-after-free
- sched/deadline: Fix migration of SCHED_DEADLINE tasks (regression in 4.2)
- [arm64] compat: fix stxr failure case in SWP emulation
- NVMe: Fix memory leak on retried commands
- [x86] drm/vmwgfx: Fix up user_dmabuf refcounting
- thp: use is_zero_pfn() only after pte_present() check (regression in 4.1)
- xen: fix backport of previous kexec patch
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* usbvision: fix overflow of interfaces array (CVE-2015-7833)
* RDS: fix race condition when sending a message on unbound socket
* media/vivid-osd: fix info leak in ioctl (CVE-2015-7884)
* [x86] KVM: Intercept #AC to avoid guest->host denial-of-service
-- Ben Hutchings <> Tue, 10 Nov 2015 14:35:05 +0000
linux (4.2.5-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
- [armhf] KVM: Fix incorrect device to IPA mapping
- [x86] KVM: vmx: fix VPID is 0000H in non-root operation
- kvm: don't try to register to KVM_FAST_MMIO_BUS for non mmio eventfd
- kvm: fix zero length mmio searching
- kvm: factor out core eventfd assign/deassign logic
- kvm: fix double free for fast mmio eventfd
- [armhf] KVM: Disable virtual timer even if the guest is not using it
- kvm: svm: reset mmu on VCPU reset
- [x86] KVM: trap AMD MSRs for the TSeg base and mask
- [powerpc*] KVM: Book3S: Take the kvm->srcu lock in
- [powerpc*] KVM: Book3S HV: Pass the correct trap argument to
- [x86] Revert "KVM: x86: apply guest MTRR virtualization on host reserved
- [x86] Revert "KVM: SVM: use NPT page attributes"
- [x86] Revert "KVM: SVM: Sync g_pat with guest-written PAT value"
- time: Fix timekeeping_freqadjust()'s incorrect use of abs() instead of
- target/iscsi: Fix np_ip bracket issue by removing np_ip
- scsi: fix scsi_error_handler vs. scsi_host_dev_release race
- target: Attach EXTENDED_COPY local I/O descriptors to xcopy_pt_sess
- target: Fix PR registration + APTPL RCU conversion regression
- iser-target: remove command with state ISTATE_REMOVE
- iser-target: Put the reference on commands waiting for unsol data
- toshiba_acpi: Fix hotkeys registration on some toshiba models
- [x86] perf/intel: Fix constraint access
- [x86] locking/qspinlock: Fix performance regression under unaccelerated
- [x86] locking/qspinlock: Only emit the test-and-set fallback when
building guest support
- [armhf] 8401/1: perf: Set affinity for PPI based PMUs
- perf hists: Update the column width for the "srcline" sort key
- perf stat: Get correct cpu id for print_aggr
- perf tools: Add missing forward declaration of struct map to probe-event.h
- perf tools: Add empty Build files for architectures lacking them
- perf tools: Fix parse_events_add_pmu caller
- perf header: Fixup reading of HEADER_NRCPUS feature
- perf probe: Use existing routine to look for a kernel module by
- watchdog: sunxi: fix activation of system reset
- watchdog: imgpdc: Unregister restart handler on remove
- sched: access local runqueue directly in single_task_running
- hwmon: (nct6775) Swap STEP_UP_TIME and STEP_DOWN_TIME registers for most
- [armhf] fix Thumb2 signal handling when ARMv6 is enabled
- [armel,armhf] 8429/1: disable GCC SRA optimization
- [powerpc*] windfarm: decrement client count when unregistering
- [armhf] dts: omap5-uevm.dts: fix i2c5 pinctrl offsets
- [armhf] dts: omap3-beagle: make i2c3, ddc and tfp410 gpio work again
- [armhf] EXYNOS: reset Little cores when cpu is up
- [armhf] dts: sunxi: Raise minimum CPU voltage for sun7i-a20 to meet SoC
- [armhf] dts: Fix wrong clock binding for sysmmu_fimd1_1 on exynos5420
- [armhf] dts: fix usb pin control for imx-rex dts
- dax: fix O_DIRECT I/O to the last block of a blockdev
- blockdev: don't set S_DAX for misaligned partitions
- block: blkg_destroy_all() should clear q->root_blkg and ->root_rl.blkg
- dmaengine: at_xdmac: change block increment addressing mode
- dmaengine: at_xdmac: clean used descriptor
- dmaengine: dw: properly read DWC_PARAMS register
- dmaengine: at_xdmac: fix bug in prep_dma_cyclic
- pmem: add proper fencing to pmem_rw_page()
- [x86] apic: Serialize LVTT and TSC_DEADLINE writes
- [x86] alternatives: Make optimize_nops() interrupt safe and synced
- [i386] platform: Fix Geode LX timekeeping in the generic x86 build
- [x86] ioapic: Force affinity setting in setup_ioapic_dest()
- [x86] pci/intel_mid_pci: Work around for IRQ0 assignment
- [x86] paravirt: Replace the paravirt nop with a bona fide empty function
- [amd64] nmi: Fix a paravirt stack-clobbering bug in the NMI code
- [x86] Use WARN_ON_ONCE for missing X86_FEATURE_NRIPS
- [x86] efi: Fix boot crash by mapping EFI memmap entries bottom-up at
runtime, instead of top-down
- [x86] kexec: Fix kexec crash in syscall kexec_file_load()
- [x86] process: Add proper bound checks in 64bit get_wchan()
- [x86] mm: Set NX on gap between __ex_table and rodata
- [x86] xen: Support kexec/kdump in HVM guests by doing a soft reset
- leds:lp55xx: Correct Kconfig dependency for f/w user helper
- leds/led-class: Add missing put_device()
- sched/core: Fix TASK_DEAD race in finish_task_switch()
- [s390x] compat: correct uc_sigmask of the compat signal frame
- [s390x] boot/decompression: disable floating point in decompressor
- Revert "cgroup: simplify threadgroup locking"
- Revert "sched, cgroup: replace signal_struct->group_rwsem with a global
- memcg: make mem_cgroup_read_stat() unsigned
- spi: Fix documentation of spi_alloc_master()
- spi: bcm2835: BUG: fix wrong use of PAGE_MASK
- spi: spidev: fix possible NULL dereference
- mm: migrate: hugetlb: putback destination hugepage to active list
- lib/iommu-common.c: do not try to deref a null iommu->lazy_flush()
pointer when n < pool->hint
- ocfs2/dlm: fix deadlock when dispatch assert master
- mm: hugetlbfs: skip shared VMAs when unmapping private pages to satisfy a
- memcg: fix dirty page migration
- [armhf] ALSA: hda/tegra - async probe for avoiding module loading deadlock
- ALSA: synth: Fix conflicting OSS device registration on AWE32
- ALSA: hda: Add dock support for ThinkPad T550
- ALSA: hda - Apply SPDIF pin ctl to MacBookPro 12,1
- ALSA: hda - Disable power_save_node for IDT 92HD73xx chips
- ASoC: pxa: pxa2xx-ac97: fix dma requestor lines
- ASoC: dwc: correct irq clear method
- ASoC: db1200: Fix DAI link format for db1300 and db1550
- ASoC: sgtl5000: fix wrong register MIC_BIAS_VOLTAGE setup on probe
- ASoC: tas2552: fix dBscale-min declaration
- btrfs: skip waiting on ordered range for special files
- Btrfs: fix read corruption of compressed and shared extents
- Btrfs: update fix for read corruption of compressed and shared extents
- PCI: Fix devfn for VPD access through function 0
- PCI: Use function 0 VPD for identical functions, regular VPD for others
- PCI: Clear IORESOURCE_UNSET when clipping a bridge window
- dm thin: disable discard support for thin devices if pool's is disabled
- dm crypt: constrain crypt device's max_segment_size to PAGE_SIZE
- ath10k: fix dma_mapping_error() handling
- svcrdma: Fix send_reply() scatter/gather set-up
- md/raid0: update queue parameter in a safer location.
- md/raid0: apply base queue limits *before* disk_stack_limits
- dm raid: fix round up of default region size
- netfilter: nfnetlink: work around wrong endianess in res_id field
- netfilter: nf_tables: Use 32 bit addressing register from
- netfilter: ipset: Out of bound access in hash:net* types fixed
- netfilter: ipset: Fixing unnamed union init
- netfilter: nf_log: wait for rcu grace after logger unregistration
- netfilter: nft_compat: skip family comparison in case of NFPROTO_UNSPEC
- netfilter: nf_log: don't zap all loggers on unregister
- regulator: core: Correct return value check in regulator_resolve_supply
- regulator: axp20x: Fix enable bit indexes for DCDC4 and DCDC5
- regulator: core: Handle probe deferral from DT when resolving supplies
- Bluetooth: Delay check for conn->smp in smp_conn_security()
- nfs: fix v4.2 SEEK on files over 2 gigs
- NFS: Do cleanup before resetting pageio read/write to mds
- NFSv4: Recovery of recalled read delegations is broken
- nfs: fix pg_test page count calculation
- NFS: Fix a write performance regression
- cifs: Fix sec=krb5 on smb3 mounts
- cifs: disabling oplocks/leases via module parm enable_oplocks broken for
- cifs: Do not fall back to SMBWriteX in set_file_size error cases
- drm/qxl: only report first monitor as connected if we have no state
- drm/qxl: recreate the primary surface when the bo is not primary
- drm/amdgpu: fix overflow on 32bit systems
- drm/amdgpu: Disable UVD PG
- drm/amdgpu: fix the UVD suspend sequence order
- drm/amdgpu: make UVD handle checking more strict
- drm/amdgpu: Fix max_vblank_count value for current display engines
- drm/amdgpu: Restore LCD backlight level on resume
- [x86] drm/i915/bios: handle MIPI Sequence Block v3+ gracefully
- drm: Reject DRI1 hw lock ioctl functions for kms drivers
- drm/radeon: Restore LCD backlight level on resume (>= R5xx)
- drm/dp/mst: fixup handling hotplug on port removal.
- drm/dp/mst: drop cancel work sync in the mstb destroy path (v2)
- xhci: give command abortion one more chance before killing xhci
- xhci: Move xhci_pme_quirk() behind #ifdef CONFIG_PM
- usb: xhci: lock mutex on xhci_stop
- usb: xhci: Clear XHCI_STATE_DYING on start
- usb: xhci: stop everything on the first call to xhci_stop
- usb: xhci: exit early in xhci_setup_device() if we're halted or dying
- xhci: change xhci 1.0 only restrictions to support xhci 1.1
- xhci: init command timeout timer earlier to avoid deleting it
- usb: xhci: Add support for URB_ZERO_PACKET to bulk/sg transfers
- batman-adv: Make DAT capability changes atomic
- thermal: cpu_cooling: don't call kcalloc() under rcu_read_lock
- thermal: cpu_cooling: free power table on error or when unregistering
- [x86] hv: util: checking the wrong variable
- mmc: dw_mmc: handle data blocks > than 4kB if IDMAC is used
- usb: chipidea: imx: fix a typo for imx6sx
- cifs: use server timestamp for ntlmv2 authentication
- [armhf] irqchip/gic-v3-its: Add missing cache flushes
- docs: update HOWTO for 3.x -> 4.x versioning
- extcon: Fix signedness bugs about break error handling
- extcon: Fix attached value returned by is_extcon_changed
- [armhf] mtd: pxa3xx_nand: add a default chunk size
- mtd: nand: sunxi: fix sunxi_nand_chips_cleanup()
- mtd: nand: sunxi: fix OOB handling in ->write_xxx() functions
- hpsa: fix an sprintf() overflow in the reset handler
- PM / AVS: rockchip-io: depend on CONFIG_POWER_AVS
- device property: fix potential NULL pointer dereference
- ath10k: fix per-vif queue locking
- ath10k: reject 11b tx fragmentation configuration
- ath10k: fix peer limit enforcement
- ath10k: wake up offchannel queue properly
- ath10k: wake up queue upon vif creation
- pcmcia: sa11x0: fix missing clk_put() in sa11x0 socket drivers
- ipr: Enable SIS pipe commands for SIS-32 devices.
- regmap: debugfs: Ensure we don't underflow when printing access masks
- regmap: debugfs: Don't bother actually printing when calculating max
- security: fix typo in security_task_prctl
- usb: musb: dsps: fix polling in device-only mode
- usb: chipidea: udc: using the correct stall implementation
- usb: Use the USB_SS_MULT() macro to get the burst multiplier.
- usb: phy: phy-generic: Fix reset behaviour on legacy boot
- usb: musb: cppi41: allow it to work again
- USB: chaoskey read offset bug
- usb: Add device quirk for Logitech PTZ cameras
- USB: Add reset-resume quirk for two Plantronics usb headphones.
- [armel,armhf] crypto: marvell - properly handle
- cpu/cacheinfo: Fix teardown path
- cpufreq: dt: Tolerance applies on both sides of target voltage
- [mips*] Fix console output for Fulong2e system
- [mips*] bootmem: Fix mapstart calculation for contiguous maps
- [mips*] dma-default: Fix 32-bit fall back to GFP_DMA
- [mips*] CPS: Stop dangling delay slot from has_mt.
- [mips*] CPS: Don't include MT code in non-MT kernels.
- [mips*] CPS: #ifdef on CONFIG_MIPS_MT_SMP rather than CONFIG_MIPS_MT
- batman-adv: Make NC capability changes atomic
- batman-adv: Make TT capability changes atomic
- batman-adv: Make MCAST capability changes atomic
- batman-adv: Fix potential synchronization issues in mcast tvlv handler
- batman-adv: Fix potentially broken skb network header access
- [powerpc*] MSI: Fix race condition in tearing down MSI interrupts
- rsi: Fix possible leak when loading firmware
- UBIFS: Kill unneeded locking in ubifs_init_security
- UBI: Validate data_size
- UBI: return ENOSPC if no enough space available
- net: via/Kconfig: GENERIC_PCI_IOMAP required if PCI not selected
- iscsi-target: Avoid OFMarker + IFMarker negotiation
- mmc: core: Don't return an error for CD/WP GPIOs when GPIOLIB is unset
- mmc: core: fix dead loop of mmc_retune
- [arm64] efi: Fix boot crash by not padding between EFI_MEMORY_RUNTIME
- [arm64] ftrace: fix function_graph tracer panic
- [arm64] readahead: fault retry breaks mmap file read random detection
- [m68k] Define asmlinkage_protect
- xen/blkback: free requests on disconnection
- net/xen-netfront: only napi_synchronize() if running
- igb: do not re-init SR-IOV during probe
- genirq: Fix race in register_irq_proc()
- clocksource: Fix abs() usage w/ 64bit values
- md/bitmap: don't pass -1 to bitmap_storage_alloc.
- nfs/filelayout: Fix NULL reference caused by double freeing of fh_array
- cpufreq: acpi_cpufreq: prevent crash on reading freqdomain_cpus
- [armhf] clk: ti: fix dual-registration of uart4_ick
- [armhf] clk: ti: clk-7xx: Remove hardwired ABE clock configuration
- [armhf] clk: samsung: fix cpu clock's flags checking
- namei: results of d_is_negative() should be checked after dentry
- dm: fix AB-BA deadlock in __dm_destroy()
- dm cache: fix NULL pointer when switching from cleaner policy
- staging: speakup: fix speakup-r regression
- tty: fix stall caused by missing memory barrier in drivers/tty/n_tty.c
- drivers/tty: require read access for controlling terminal
- serial: 8250: add uart_config entry for PORT_RT2880
- serial: atmel: fix error path of probe function
- mm/slab: fix unexpected index mapping result of kmalloc_size(INDEX_NODE+1)
- blk-mq: avoid setting hctx->tags->cpumask before allocation
- sched/preempt: Fix cond_resched_lock() and cond_resched_softirq()
- 3w-9xxx: don't unmap bounce buffered commands
- sched/preempt, xen: Use need_resched() instead of should_resched()
- sched/preempt, powerpc, kvm: Use need_resched() instead of
- [powerpc*] net/ibm/emac: bump version numbers for correct work with
- l2tp: protect tunnel->del_work by ref_count
- af_unix: Convert the unix_sk macro to an inline function for type safety
- af_unix: return data from multiple SKBs on recv() with MSG_PEEK flag
- net/unix: fix logic about sk_peek_offset
- skbuff: Fix skb checksum flag on skb pull
- skbuff: Fix skb checksum partial check.
- inet: fix races in reqsk_queue_hash_req()
- net: add pfmemalloc check in sk_add_backlog()
- ppp: don't override sk->sk_state in pppoe_flush_dev()
- inet: fix race in reqsk_queue_unlink()
- bpf: fix panic in SO_GET_FILTER with native ebpf programs
- ovs: do not allocate memory from offline numa node
- act_mirred: clear sender cpu before sending to tx
- bpf: clear sender_cpu before xmit
- ipv6: Don't call with rt6_uncached_list_flush_dev
- ethtool: Use kcalloc instead of kmalloc for ethtool_get_strings
- tipc: move fragment importance field to new header position
- netlink: Trim skb to alloc size to avoid MSG_TRUNC
- drm: Fix locking for sysfs dpms file
- [sparc*] crypto: initialize blkcipher.ivsize
- crypto: ahash - ensure statesize is non-zero
- memcg: convert threshold to bytes
- btrfs: check unsupported filters in balance arguments
- btrfs: fix use after free iterating extrefs
- [arm64] errata: use KBUILD_CFLAGS_MODULE for erratum #843419
- nfsd/blocklayout: accept any minlength
- [armhf] i2c: s3c2410: enable RuntimePM before registering to the core
- i2c: designware: Do not use parameters from ACPI on Dell Inspiron 7348
- i2c: designware-platdrv: enable RuntimePM before registering to the core
- workqueue: make sure delayed work run in local cpu
- [x86] KVM: fix SMI to halted VCPU
- [x86] KVM: fix RSM into 64-bit protected mode
- drm/qxl: fix framebuffer dirty rectangle tracking.
- drm/nouveau/fbcon: take runpm reference when userspace has an open fd
- drm/dp/mst: make mst i2c transfer code more robust.
- drm/radeon: attach tile property to mst connector
- drm/radeon: add pm sysfs files late
- dm thin: fix missing pool reference count decrement in pool_ctr error
- rbd: fix double free on rbd_dev->header_name
- timekeeping: Increment clock_was_set_seq in timekeeping_init()
- [arm64] Fix THP protection change logic
- svcrdma: handle rdma read with a non-zero initial page offset
[ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
* KEYS: Fix race between key destruction and finding a keyring by name
* KEYS: Fix crash when attempt to garbage collect an uninstantiated keyring
* KEYS: Don't permit request_key() to construct a new keyring
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [x86] drm: Enable DRM_AMDGPU and HSA_AMD as modules (Closes: #797752)
* media: Enable DVB_AS102, VIDEO_GO7007, VIDEO_GO7007_USB,
VIDEO_GO7007_LOADER, VIDEO_GO7007_USB_S2250_BOARD as modules
* net: Enable LIQUIDIO and MLX5_CORE as modules; enable MLX5_CORE_EN
* [x86] Enable X86_AMD_PLATFORM_DEVICE
* linux-manual: Fix regression in reproducibility in 4.2~rc8-1~exp1
* net: Enable GENEVE_CORE as module
* bpf: Enable BPF_SYSCALL
* ACPI: Enable ACPI_NFIT as module
* tcp: Enable TCP_CONG_CDG as module
[This change was accidentally omitted]
* net/sched: Enable NET_CLS_FLOWER as module
[This change was accidentally omitted]
* SCSI: Enable SCSI_SNIC as module
* target: Enable TCM_USER2 as module
* net/phy: Enable DP83867_PHY as module
* drm: Enable DRM_VIRTIO_GPU as module
* hwrng: Enable USB_CHAOSKEY as module
* ext4: Enable EXT4_ENCRYPTION
* f2fs: Enable F2FS_FS_ENCRYPTION
* vfs,nvdimm: Enable FS_DAX
[This change was accidentally omitted]
-- Ben Hutchings <> Wed, 28 Oct 2015 05:46:49 +0900
linux (4.2.3-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* nbd: Restore request timeout detection (Closes: #770479)
* Ignore ABI changes in all mmc host drivers (fixes FTBFS on armhf)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Wed, 14 Oct 2015 19:09:49 +0100
linux (4.2.3-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
- nfc: netlink: Add check on NFC_ATTR_VENDOR_DATA
- nfc: nci: hci: Add check on skb nci_hci_send_cmd parameter
- blk-mq: fix buffer overflow when reading sysfs file of 'pending'
- blk-mq: fix race between timeout and freeing request
- mac80211: enable assoc check for mesh interfaces
- [powerpc*] cxl: Allow release of contexts which have been OPENED but not
STARTED (regression in 4.2)
- ext4: don't manipulate recovery flag when freezing no-journal fs
(regression in 3.18)
- Revert "ext4: remove block_device_ejected" (regression in 4.1)
- [arm64] kconfig: Move LIST_POISON to a safe value
- [arm64] entry: always restore x0 from the stack on syscall return
- [arm64] flush FP/SIMD state correctly after execve()
- [arm64] head.S: initialise mdcr_el2 in el2_setup
- [armhf,arm64] KVM: vgic: Check for !irqchip_in_kernel() when mapping
resources (regression in 4.0)
- [arm64] KVM: add workaround for Cortex-A57 erratum #852523
- [powerpc*] pseries: Fix corrupted pdn list (regression in 4.1)
- [powerpc*] eeh: Probe after unbalanced kref check (regression in 4.1)
- [powerpc*] eeh: Fix fenced PHB caused by eeh_slot_error_detail()
(regression in 3.18)
- [powerpc*] powernv/pci-ioda: fix 32-bit TCE table init in kdump kernel
(regression in 4.2)
- [powerpc*] powernv/pci-ioda: fix kdump with non-power-of-2 crashkernel=
(regression in 4.2)
- [powerpc*] pseries: Release DRC when configure_connector fails
(regression in 4.1)
- [powerpc*] mm: Recompute hash value after a failed update
- CIFS: fix type confusion in copy offload ioctl
- mm: check if section present during memory block registering
(regression in 3.19)
- [i386] mm: Initialize pmd_idx in page_table_range_init_count()
- [x86] i915: Set ddi_pll_sel in DP MST path (regression in 4.2)
- Btrfs: check if previous transaction aborted to avoid fs corruption
- nfsd: Fix an FS_LAYOUT_TYPES/LAYOUT_TYPES encode bug
- nfsd: ensure that the ol stateid hash reference is only put once
- nfsd: ensure that delegation stateid hash references are only put once
- NFSv4.1/pnfs: Fix atomicity of commit list updates (regression in 4.0)
- NFSv4: don't set SETATTR for O_RDONLY|O_EXCL
- NFSv4.1/pNFS: Fix borken function _same_data_server_addrs_locked()
- NFS: Fix a NULL pointer dereference of migration recovery ops for v4.2
- NFS: nfs_set_pgio_error sometimes misses errors
- NFS41/flexfiles: update inode after write finishes
- NFSv4: Force a post-op attribute update when holding a delegation
- NFS41/flexfiles: zero out DS write wcc
- NFSv4.1/flexfiles: Fix a protocol error in layoutreturn
- NFSv4.1: Fix a protocol issue with CLOSE stateids
- nfs: Fix truncated client owner id without proto type (regression in 4.2)
- Revert "NFSv4: Remove incorrect check in can_open_delegated()"
(regression in 3.19)
- svcrdma: Change maximum server payload back to RPCSVC_MAXPAYLOAD
(regression in 4.2)
- SUNRPC: Ensure that we wait for connections to complete before retrying
(regression in 4.0)
- SUNRPC: Lock the transport layer on shutdown
- [hppa] PCI: Enable 64-bit bus addresses on PA-RISC (regression in 4.2)
- [hppa] Use double word condition in 64bit CAS operation
- fs: if a coredump already exists, unlink and recreate with O_EXCL
- fs: Don't dump core if the corefile would become world-readable.
- mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: add workaround for pre divider initial value
(regression in 4.2)
- mmc: sdhci: also get preset value and driver type for MMC_DDR52
(regression in 3.16)
- mmc: sdhci: fix dma memory leak in sdhci_pre_req() (regression in 4.0)
- mmc: core: fix race condition in mmc_wait_data_done
- [armhf] iommu/fsl: Really fix init section(s) content (regression in 4.0)
- [armhf] iommu/io-pgtable-arm: Unmap and free table when overwriting with
- [x86] iommu/vt-d: Really use upper context table when necessary
(regression in 4.1)
- eCryptfs: Invalidate dcache entries when lower i_nlink is zero
- hfs: fix B-tree corruption after insertion at position 0
- IB/srp: Handle partial connection success correctly
- IB/srp: Stop the scsi_eh_<n> and scsi_tmf_<n> threads if login fails
(regression in 4.2)
- IB/uverbs: reject invalid or unknown opcodes
- IB/uverbs: Fix race between ib_uverbs_open and remove_one
- IB/iser: Fix missing return status check in iser_send_data_out
(regression in 3.19)
- IB/iser: Fix possible bogus DMA unmapping (regression in 3.19)
- IB/mlx5: avoid destroying a NULL mr in reg_user_mr error flow
(regression in 3.19)
- IB/mlx4: Fix incorrect cq flushing in error state (regression in 4.0)
- hfs,hfsplus: cache pages correctly between bnode_create and bnode_free
- jbd2: avoid infinite loop when destroying aborted journal
(regression in 4.2)
- phylib: fix device deletion order in mdiobus_unregister()
(regression in 4.2)
- sock, diag: fix panic in sock_diag_put_filterinfo
(regression in 3.19)
- net/ipv6: Correct PIM6 mrt_lock handling
- ipv6: fix multipath route replace error recovery (regression in 4.1)
- netlink, mmap: transform mmap skb into full skb on taps
- bridge: fix igmpv3 / mldv2 report parsing (regression in 4.2)
- [armhf] net: mvneta: fix DMA buffer unmapping in mvneta_rx()
(regression in 4.2)
- rtnetlink: catch -EOPNOTSUPP errors from ndo_bridge_getlink
(regression in 4.2)
- macvtap: fix TUNSETSNDBUF values > 64k (regression in 3.19)
- netlink: Fix autobind race condition that leads to zero port ID
(regression in 4.1)
- netlink: Replace rhash_portid with bound
- openvswitch: Zero flows on allocation.
- tcp: add proper TS val into RST packets (regression in 3.18)
- packet: Fix AF_PACKET ABI breakage in 4.2
- net: revert "net_sched: move tp->root allocation into fw_init()"
(regression in 4.1)
- fib_rules: fix fib rule dumps across multiple skbs
- ppp: fix lockdep splat in ppp_dev_uninit() (regression in 4.2)
- [armhf] mvneta: use inband status only when explicitly enabled
(regression in 4.1)
- net/mlx4_core: Capping number of requested MSIXs to MAX_MSIX
- zram: fix possible use after free in zcomp_create()
- [x86] hp-wmi: limit hotkey enable
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* ovl: conditionally use O_LARGEFILE in ovl_copy_up() (Closes: #800724)
* [x86] ALSA: hda - Disable power_save_node for Thinkpads (Closes: #800694)
* i2c: Enable I2C_CHARDEV as a module in all configurations with I2C
support (Closes: #800597)
* [mips*/octeon] Enable CAVIUM_CN63XXP1 (Closes: #800595)
* [mips*/octeon] Enable MMC, MMC_BLOCK, OCTEON_MMC and other drivers as
modules (Closes: #800594)
* ath10k: add qca6164 support (Closes: #800703)
* [!x86] net: Disable VMXNET3, only useful in VMware x86 virtual machines
* netfilter: conntrack: use nf_ct_tmpl_free in CT/synproxy error paths
(Closes: #800445)
* [arm64] Defer workaround for erratum #843419
* [x86] crypto camellia_aesni_avx: Fix CPU feature checks (Closes: #800934)
[ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
* ipc: Initialize msg/shm IPC objects before doing ipc_addid()
[ Ian Campbell ]
* [armel] Update breaks on flash-kernel to anything earlier than 3.37 since
that version adds the knowledge that various additional kirkwood systems
need a DTB appending as of v3.17-rc1. (Closes: #797878)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Tue, 06 Oct 2015 17:44:55 +0100
linux-tools (4.2-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* [x32] Don't attempt to build linux-perf (fixes FTBFS)
* [x32] Build hyperv-daemons package
* [alpha] uapi: Add support for __SANE_USERSPACE_TYPES__(fixes FTBFS)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Fri, 02 Oct 2015 18:41:22 +0100
linux (4.2.1-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* media: uvcvideo: Disable hardware timestamps by default (Closes: #794327)
* [mips*] udeb: Remove 'Provides: ata-modules' from kernel-image
* [hppa/parisc64-smp,mips*el/loongson-3] udeb: Remove i2c-modules again, as
the drivers that belong in it are actually built-in (fixes FTBFS)
* sctp: fix race on protocol/netns initialization (CVE-2015-5283)
* [mips*] pgtable-bits.h: Correct _PAGE_GLOBAL_SHIFT build failure
(regression in 4.0, but not a build failure for us)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 27 Sep 2015 14:17:34 +0100
linux-tools (4.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream release
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* debian/bin,debian/control,debian/lib/python,debian/rules: Use Python 3
- debian/lib/python: Sync with linux package
* debian/bin/ Make orig tarballs reproducible
* linux-perf: Fix installation directory for bash completions
* linux-perf: Remove shebang lines from perf scripts
* Set compiler flags according to dpkg-buildflags
* hyperv-daemons: Fix fortify format warning
* debian/rules: Add support for DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=N
* debian/control: Update policy version to 3.9.6; no changes required
* linux-perf: Revert "perf build: Fix libunwind feature detection on 32-bit
x86", which was a regression for us
-- Ben Hutchings <> Fri, 25 Sep 2015 22:55:41 +0100
linux (4.2.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [mips*el/loongson-3] udeb: Add fb-modules containing radeon driver
(Closes: #776274)
* [hppa/parisc64-smp,[mips*el/loongson-3] udeb: Add i2c-modules and
make fb-modules depend on it rather than including I2C modules
* workqueue: Make flush_workqueue() available again to non GPL modules
(Closes: #798311)
* vfs: Fix possible escape from mount namespace (CVE-2015-2925):
- dcache: Handle escaped paths in prepend_path
- dcache: Reduce the scope of i_lock in d_splice_alias
- vfs: Test for and handle paths that are unreachable from their mnt_root
* aufs: Update support patches to aufs4.x-rcN-20150921
- mmap: Fix races in madvise_remove() and sys_msync() (Closes: #796036)
* RDS: verify the underlying transport exists before creating a connection
* Set ABI to 1
* e1000e: Fix tight loop implementation of systime read algorithm
* mmc: Drop "eMMC: Don't initialize partitions on RPMB flagged areas", as
upstream commit 4e93b9a6abc0 ("mmc: card: Don't access RPMB partitions for
normal read/write") looks like a cleaner solution
* mm: Change ZBUD back to built-in, as it's not really useful as a module
* USB: whiteheat: fix potential null-deref at probe (CVE-2015-5257)
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* [mips*el] Fix BPF assembly code for pre-R2 CPUs. (fixes FTBFS)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Fri, 25 Sep 2015 18:18:01 +0100
linux (4.2-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release:
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* Remove all support for ia64 (Closes: #679545, #691576, #728706)
* [s390x] Compile with gcc-4.9 (Closes: #796845)
* linux-source: Depend on xz-utils, not bzip2 (Closes: #796940)
* gfs2: Make statistics unsigned, suitable for use with do_div()
(fixes FTBFS on mipsel,m68k)
* [amd64] Enable KALLSYMS_ALL (Closes: #660288), LIVEPATCH
* Re-enable various config options disabled by name changes in 4.2:
- [mips*el/loongson*] LOONGSON64 replaced LOONGSON
- [x86] COMEDI_8255_SA replaced COMEDI_8255
* [sparc] Remove linux-image, linux-header and udeb packages, as they
are redundant with sparc64 and neither is an official port
* Fix last issue that prevents a reproducible build (Closes: #769844):
- DocBook: Use a fixed encoding for output
* debian/bin,debian/control,debian/lib/python,debian/rules.real,
linux-support: Use Python 3
* debian/bin/ Make orig tarballs reproducible
-- Ben Hutchings <> Mon, 31 Aug 2015 02:08:19 +0100
linux (4.2~rc8-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* [mips*] Build ext4 as module. Add core-modules and ext4-modules udeb.
Fixes FTBFS.
* [mips,mips64] Remove r4k-ip22, r5k-ip32 and sb1-bcm91250a flavours.
* [mipsel,mips64el] Remove sb1-bcm91250a flavour.
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* debian/control: Correct build-dependency on xz-utils, needed on all arches
* Fix more issues that prevent a reproducible build:
- Set LC_ALL=C.UTF-8
- Avoid creating man pages in source tree
-- Ben Hutchings <> Mon, 24 Aug 2015 12:00:54 +0100
linux-tools (4.2~rc7-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* genorig: Include more mips makefiles (fixes FTBFS)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Mon, 17 Aug 2015 10:42:08 +0200
linux-tools (4.2~rc6-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* Adjust for migration to git:
- Update .gitignore files
- debian/control: Update Vcs-* fields
- debian/rules: Exclude .git from maintainerclean rule
* Add packages of liblockdep (lockdep, liblockdep<version>, liblockdep-dev)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Fri, 14 Aug 2015 14:58:57 +0200
linux (4.2~rc6-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release candidate
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* Adjust for migration to git:
- Update .gitignore files
- debian/control: Update Vcs-* fields
- README.Debian, README.source: Update references to svn
* [rt] Disable until it is updated for 4.2 or later
* debian/control: Drop Frederik Schüler from Uploaders
-- Ben Hutchings <> Wed, 12 Aug 2015 20:48:00 +0200
linux (4.1.6-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
- [mips*/*-malta] Don't reinitialise RTC (regression in 3.14)
- [mips*] Make set_pte() SMP safe.
- fsnotify: fix oops in fsnotify_clear_marks_by_group_flags()
- [x86] drm/i915: Declare the swizzling unknown for L-shaped configurations
- [x86] drm/i915: Replace WARN inside I915_READ64_2x32 with retry loop
- drm/radeon: rework audio detect (v4) (regression in 4.0)
- drm/radeon/combios: add some validation of lvds values
(regression in 4.0)
- ipr: Fix incorrect trace indexing
- ipr: Fix invalid array indexing for HRRQ
- Bluetooth: Fix NULL pointer dereference in smp_conn_security
- [armhf] dmaengine: pl330: Fix overflow when reporting residue in memcpy
(regression in 4.0)
- [armhf] dmaengine: pl330: Really fix choppy sound because of wrong residue
calculation (regression in 4.0)
- xhci: fix off by one error in TRB DMA address boundary check
- ath10k: fix qca61x4 hw2.1 support
- [sparc*] Fix userspace FPU register corruptions. (Closes: #789180)
- ASoC: dapm: Lock during userspace access
- ASoC: dapm: Don't add prefix to widget stream name (regression in 4.1)
- [x86] xen: Probe target addresses in set_aliased_prot() before the
- xen/gntdevt: Fix race condition in gntdev_release()
- hwrng: core - correct error check of kthread_run call
- [x86] crypto: qat - Fix invalid synchronization between
register/unregister sym algs
- rbd: fix copyup completion race
- [armhf] OMAP2+: hwmod: Fix _wait_target_ready() for hwmods without sysc
- [x86] hwmon: (dell-smm) Blacklist Dell Studio XPS 8100
- ocfs2: fix BUG in ocfs2_downconvert_thread_do_work()
- ocfs2: fix shift left overflow
- nfsd: Drop BUG_ON and ignore SECLABEL on absent filesystem
- md/raid1: extend spinlock to protect raid1_end_read_request against
- dm: fix dm_merge_bvec regression on 32 bit systems (regression in 3.19
- [x86] Input: alps - only Dell laptops have separate button bits for v2
dualpoint sticks (regression in 4.1)
- mm, vmscan: Do not wait for page writeback for GFP_NOFS allocations
- signalfd: fix information leak in signalfd_copyinfo
- signal: fix information leak in copy_siginfo_to_user
- signal: fix information leak in copy_siginfo_from_user32
- nfsd: do nfs4_check_fh in nfs4_check_file instead of nfs4_check_olstateid
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* [mips*] Build ext4 as module. Add core-modules and ext4-modules udeb.
Fixes FTBFS.
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* [i386] udeb: Make gpio_keys_polled and leds-gpio optional in input-modules
as they are not built for the 686-pae flavour (fixes FTBFS)
* perf: Fix AUX buffer refcounting
* ovl: Revert changes in 4.1.5-1 due to regression (Reopens: #786925)
-- Ben Hutchings <> Sun, 23 Aug 2015 12:19:22 +0200
linux (4.1.5-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable update:
- Bluetooth: btbcm: allow btbcm_read_verbose_config to fail on Apple
(regression in 4.1)
- ath9k_htc: memory corruption calling set_bit()
- ieee802154: Fix sockaddr_ieee802154 implicit padding information leak.
- staging: vt6656: check ieee80211_bss_conf bssid not NULL
- staging: vt6655: check ieee80211_bss_conf bssid not NULL
- staging: vt6655: device_rx_srv check sk_buff is NULL
- staging: rtl8712: prevent buffer overrun in recvbuf2recvframe
- hid-sensor: Fix suspend/resume delay (regression in 4.0)
- ext4: fix race between truncate and __ext4_journalled_writepage()
- ext4: call sync_blockdev() before invalidate_bdev() in put_super()
- ext4: don't retry file block mapping on bigalloc fs with non-extent file
- ext4: fix fencepost error in lazytime optimization
- ext4: avoid deadlocks in the writeback path by using sb_getblk_gfp
- ext4: fix reservation release on invalidatepage for delalloc fs
- ext4: be more strict when migrating to non-extent based file
- ext4: correctly migrate a file with a hole at the beginning
- jbd2: use GFP_NOFS in jbd2_cleanup_journal_tail()
- jbd2: fix ocfs2 corrupt when updating journal superblock fails
- [armhf] rtc: snvs: fix wakealarm by call enable_irq_wake earlier
(regression in 3.19)
- i2c: mux: Use __i2c_transfer() instead of calling parent's master_xfer()
(regression in 4.1)
- i2c: use parent adapter quirks in mux (regression in 4.1)
- vb2: Don't WARN when v4l2_buffer.bytesused is 0 for multiplanar buffers
(regression in 4.1)
- media: Fix regression in some more dib0700 based devices
(regression in 3.17)
- rc-core: fix dib0700 scancode generation for RC5 (regression in 3.17)
- cx24117: fix a buffer overflow when checking userspace params
- af9013: Don't accept invalid bandwidth
- s5h1420: fix a buffer overflow when checking userspace params
- cx24116: fix a buffer overflow when checking userspace params
- libata: Fall back to unqueued READ LOG EXT if the DMA variant fails
(regression in 4.1)
- libata: Expose TRIM capability in sysfs
- libata: add ATA_HORKAGE_NOTRIM
- libata: add ATA_HORKAGE_MAX_SEC_1024 to revert back to previous
max_sectors limit (regression in 3.19)
- libata: force disable trim for SuperSSpeed S238
- [armhf] usb: dwc3: gadget: don't clear EP_BUSY too early
(regression in 3.15)
- USB: devio: fix a condition in async_completed()
- [armhf] phy: twl4030-usb: remove incorrect pm_runtime_get_sync() in
probe function. (regression in 3.17)
- usb: gadget: composite: Fix NULL pointer dereference (regression in 4.1)
- usb: gadget: f_fs: do not set cancel function on synchronous {read,write}
(regression in 4.0)
- USB: OHCI: Fix race between ED unlink and URB submission
(regression in 3.17)
- usb: core: lpm: set lpm_capable for root hub device (regression in 3.15)
- usb: xhci: Bugfix for NULL pointer deference in xhci_endpoint_init()
- dm cache: fix race when issuing a POLICY_REPLACE operation
- dm btree remove: fix bug in redistribute3
- block: loop: convert to per-device workqueue (regression in 4.0)
- block: loop: avoiding too many pending per work I/O (regression in 4.0)
- block: Do a full clone when splitting discard bios (Closes: #793326)
(regression in 3.14)
- [armhf] drm/tegra: dpaux: Fix transfers larger than 4 bytes
(regression in 3.15)
- drm/qxl: Do not cause spice-server to clean our objects
- drm/atomic: fix out of bounds read in for_each_*_in_state helpers
(regression in 4.1)
- drm/radeon: take the mode_config mutex when dealing with hpds (v2)
- [x86] drm/i915/ppgtt: Break loop in gen8_ppgtt_clear_range failure path
(regression in 4.1)
- [x86] drm/i915: fix backlight after resume on 855gm (regression in 3.19)
- [x86] drm/i915: Snapshot seqno of most recently submitted request.
(regression in 4.0)
- Revert "drm/radeon: dont switch vt on suspend" (regression in 4.1)
- drm/radeon: unpin cursor BOs on suspend and pin them again on resume (v2)
(regression in 4.1)
- drm/radeon: fix user ptr race condition
- drm/radeon/ci: silence a harmless PCC warning
- drm: add a check for x/y in drm_mode_setcrtc
- drm: Stop resetting connector state to unknown (regression in 4.1)
- libata: Fix regression when the NCQ Send and Receive log page is absent
- xfs: fix remote symlinks on V5/CRC filesystems
- xfs: don't truncate attribute extents if no extents exist
(regression in 4.1)
- tpm: Fix initialization of the cdev (regression in 4.0)
- tpm, tpm_crb: fail when TPM2 ACPI table contents look corrupted
(regression in 4.1)
- [armel,armhf] dmaengine: mv_xor: bug fix for racing condition in
descriptors cleanup
- md: clear mddev->private when it has been freed. (regression in 4.0)
- md: unlock mddev_lock on an error path. (regression in 4.0)
- md: Skip cluster setup for dm-raid (regression in 4.1)
- Btrfs: don't invalidate root dentry when subvolume deletion fails
(regression in 3.18)
- Btrfs: use kmem_cache_free when freeing entry in inode cache
- Btrfs: fix race between caching kthread and returning inode to inode
cache (regression in 3.15)
- Btrfs: fix fsync data loss after append write
- Btrfs: fix list transaction->pending_ordered corruption
(regression in 3.19)
- Btrfs: fix file corruption after cloning inline extents
- selinux: fix mprotect PROT_EXEC regression caused by mm change
(regression in 4.1)
- ceph/crush: fix a bug in tree bucket decode
- ACPI / PNP: Reserve ACPI resources at the fs_initcall_sync stage
(regression in 4.1)
- ACPI / LPSS: Fix up acpi_lpss_create_device() (regression in 4.0)
- ACPICA: Tables: Enable both 32-bit and 64-bit FACS (regression in 3.14)
- ACPICA: Tables: Enable default 64-bit FADT addresses favor
- ACPI / PCI: Fix regressions caused by resource_size_t overflow with
32-bit kernel (regression in 4.0)
- mmc: sdhci: Restore behavior while creating OCR mask (regression in 3.17)
- PM / clk: Fix clock error check in __pm_clk_add() (regression in 3.19)
- RDMA/ocrdma: fix double free on pd (regression in 4.0)
- mm/hugetlb: introduce minimum hugepage order (regression in 3.12)
- PM / sleep: Increase default DPM watchdog timeout to 60
(regression in 3.13)
- firmware: dmi_scan: Only honor end-of-table for 64-bit tables
(regression in 3.19)
- mac80211: fix the beacon csa counter for mesh and ibss
(regression in 3.17)
- iwlwifi: mvm: fix ROC reference accounting (regression in 3.17)
- cfg80211: ignore netif running state when changing iftype
- e1000e: Cleanup handling of VLAN_HLEN as a part of max frame size
(regression in 3.15)
- ovl: lookup whiteouts outside iterate_dir() (regression in 4.0)
- pNFS: Fix a memory leak when attempted pnfs fails
- pNFS/flexfiles: Fix the reset of struct pgio_header when resending
- nfs: fixing infinite OPEN loop in 4.0 stateid recovery
- NFS: Ensure we set NFS_CONTEXT_RESEND_WRITES when requeuing writes
- nfs: fix potential credential leak in ff_layout_update_mirror_cred
- nfs: always update creds in mirror, even when we have an already
connected ds
- 9p: forgetting to cancel request on interrupted zero-copy RPC
- 9p: don't leave a half-initialized inode sitting around
- p9_client_write(): avoid double p9_free_req()