8 Commits (cffc5158cc4ca9edba83387af97f6d28d74d6a0d)

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Oron Peled f11b937659 xpp: can use modern Asterisk hotplug support 7 years ago
Oron Peled 1292ea9078 registration-order: Added dahdi_auto_assign_compat 8 years ago
Russ Meyerriecks 91768d360c dahdi.init: Don't exit on lack of /etc/dahdi/system.conf 8 years ago
Shaun Ruffell c27664dc1b dahdi.init: Remove spurious "Missing '/sys/bus/astribanks/drivers/xppdrv/sync'". 8 years ago
Tzafrir Cohen de23ca9c1a Don't fail init script if no modules 9 years ago
Tzafrir Cohen ed3da234d7 dahdi.init: LSB short description 11 years ago
Shaun Ruffell 3122b143a3 dahdi.init: Remove reference to dahdi_dummy. 11 years ago
Asterisk Development Team 466357f5c2 Import DAHDI-Tools r9159 11 years ago